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Rachel Riley reacts to the Mason Greenwood announcement

Prominent Manchester United supporter, Rachel Riley, has expressed her approval of Manchester United’s recent announcement regarding Mason Greenwood.

The club officially declared that Greenwood would no longer represent them, a decision revealed in a recent statement.

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This decision was awaited as pressure mounted on United, especially after The Athletic hinted the club might be considering a different approach. TV presenter Rachel Riley was among those who voiced concerns over the club’s pending decision.

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She had publicly announced, via Twitter, her intention to cease supporting Manchester United if they chose to reintegrate Greenwood into the team.

Her sentiments resonated with another female supporter she retweeted, who shared similar views about supporting the club if Greenwood remained a part.

Rachel Riley’s outspoken stance was widely covered in the media and became a topic of discussion on BBC Newsnight, adding more weight to the situation.

With Manchester United’s decision now public, Riley took to Twitter to applaud the move. In response to Women’s Aid’s reaction, she quoted, “Great statement”.

Rachel’s great statement comment, was to Women’s Aid statement following the announcement which you can read here.

If you missed Manchester United’s statement yesterday regarding Mason Greenwood, you can read it here.

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