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Mobile Apps In The Game Of Football

Football fans are a ritualistic bunch. Over years of watching games, either at home, with friends in a out in town or watching matches live, habits tend to form. Perhaps walking down a particular route on their way to the ground, meeting with mates or family at a familiar location, simply going to a specific pub for a pint; habits are easily formed when you watch your favourite football club for a number of years.

One aspect that’s evolved in Britain in particular, as the Premier League has become so wealthy, powerful and popular, is betting. These days, punters aren’t confined to a small booth in a stadium or staking out a spot in their local bookies; they can place any sort of bet that they may fancy from the comfort of their own phone, meaning they could bet on the result of a game that they’re attending.

When it comes to betting apps, there’s a plethora of options. There are even suggested apps like 365Scores, OLBG and Accumulator Tracker that can offer suggestions, stats and up-to-date news on player fitness, scores and a number of other vital pieces of information that will help to inform you on making the best bet possible.

When it comes to the betting apps themselves, there’s a vast array of options available. Due to Sky’s dominance of domestic coverage of the Premier League, SkyBet might be seen as a prominent choice, with Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Bet Fred, Bet Victor and many others competing for attention. Bet 365 hold something of an advantage over the rest, purely for the strength and frequency of their advertising; indeed, the image of Ray Winstone offering the latest odds before and during matches has become synonymous with football coverage on television in Britain.

The Bet 365 app, which is available on both Android and Apple phones, might offer the best live and portable betting experience. It gives punters the ability to bet prior and during games, check results, live scores and even watch live sport as its happening. Of course, these features aren’t just limited to football; betting on rugby, tennis, cricket and horse racing is also available, so you can bet in play and cash out regardless of what you’re putting your money on. The slick and easy-to-use interface certainly helps the experience, making the Bet 365 app an impressive and strong option when it comes to deciding how to bet on sports when you’re out and about.

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