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Rachel Riley: I won't support United if Greenwood comes back

Rachel Riley: I’ll Withdraw Manchester United Support if Mason Greenwood’s Return is Confirmed

The recent statement from Manchester United concerning the future of Mason Greenwood has prompted a response from TV presenter Rachel Riley, who has expressed her stance on the matter.

Riley, known for her association with Premier League coverage, has stated that her allegiance to Manchester United would be challenged if the club continues to retain Mason Greenwood in its ranks.

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Manchester United is yet to finalize its decision regarding the future of forward Mason Greenwood, who last featured for the first team in January 2022. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) dropped charges of attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behavior, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm in February this year.

In light of recent reports suggesting Chief Executive Richard Arnold’s communication to Old Trafford personnel about Greenwood’s imminent return, the Premier League club released an official statement on Wednesday. Greenwood’s contract with Manchester United extends until 2025.

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Rachel Riley’s unwavering support for Manchester United has been widely known. Nonetheless, she has expressed her stance on the Greenwood situation, potentially reconsidering her allegiance to the club if his return is confirmed.

Rachel’s Tweet:

“I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club,”

Riley posted to her 685,000 Twitter followers. She also shared a number of letters from fans also expressing their concern.

Greenwood has played 129 career games for United, scoring 35 goals. He also won one senior England international cap, back in 2020.

Do you think Rachel Riley is right to stop supporting Manchester United, comment below.

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11 replies on “Rachel Riley: I won't support United if Greenwood comes back”

Man united is bigger than you after all and you are not a big fan from the start. How can you make a the club lose a talented player in time of this difficulty the club can’t afford to buy players that can complete in the high level.

Rachel, you have every right to take that position with Greenwood. I don’t agree but I accept that you, like everyone else, has a right to arrive your own position. That said, if you have given Ronaldo a free ride knowing that he was accused of a similar act; and you weren’t bothered by the fact that Maguire was found GUILTY of physically assaulting Greek policemen and attempted bribery, then you’ve lost me my friend.
You can’t cherry pick.

Absolutely spot on Rich. This convenient outrage is bordering on something more insidious. In addition to the Ronaldo incident & Maguires ongoing criminal charges Rachel needs to explain if she has any concerns about the Adidas sponsorship. This is the same company that was accused of child labor violations in Indonesia & also the impact it had on Women as well. Do you wear Adidas gear Rachel? You can’t ( as you say Rich ) cherry pick what angers you as it relates to United and be taken seriously.

So Rachel – find another club and I know hundreds of fans that will take your season tickets.

Please dear MUFC, we want Greenwood back. As much as I don’t support violence against women, I see no reason why Greenwood shouldn’t be given another chance. I mean, the woman whom it was alleged thqt he molested is happily living with him now amd their baby. Let’s stop taking things unnecessarily personal

You can go to Mars with your decision but as for me Greenwood deserves every right to don the red devil’s shirt again. He is eternally our kiddo. Ciao

Riley is out of order and should zip it here. She is implying and insinuating greenwoods guilt without the charges laid against him ever being proven is a court of law

Ppls are wierd just like this women even if after she have life experience
You have to resign your job coz ppls will never Learn good things a person just like you
Whos is living with out mistakes n Sins in this World. nobody
He’s kid n made a Mistake n he Suffer for it
We dont know if she take that video after she upset him n she look innocent then
Only GOD knows so don’t blame Someone even bad persons they have a Reason but as we know GW is United’s kid he grow here so United Suppose to be Beside Him His Team Mates suppose to be beside him all official have to beside him n protect him guide him on the right way till he become a men as a United Familly what ever he done
Even his GF leave everything n they Already get baby n living togeter she forget it or forgive him so who am i to blame him n ruined his Life this was courts job they make him free done
United officials are so lazy u suppose to rreturn him after the court free him n we might get FA cup chance n stop Man City’s Record n now u still depend on girls team the one they only stay around 4 years no way i will chooice to not have Girls team than throwing a towel on GreenWood he’s 100+ millions he’s one girls team by him self plus i fed up with Anthony’s finishing Weakness so bring back GREENWOOD fast we United Supporter will be behind him n he’ll make us proud Again no Doubt
Dont blame to death Someone on his fault but closer him n try to understand his/her reason n help them to get back on the right way prison never make some one perfect
But u can make perfect som one by giving advice n show them they r in wrong direction done
A Millions time this 100+ Millions player United’s Kid Desrve Another chance in his own home team in United
GREENWOOD desrve to be Back Rn
United officials suppose to say sorry to him.coz u never Support him as United Familly Shame on U
I Support united 35 years so if GreenWood not in United Team i’ll chooice b/n City or Liverpool coz i dont like to see my team hurt their grown players / kids / again n again than guide them n giving them the chance
Ladies stay away from Greenwood’s Life he dont need U he need his partener n they started living their new kid So Ladies dont Act you are More than His Girl friend Stop Against GN n Live ure Own Life

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