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Football clubs and their high sponsorship deals

When it comes to world football, no league can come close to the English Premier League’s popularity. Its outreach is incredible, given that it’s broadcast to a total of 212 territories and 643 million homes around the globe. It’s the most widely distributed league or sporting event of any description across the entire continent of Asia, reaches around on average just shy of half a million viewers across the United States and sold its television rights for an astronomical fee of £5.136bn dollars in 2015, which, for British broadcasters Sky and BT roughly equates to £10.19m per game. Simply put, the Premier League is a financial and ratings juggernaut, and a globally renowned powerhouse in the sporting world.

It’s no wonder that companies all around the globe are interested in brokering sponsorship deals with the league and its clubs. The outreach of Premier League games is incredible, and with each of the 20 teams in the competition being televised during the course of a regular season, there are massive benefits for companies to have their logos splashed across club’s shirts, on advertising boards or to becoming an official partner for a club. For instance, the Premier League’s most successful club and arguably the biggest team in the sport, Manchester United, have official noodles, car tyres and beer suppliers, and given the incredible amount of people that watch Premier League matches week-in week-out, it’s easy to see why companies are so keen to get involved with the competition.

As the league has grown, and sponsorship deals have become bigger, betting and casino companies have simultaneously become a more prominent presence. At present, ten of the Premier League’s clubs are sponsored by betting and casino companies, including Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, both of whom are sponsored by Mansion Group. Owners of (review here), Mansion Group are one of eight gambling companies to have their logos emblazoned on the shirts of Premier League clubs, with Swansea City, West Ham United and West Bromwich Albion also benefitting from a similar set-up, to name a few.

Given the explosion of online gambling over the last few years, with so many fans betting in-play each weekend during the season and the incredible money-making power of the Premier League and its teams , there has arguably never been a better time for any type of company, whether that’s casino, betting or otherwise to invest in England’s top sporting export.

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