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Breaking: United reportedly change mind & will remove Mason Greenwood

A significant development concerning Mason Greenwood’s future at Manchester United has emerged according to The Sun & RedNews, with indications that the club is poised to remove the young talent from the squad.

This unexpected move on Saturday morning, before the clubs away match to Tottenham Hotspur, follows a surge of online discontent over the past few days, leading the Premier League side to face criticism from supporters over the idea of 21-year-old Greenwood making a return to the Manchester United squad.

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The forward has been out of action for Manchester United since January 2022 following his arrest over rape allegations after a video, soundbite and pictures were released on social media.

United had initially planned to declare on Tuesday that Mason Greenwood was set for a return to the squad, an announcement that was already put back from Friday 4th August 2023.

However, following the leak of this news from The Athletic, the ensuing backlash on social media platforms has evidently unsettled the club’s top brass – who now feel a reinstatement is untenable.

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Despite this, it should be noted that charges against Mason Greenwood, including attempted rape, assault, and coercive control, were dismissed last February by CPS.

The player was nevertheless kept away from the Carrington Training Ground as Manchester United undertook an internal review.

With the conclusion of this investigation, all findings were presented to Chief Executive Richard Arnold, who was responsible for the concluding decision.

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The outcome was to reintegrate Mason Greenwood into the squad, with Richard Arnold having prepared a video statement detailing the rationale behind the decision, intended for broadcast in the forthcoming week.

However, sources such as Barney from Manchester United fanzine Red News and The Sun suggest this has been put on hold as the club promptly reevaluates their official statements.

It is understood that Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag and the majority of the first-team squad were open to Mason Greenwood returning to club football, but a number of the womens team were holding reservations.

Manchester United are now said to be rewriting & reevaluation their final statements, with a complete u-turn on their decision with Mason Greenwood.

One option, according to journalist Neil Custis, is that Greenwood would be loaned out, but at this moment in time there has been no club that have asked Manchester United for such a loan movement.

Greenwood is currently contracted until 2025 with United, with an option for a further year.

Do you think Manchester United are right to remove Mason Greenwood? Comment below.

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163 replies on “Breaking: United reportedly change mind & will remove Mason Greenwood”

the lad and his partner have moved on, a pity the snowflakes cant, has nobody ever made a mistake, the lad just wants to play football, just give him a chance, p.s he wasn’t charged with anything and if the club do dump him i wont follow them no more, ive been watvhing utd for 46 years.

I completely agree with you on this. Meanwhile I think Greenwood partner(Wife) need to come out in the public to support him. She should silence every Antagonists.

If you people don’t want him just tell him you don’t want him and stop wasting our time,because the person you are trying to push out is far more better than antony santos.
Everybody deserved a second chances he has made a mistake ,And you want push him out no problem if so,but i hope he come against us everytime he play against united, his not just a good player his developing as a youth
And as an human to me we need him, He has options everywhere club coming for him to show you how good he is ,we are just waiting for united final decision if his coming back or not then move on with so called antony de santos

So what Man United is saying, is that it is okay to ruin one’s career by a case that was dismissed. The lady that said she was raped by the striker, should be charged with the same punishment that Greenwood was to receive. This will teach those blood sucking liers to think twice before accusing someone of pure lies.

Greenwood made a mistake and the victim has made peace with it but those who weren’t events in the victims shoes wants to judge him pls dont mess up his future at Man United 🙏

If you don’t want anymore you let him go instead of wasting his time and our time cos we have been pleading for his return but you have refused, ur just knocking him elbows

Your right about that, as we all yap we don’t know what the partner say about this. You should listen to her first before make your fuckin decision and also you should trust your judiciary system because your trying to prove to the public that is a scam and we don’t have to believe in it.

Manchester United is part of this problem. Every decision takes too long…this needed decisive action. It’s a small fraction of the fan base who does not want him back. Poor decision and poor execution.

You think you never SIN, let one who has not SINNED, be the first to throw the first stone at him. Everyone deserves a second chance to move on in his or her life. I’ll follow your dream Team whatever it’ll be. Be strong M Greenwood and God bless you. Take care. 🙏

Dis is quite crazy from MUFC if the reports going on is that they are reconsidering reinstating Mason Greenwood back to the squad. I will be so disappointed 💯💯 that means the club don’t have a mind of their own despite all the investigations they did about the case. So why can’t they hold their grounds and let everyone know the findings of their investigation and stick to their decision instead of listening to backlash from fans. If the Glazers have been listening to backlashes from fans all these while they would have left our club longtime but they have a strong mind towards whatever they wanna do and that’s the sole reason they are still in control of MUFC till date. So many fans like me will be so gutted to see Mason Greenwood thrown out of the club as he’s a human being that also deserves a second chance. We will wait for the final statement from MUFC before also making our decisions. Cos this is absolutely sucking to read😡.

I think even JESUS stood in front of thousand of people to defend the woman who was a prostute and ask if you have never done any mistake in this life and you are standing here throw the stone onto to the woman and everyone was shocked how JESUS Squished &responded and everyone dropped the stones and left and shame on their face .. this shows that only GOD can judge not someone called a human .

I will also leave Man united if you don’t give green wood second chance coz it’s being selfish pipo sin those ladies also sin but why him I will burn everything I have attached to man united

This is unprofessionally, from our site utd,why will we take long for anything which concerning taken decision, since charges were dropped why will we not support this young lad, he really need support and backing from utd, but choose to take abysmal long time before decision to return him in to the team. If he leave hope one day to come and hunt our team, due to teach us a lesson, since we don’t give him a second chance..

If the BOD and the owner’s cud not decide than just let him go and play for any team that requires his service..Mason is a good playmaker even better than the existing players in this department..need to give him a second chance.. nobody makes mistake..mind you, if he plays against MU I bet he will score or setting up goals for his new best bet..

Yes, you are right. We all make mistakes every second! This is a young man who needs guidance and not rebuke. Each of us has done far much worse things than him!

I fully agree with you, no one is immaculate…please let the boy continue his career in peace, we all deserve second chances

Moved on from rape??? No my friend it’s called coercion. Stop putting a sport over your morals. Just because you fell for the man utd pr machine doesnt mean we are all idiots with no moral compass

Who did he rape? The wife or girlfriend who is currently with him and there baby. Let the lad breath for Christ sake. We need him in the squad

As a man utd fan, Greenwood is one of the fan favourite player. He was developing into becoming one of the best stars the man utd academy is known of producing. Well, he was proven not guilt by the court that’s why the charges against him were dropped. Dropping of the charges means he is innocent so what else does the club management want. I think the actions taken by the court are sufficient enough. Please reinstate this young man back into the squad to allow hime develop and become one of the best. The man utd management should make a bold decision and not to consider some individual feelings of some of the stakeholders especially some few players from the women team. They should consider the feelings of the majority of the fans. Thank you.

I agree with u the bloke was found not guilty of anything people need to move on he is a young lad and him and his partner have now moved forward and have a child together. I question these people saying they will walk away I say what if this was ur son would it bi ok then. I welcome mason back if the manager and team aren’t against it why should we be. Go on mason get on that field and score those goals silence the critics .

Mason wasn’t charged at all ,if the other part showed up and the case proceed to the final judgement then he’s innocent for luck of evidence or something then we would say the supreme court has favor him but the charge against him were dropped so let him in the squard in fact the team is less without him he’s an icon at a tender age at old Trafford.please give him second chance everyone makes mistakes

We definitely need to bring Greenwood back we need him, hurry up @manchesterunited and make a decision, he can definitely help the team by scoring goals and winning games and trophies that’s what we need…. “A” from Jamaica

It’s unfair if this young boy is removed from the squard. He’s a good player better than Anthony bought with so much money. I will also not follow manu again if greenwood leaves.

why has greenwood decision taken this long,,????
he cannot touch a ball for man united ever again
Simple as that….

So you have never made a mistake in your life? He has been punished and the truth is there’s no charges against him so if you have something personal against this lad keep it to your self

Let Mason return to his football. Charges has been dropped and the parties have moved on. Why whipping up sentiment.? He has a life to live please.

He was only 20, he deserves a second chance. How many does domestic violence occur in this country? Many! Most couples go through these experiences unfortunately. We are humans built differently and sadly most domestic violence are triggered/provoked by our female counterparts but at the end of the day that doesn’t count but your reaction determines what action is taken against u . Let’s be honest here “ we expect 20yr old men and women to make makes in life”and learn from the experience. So let’s put aside this feminist agenda or sexist. Mason is not the first and will not be the last . From a footballing perspective this is a men’s league not the women’s league for them to decide. Equality is welcome in our modern day society but not to the detriment of our beloved sport.(football), and guess what? Charges have been drop !They are happy together now with their new born baby! So what does that tell ? Every man deserves a second chance in life.

This is highly unacceptable for a big club like MUFC to depend on some group of people or fans before making their decisions…can’t believe my eyes as what am reading is really pissing. MUFC needs to reconsider their stand and bring back Mason Greenwood. Just this morning EA Sports added Greenwood back to their app, this shows they are also in support of greenwood coming back to the squad. Those calling for Greenwood to be banned from playing for MUFC remember he has a family now and he’s now more responsible. So please think twice before bringing a global talent down Al because of ur inhumane attitude

The charges have been dismissed and every person should be given a second chance in a world of imperfections is this person to be exiled for ever

Can’t you see you are lonely here? You seem to be the one of the few, of mot the only inhuman mate here. Get a grip!!!

The decision should be based on facts not emotions. It will be ironical for Manchester united to look for a loan option coz if his morals don’t fit in to the club then where else does the club think he will fit? Let the club lay down their findings and if he is not guilty let him be reinstated regardless of what the world will say

He’s an innocent man. Give him the opportunity to re-establish his credibility. If MU let him go, they will be convicting him.
There has to be compassion and empathy along with decency and respect coming from one of the greatest clubs in the world.
Potentially he can become a great. 🙏

Agreed 100%.
I am 81 years old and am ex Salford, not far from The Cliff and I watched United from age 6 when my uncle took me to Old Trafford, so I am a long time LOYAL Manchester United supporter.
IF the brass at United kowtow to the people, mostly non United folk and let this wonderful talent go because the Brass put themselves before the LAW & GOD, I will certainly never watch another Manchester United game.
DO NOT kowtow to these vicious non involved bigots willing to punish a young lad when even the law withdrew ALL charges.

I as a long-term fan agree. I have spent a load of money supporting. With a takeover saga and treatment of Degea this treatment of Mason is the last straw.

How on earth is he an innocent man???? He beat his girlfriend on multiple occasions! She recorded herself being raped the fact that she recorded it means she knew it was going to happen and had probably happened before! He didnt make a mistake he was/is a serial offender! He should never wear the shirt again he isnt fit to!

You are a dangerous fool. Trial by social media with a clearly edited recording from a scorned woman who he reconciled with. People like you, bloody virtue signalling campaigning clown are in the minority. We are only just starting to speak up because of your stupidity and pathetic self righteousness

Hear yourself talk. Have u seen a rape victim? What they look like?
Let me help u since u don’t know.
Rape is a forceful and aggressive and violent sex without the consent of one of the parties.
Now, she had so much time to even film the incident, don’t u think that’s funny? Please you guys should use a little part of your brains to re-examine your facts

Damn it, I hate this club in decision making, first the glazers refuse to sell the club, secondly they can’t make the right decision by letting Maguire leave and now it’s greenwood not coming back to the first team. Poor decision makers. The glazers needs councilling for there poor decision
Well the final decision either makes me a United fan or I follow greenwood to wherever he goes

Let the lad get on with playing at United he been there since the age of 6 the club should help him any one who not made a mistake done nothing in life and if Rachel Riley doesn’t want to support United she’ll not be mist

It was hard to hear and I respect her. I want to beg MAN.U. women team members to forgive Greenwood because he is aperson and younger and consider his future life/victory to Man. U./

I feel so ashamed of man utd hierarchy,I. Don’t see the need to stress mason on this,since all cases were withdrawn,he should be integrated into the team as soon as possible to help the team,decision making among the man utd have been a big problem,intergrate mason and let him help the team because man utd is lacking attackers

It’s not because some supporters or whoever from the women’s team that we should Mason Greenwood. The decision is up to the board and not to these people, they are just hear to talk. Even they don’t support the team anymore, no care, we have a lot of supporters and this wouldn’t change. It would be a really big mistake to let him go. He’s a future balloon d’or winner sir.

The young man has been cleared by law. He should be allowed to play his football at Man United . He has a right too, it is wrong to remove him.

He has not been cleared by law at all for god sake! The case was dropped because the key witness is his wife and mother of his child he is not innocent and he certainly hasn’t been cleared he is a violent domestic abuser and rapist.

Have u been to his house to confirm how violent he is?
When talk about scandals, people like John Terry, David Moyes, Giggs, etc should not have anything to do with football.

Greenwood should not be dumbed.becouse he was guilty and we need him and remember what Mason greenwood did for man united just in a single season .he scored incredible goals for man united

Let them decide, I don’t care anymore. Investigation had already concluded by the authority and all charges are dropped. So, why are man utd board punishment themselves? At this moment in time we need a forword and we have Greenwood.

Man utd are very sluggish in decision making. Why can’t the club understand that we are humans and we are prone to errors. They should give him a second chance since the court has cleared him.

I’m most distraught reading to all this as reporters slander this young man based on emotions & not the facts. Given all that I’m happy that Mason married the girl, not for anything else but if he goes down, she goes down as well. Hate me for it, for all that it’s worth, but both of them then deserve what’s coming for creating this mess.
We’re losing a phenomenal player

He was not convicted and the charges were dropped. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Are the social media outlets the new courts of justice now? If the court can’t prosecute him, how can people who only read about it in the media make any sort of judgement? This is all boll**ks. Move on.

please bring him back, Antony can’t handle the right wing position well. The female team and other supporters need to understand we need him back, he’s going to be a massive development to the team.

This is what u get when u allow feminist agenda to influence football decisions. I blame the united hierarchy for allowing such to influence their decision making. This is a men’s league not the women’s league. Domestic violence is a social problem to be dealt by the law. Not a footballing issue.

Oh BigJ, u are 100% correct. Feminism.
Look at players like Anthony, Marshal, Linderloff, Magnum, sorry Maguire, Bruno etc are rubbish. United can’t sign a world class player. Relegation this season.

Everybody makes mistakes. Who are we to judge. I’m not condoning what he did, I just believe everyone needs a second chance. the problem with society is that we are too quick to point fingers at others and not ourselves. He’s a fantastic player and one which Utd can sure do with. If certain people do not want to support the club because of Mason staying, then they are not true supporters.

I don’t think it is right to let him go he is still young
Every can make a mistake if God forgives you who are you to judge it’s only God who can judge if that Rachel Riley go let her go .we need forward’s at the club.

Yes, if R.Riley is threatening the club, let her. She is one person, not a Judge, Not the Lord God.
Better that she go and keep her vicious and unwarranted / unwanted opinions to herself.
Bye bye Rachel Riley.
Welcome home Mason, now get out there and score the goals you were born to score.
Good luck to you, your partner and new baby. Congrats.

I think Masons girlfriend should make a statement to back him up, if she is happy to do that there should not be a problem.

If the guy has not been found guilty in court what is he supposed to do going forward people have made mistakes since day dot, some more bad than others and gone to prison come and been left to get on with there lives.

Man United has embarked on the cancel culture bandwagon. If this is true l will redraw my support.
I have had enough of this
social media judicial system.
Man United is a PR sweat shop masquerading as a football Club.
And they are not even good at the PR job they doing

if really man u want to see greenwood success, let him play to the club. he’s a good player who have passion for his carrear and what beside that??let them not make a mistake of leaving this young future star.

Why giving room to non-Man U fans. With all these feelings expressed by a number of fans, my question will be: why are we playing without a central striker, losing and crying of Hojland injury while quick decision on Greenwood would have rescued us a point. Cleared by law, all has been spelt out well. I feel like Man U is very week in terms of getting new players, decision making as well as understanding the mental torture they give to a good number of players. If criticizing players were a winning strategy, we are the trophy winners for the past three years

The guy is innocent basing on court ruling. Come on Mr CEO you have to how strong u a on decision making. U can not make decisions basing on emotions and feelings. Otherwise the club will be on danger.

The law withdrew charges, therefore who gave Manchester United or any other body the right to investigate further. The lad and his family have already gone through hell.
Do NOT let a few spineless female team members dictate a decision which could prove contrary to law.
People not genuine United fans & players should keep their baseless opinions to themselves.
Obviously the do not want to see United regain the services of a GREAT prospect, which we sadly need.
Bring the lad back in and ignore all the complaints etc from persons NOT involved in the case. The legal system withdrew charges and that is where it should have remained, NOT an in house investigation, who or what gave these ‘judges’ the right, certainly not the law. You cannot be tried twice for the same crime irrespective of any previous result.
Get off his back and give him a hearty welcome home to his team.

Why is Mason Greenwood punished twice when he has stayed away from football for close to 2 years.
He has been cleared from all charges by the CPS and has a son and is marrying his girlfriend who has apparently wronged.
We have to dismiss his indiscretion as nothing more than a tiff with his girlfriend.
Give the young man a second chance.

Give the young man a chance – after all who had not erred in life?
To err is human, to forgive is divine! Didn’t other Man U players defile their reputations and that of the club? Look at all humans with the same pair of eyes. Where were the women when a Man U celebrity ( my favourite) had an affair with a family member? Wake up , “decision makers” !!!!!

He’s better than half the team now hope dose well at club that wants him stuff man u hope you win nothing. Glazers are crap and so are the directors I will support man city from now on.

United should keep Mason, after all he wasn’t found guilty and if he did make a mistake he already had his punishment by not playing for almost two years. He should be given a second chance, he has a family now an he’s more mature

He has not even been charged in court. If the courts are unable to convict him then what right have the sloths who make decisions in MU to convict him? As for the hypocrits – the seĺf proclaimed guardians of morality – they can go to hell. The kid and not hypocrisy should be given a chance.

Give Masons Greenword 2nd chance…he is not guilty anywhere. He is young lads….common Man Utd. We’re man utd die hard fans and we’re family. We should look after this young lads. Give him 2nd chance…we’re United.

Some of us shall stop supporting football now because man u is showing a highest level of mediocracy.
You can’t adore a few individuals like those women and you ignore a majority. Besides we’ve been supporting men’s tea not women’s team.
Without greenwood there is no joy and United is not worthy supporting.
Let the righteous support man u.
We are gone to support wrestling…

It will be a very big shame to the club to dismiss their own young man who has been declared innocent by court.
If those ones against his returning think he is guilty, let them write an appeal to the Court for him to be rearrested.
Just give the a second chance.

Waste of time posting or commenting. If your comments do not state facts, as mine did, why was my initial post and two comments removed without cause, they were not offensive and stated support for what other posters had posted.

Why giving room to non-Man U fans. With all these feelings expressed by a number of fans, my question will be: why are we playing without a central striker, losing and crying of Hojland injury while quick decision on Greenwood would have rescued us a point. Cleared by law, all has been spelt out well. I feel like Man U is very week in terms of getting new players, decision making as well as understanding the mental torture they give to a good number of players. If criticizing players were a winning strategy, we are the trophy winners for the past three years

I believe this will be a disgrace if Man U dumps Mason. For the love of god, he wasn’t found guilty of anything, charges were dropped and none of these folks even wanna hear his own side of the story. The lady in question still went on to marry him and they have a child together. Have they ever asked her why she still went along and got married to him? I don’t care about some broadcaster who’s threatening to leave if he’s reintegrated back. If she wants to leave, that’s the door. If the shoe was on the other foot, would she say she’d stop supporting the club if Mason’s wife was the accused? She should ask herself if she has even heard from Mason. So these people want to condemn someone who was found not guilty and had ALL charges dropped? Did Mason threaten anyone to have charges dropped against him? No. If Man U dumps Mason because of a certain group of folks, I will quit supporting the club. I have been supporting this club since 1995.

Mason must have gone through a stressfull period over the past year leave the decision with the people who have investigated as they will know far more than us when making the decision, accept this and let the boy get on with life, there will always be a small minority that will object good luck son

The hypocrisy is nauseating:
1. Harry Maguire physically assaults Greek policemen…attempts to bribe them and is found Guilty. Harry walks back into the United team and keeps his captaincy. No problem, no objections from the Rachel Rileys of this world.
2. Ronaldo is accused of the same act as Greenwood and is accused of paying her off with hush money. No problem. United go over-board in their attempt to lure him back to Old Trafford and succeed. Not a peep from the Rachel Riley’s of this world. In fact, she is on record as saying that she nearly wet herself with excitement when she ended up in the same club as Ronaldo. It was achievement for her, so she stated. Yes, this was years after the accusation of rape.
3. Adidas comes on as MAJOR sponsor. But this company had been accused of child labour practices in Asia (including young females). Not a peep from the Rachel Riley’s of this world.
I’m sick of the hypocrisy.
Consistency please!

Get him back playing. No one is saying anything about Antony current allegations and we still treasure giggs.
His missus coming out and saying something would be helpful but I believe no need to feed the seagulls as the king said

This is a most shocking decision by MU. The lad is innocent until proven guilty, but Women’s Groups and Wokey non MU supporters get their way. Even worse is the fact that the leadership of a once iconic club is non existent.
our family of eight have decided to relinquish our support of MU forthwith, we have decided to switch to Liverpool, a club with better priorities and principles. Our family are disenchanted anyway with the Glazers raping and pillaging of a once famous club… in tatters .

significantally,man united decision makers`re poor in decision making,this is from the stated changes from the club earlier,even if I am a club fan,why the responsible club eliminate”Glazer`s family and maguire” and let Marson Greenwood to brings happiness into the mourning club as i speak now

I agree with Richard.
Case no 1/ Maguire physically assaults Greek policemen. What Rachel Riley’s did?
Case no 2/ Ronaldo as accused of the same act as Greenword. What Rachel Riley’s did?
Rachel Riley’s did nothing. Common RR.
I am Richard n others team supporting Mason Greenword

I agree with Richard.
Case no 1/ Maguire physically assaults Greek policemen. What Rachel Riley’s did?
Case no 2/ Ronaldo as accused of the same act as Greenword. What Rachel Riley’s did?
Rachel Riley’s did nothing. Common RR.
I am Richard n others team supporting Mason Greenword

I hope Anthony will be taken off Manchester united’s team as he has been accused of assault by his girl friend. The level of hypocrisy exhibited by a lot people is amazing! The police has dropped the case, while is the so called Riley and Co better than the police. Let those protesting against Greenwood come out and state if they are more righteous. Maybe those of us who believe Greenwood should be allowed back should quit Man U.

I don’t believe man United board of committee can be so sentimental, the court has dropped the charges and United are still after this young lad, who can never made a mistakes in his or her life…. This boy is our academy boy since he was seven years…even better than antony we bought with a huge of money, fuck the female fans group

If this is the final decision about Mason Greenwood’s future it’s really absurd. Everyone has made mistakes in life even worse than what Greenwood did but because their mistakes aren’t brought to broad day light for the public to know doesn’t mean we are angels. Perfection belongs to God and as we human beings keep on making mistakes but we are forgiven. None of us living today started Man U because it’s a big institution so why don’t we give Him a chance and support him instead.

The law talks clearly if no one comes against you and nothing proof you are free. Why the club not accept this, if the guy are realy guilty why that woman continue to live with him, in this cretaria I think there are a lot of things that someone need to answer and for sure club till now have a player free of charge, Mason need to be a club member and a team member

Please bring back Mason Greenwood ASAP into the Man Utd, first team!!
Yes, he made a mistake, but being a very young man who initially was put into the limelight (i.e. called by the press “international talent” who could not miss), plus add constant adoration ,- all of that just overwhelmed him! He deserves a second chance to be given by our Club! Unfortunately Man Utd did not stand by him with true support in these last 2 years! Hence, it is time now to step up to the plate!!

He or she without sin cast the first stone,Mason Greenwoood is being condemned not because of his sin but because it was a black man against a white women,racism shouldn’t be allowed to destroy this young man’s life.

When Greenwood and Foden break the covid rules they didn’t let Greenwood back in the Enland sqaud but Foden return to the sqaud again. Why are they looking down on this boy is it because of the colour of his skin cause again he must be making a example of. Please give the boy a second chance this time cause when he broke the covid rules they didn’t give him a second chance but only to Foden.

I find it ludicrous that a young man makes a mistake in his life and has lots of talent and the public kangaroo court thinks he should not play for United again. I have followed United for 55 years and seen their fan violence in the early 70s into the 80s. and some of these same fans taking the moral high ground. Let the one who has no Sin cast the first stone! If you go out and socialise today, this very same issue is prevalent with many young men. I see it time and again locally. Most of them are under the influence of drugs. That could be your son or daughter. Would you feel the same if it was??? I have had well enough of United. I’m finished! Glazers are staying

I think people taking the moral high ground is sickening. I ask you, let me know of a time when Manchester United officials were ever correct? The Greenwood saga was dropped by the very people who brought it. Himself and his partner have effectively shot themselves in the foot and both of them together have ruined his career. If it were not for the video, this issue would not carry the same weight and the kangaroo public opinion would not have the same outcome. What is sickening is the people who think he should not have a second chance. That video should have gone to the police and not the public kangaroo court. What chance would anyone ever have with that? Just a pity people are so narrow minded.

Fear women matter ooo. Honestly greenwood deserve a second chance, the lady in question has moved on with her life. Please bring back our star boy.

If anyone should go it Arnold for his handling of the whole situation. 6 MTHS ago the charges where dropped. He should have been sent out on loan at the end of June(if not earlier)to a European club where he could restart his career, get fully match fit and get on with his life as the vitriol from the stand within the British game would have destroyed him. It will be interesting to see how Antony and Ryan Giggs will be treated. Accusations have been made in Brazil against Antony and while Giggs wasn’t found guilty he wasn’t found innocent either. I would like to see Mason playing again but I fear the Old Trafford crowd going against him would destroy the lad. Better he gets away from the English game to get on with his life

Why prolonging the matter after all charges has been dropped why not allow this guy start his Carrer from where he stopped.
Everybody makes mistakes and we just have to come over it please let’s get over it and let this guy move on

For f***ck sake we need greenwood at all costs,,,but if man u dumped him while the law had already dropped for what he was charged for we are doomed

I’ve been following Man United since George Best days and I’m a woman, 62 yrs of age from overseas. Mason Greenwood is definitely not the first to have made a mistake in his young life and what he did was a private matter between him and his partner who has also moved on to have his child and are also married now. The Courts have also dropped all charges against him. Why has Man U taken the high road to carry on punishing him for the past year or so and now, to give in to the ladies who are out for blood against a mistake by one of our brightest players, a 20yr old hot blooded male! Come on Man U, they have been others, who have committed similar offences, not just once, but who happens to be white, and is still highly regarded by the Club, why the discrepancy?!? That’s not fair is it! Everyone deserves a second chance. He is one of your own too, how can you not stand by him after all this time that you’ve already punished him unfairly!?!
Please, for the sake of the Club, we are in definite need for Greenwood’s talent. He’s playing for the men’s team, not the ladies team, why should they protest so much? They don’t have to cross paths with him if they so wish! Please don’t give in to these unpatriotic fans who don’t want the best for the Club.

United players and staff and the owners are very stupid and stamina,no calculation,no understanding.united are just playing like they never did remove greenwood from united is totally rubbish.antony is playing rubbish and he can’t do more than as he is doing now .we need greenwood back.another dm and winger if not we are going no where this season

We need manson he is the pefect winger not antony, but who is Racheal in muc club is she the owner of the club? if she wants to stop to support united let her go and we see wether the club will colapse coz of her?? just a mere lady u accept to be driven by her. what is execative directers of mufc doing.

I don’t believe what Mason did is unforgivable, it’s a shame that a very big club like Manchester united can small number of people to make their decision because looking at it majority of the fans wants Mason back and i believe he is far better than Anthony

This is unprofessional to a club like Manchester United, Mason Greenwood case as been dismissed by CPS since February yet the lad wasn’t allowed to training nor play matches all through last season…
The Glazer’s family and other top management at manchester united also carried out internal investigation and the outcome of investigation was not published out, yet all the fans were not furious about that and it’s about time that we need the lad to come back to our darling team, and it’s quite shocking seeing this type of comment on manchester united page again, it’s very unfair if eventually the lad was not call back to team due to backlashes from some of our female team and some of our fans while the Glazer’s family didn’t consider backlashes when fans were clamouring for change of club ownership since few years back till now…
If we don’t want to loose our fan base, manchester united have to be proactive and be sincere about this matter, make pronouncement on Mason Greenwood fate before the transfer deadline…

Man u must not waste the talent of this young man they should just give him a second chance mistakes were made but he wasnt charged, just let him play

Greenwood could have waited until he has much money so he could pay off like CR7 and silence those mourning about his return to football. Where are they when man utd ditch out money to sign CR7 a rapist as you have also called Greenwood? I am supporting Newcastle utd once Greenwood is drop after all they are exciting to watch now

All good times are paying lots of money to have good prayers and u guys are just fooling around with green wood you mean the United women team are gods that they don’t make mistakes we are tired of your nonsense if don’t want him then let him go don’t waste his time and talent fir stupid reasons

It’s as if those women are the one going to play, I can’t imagine! Man United should consider the majority. Greenwood no longer have any issues coz they were all dropped by court and besides he’s being paid. Ten hag, consider we the funs.

Everyone makes a mistake…the problem is the Mason’s mistake went to public, but I am sure everyone makes a mistake…and they are doing fine with a lot of happiness now…but I don’t understand this manchester nowadays…everything that they have to solve become so hard to solve and take a long time with bad result as well…we saw it when selling the team…I really don’t know what wrong with the united team nowadays…

I really think that Manchester united are making the biggest mistake of the clubs history by letting mason greenwood leave because he is what we need in the club today.

What happend to innocent until proven guilty.The lad was not found guilty so I think he should be back in the squad.#bringhimback#

How did I even get to be a Manchester United fan in the first place what nonsense I hate Manchester United for this decision making

It’s so unbelievable that after the police closed the case on Mason, MU has wasted so much time, being indecisive on this matter because of the opinion of a handful, who claim to be fans. I am embarrassed by United’s handling of this case. Are they throwing out Mason on what charge under the law? Is there something else to this, that we haven’t been told?
All I can assure MU is that if they go ahead to throw out Mason, they will definitely loose many fans, including myself.

I think this season Manchester United is going to face another backlash of their players due to the off field behavoiur and this is going to affect most of the players that is including the young man Mason Greenwood and another player that lawsuit is on the pipeline on it’s way is our right wing striker Anthony that he’s facing allegations of woman abuse from his ex wife. So the club needs to deal with such a matter as urgent because now this allegations are tainting the image of the çlub,the brand,players, fanbase, sponsorships. Eric Ten Hag is urgently needed to act as fast as possible not to affect other players and as this players i think most of them are married and have families that needs them for supports and learn important thing of behaving off field.

I am in pains as I through this. Greenwood has been a United all his life and you wanna throw him away because of hearsay from those that do not want progress in the club. Had it been current United players are better on the pitch and the management wants to let go of Greenwood, it would have been better but the reverse is the opposite.
I will believe this is a lie and it’s a rumour. Once Greenwood is laid off, I will no longer be a United family and I believe many others will do the same. Reject Greenwood and United will end up loosing more fans than they would have if they call him back

If anyone has made mistake in life should come up and yes but I think no one, please aloud Greenwood to the club the fans are missing his performance so much. Let him stay ooooh

Anybody who doesn’t want to support man u because they reintegration greenwood is a hypocrite, we are tired of stories and headlines. Perhaps, he is better than most of the players we have now. Allow him to play please , no hard feelings.

Pls i need my golden boy back on pitch, for the sake of he’s baby..
Their is no charge on him why the delay of putting him back on the field and let does who is not a real fans find their fear and clean team too support….
We are having issues on the field with all this players with no competition of replacement that make some people place as if their are force too the field
Eg: Bruno is no good use on the pitch, using rashford as force 9 with no creative winger, no body can outstand the quality of Mason greenwood in his winge currently in the team….
The board is very ungrateful if they let him out of the first team

If Mason greenwood guilty and racheal Riley his your son would she go against him never too play for the team….@racheal riley
His very bad for a professional team like man utd told let someone who is no contributing too the success of the team, to deside for the team……
The female who is going against the coming back of greenwood, if their are offer big money too be bought too another team they we live ASAP, so who are their to deside who too be in the men team or not…….
Bring back greenwood and let all this hypocrisy too leave…..

I wrote hear before, that no one is perfect. When I see people rioting, I don’t understand. Some of them have done terrible things than rape , thank God their cases have not been known and reported to police. Let’s separate family from career. If I had an issue with my wife doesn’t it mean I lose the job. These English people should rethink . Mason is very talented, every time I see him play I see Van Persie. He will revenge on United ,he is just 21.

I wrote hear before, that no one is perfect. When I see people rioting, I don’t understand. Some of them have done terrible things than rape , thank God their cases have not been known and reported to police. Let’s separate family from career. If I have an issue with my wife does it mean I should lose my job. These English people should rethink . Mason is very talented, every time I see him play I see Van Persie. He will revenge on United ,he is just 21.

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