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Sir Alex Ferguson words on Ryan Giggs as a manager

Exactly a year on from when Robin van Persie scored a hat-trick at Old Trafford against Aston Villa to hand Manchester United their 20th league title, the club sack David Moyes putting in place Ryan Giggs as interim manager, at least until the end of the season.

In Sir Alex Ferguson’s book released last year, Sir Alex wrote about Ryan Giggs becoming a manager one day in football and this could be a good stepping stone for the future, or at least as a number two at Manchester United for next season.

ryan giggs

Sir Alex Ferguson said:

“Ryan could definitely be a manager because he’s so wise and players invariably respect him.

“His relative quietness would not be a barrier. The are plenty of non-vocal managers. But your character must be strong.

“To deal with a club like Manchester United, your personality has to be bigger than those of the players. Or, you have to believe it is, to control the whole picture. You have big players, wealthy players, world-famous players, and you have to rule over them, stay on top of them.

“There is only one boss of Manchester United, and that’s the manager. Ryan would need to cultivate that side of himself. But so did I, from 32 years of age.”

Ryan Giggs takes charge with immediate effect, taking charge of training sessions alongside Phil Neville. Giggs’ first press conference will be on Friday at 2pm BST.

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37 replies on “Sir Alex Ferguson words on Ryan Giggs as a manager”

Think that the club have made the right short-term decision in appointing Giggs until the end of the season,but where to go from there is anyone’s guess.
Van Gaal seems to be the front runner in terms of the bookies-and they’re not usually out by much!- although I,and I think,most fans would want Klopp,sadly he seems to have ruled himself out-at this stage at least-having committed himself to Dortmund until 2018-Van Gaal for 2 years or so,and then Guardiola or Klopp thereafter?Just a thought!.
At least with Giggs it’s a given that he commands the respect of ALL the players-something I’m unsure Moyes ever did-has an unparalleled(winning)record in the Premier League,and won’t be afraid to play open,attacking football in the manner that we have been accustomed to for so many years.

Now glazer owner don’t listen to anyone and bring the right big name manager to united becoz next season we gonna lift all 3 english cups. Fa,league and title

Very happy am celebrating now as if we won title league. Now i don’t care if our enemy liverpool be champion. Let it be next season we will see now

Lets hope Giggs does well and can stay at the Club.Lets hope the next manager can handle United without being ruthless and can bring some good football in as well as players.

I would have sacked Moyes as early as January this year and I would have saved Manchester United.We would be in the top four now.The current United squad is better than Spurs or Everton.Only the manager was below the calibre.

What a nice decision from the Glazers, Giggsy as the interim maneger,
then LVG or klopp the next maneger and giggs the asst.

Really we need a manager who is capable of talent not not mere physic of a player. I think Klopp is better than Mourinho, but also remember premier league is hard he should know that. But i hope he accepts the job. MOYES GO TO HELL.

Good luck to giggs. Let’s hope SAF gets behind him more than he did with DM. We should of had a world class manager at start of season not a mid table 1 with no expieriance over big names. Maybe class of 99 in backroom next season

get klopp in pay out his contract!

or give giggs and four year contract! and scholes p nev g nev and bring mursteeen back!

moyes has done damage to our club!

anyone in the right mind would have given vidic a new contract!

moyes should manage liverfool

II from the beginning expected a man utd player system n pattern(attacking n counter attacking) of unitd to represent SAF not a coach wth physica n defending system wth no attacking. DM we thank you for the disgrace n disappointment. Bye, atleast Zaha will stay wth your daughter. We wouldn’t miss you.

IMoyes was not a born Red Devil. He was not wth the spirit of Utd SAF kept. Giggs out to win, no dulling. Win win win Utd. United till infinity. All Glory United

I hugely critise some article claiming united has lost tradition of patiance to managers. I agree it took Furgie time,but united was even no where the ranks Davie got it,pulling the ranks of a champion to seventh? come on Moyes had to vacate the seat please.

Otherwise i think Giggs should have the chance now,already 40+ not far from Klopp’s age and has what it takes to be a united manager,which lacked with Moyes.

according to what sir alex ferg said ” You have big
players, wealthy players, world-famous
players, and you have to rule over them, stay
on top of them” that is something moyes couldn’t comprehend, we played a match and moyes sent van persie off and brought in welbeck, beside the throwing line moyes was explaining why he removed persie. That shouldn’t be happening as a coach. We need someone that can handle the team and the players.
If you wanna hear more add me on facebook Adedeji oluwaseun tundey

I am just glad Moyes has left, it was equivalent to a giant snot stuck in the nostril, that had to be extracted with a claw tool. The relief was satisfying and UNited are free to breath again.
Ancelotti is the exact fit for United, not sure if he would be available though…
It could be Mourinho… I don’t think he likes Abramovich very much, and has had ants in his pants all season – he would of course bring us the winning mentality and tactically excellent, though we would have to ignore his evil genius demeanor.
Klopp won’t leave dortmund, Martinez would be great, but don’t think he would leave Everton. Not sure about Van Gaal,
You can be sure the next manager will be under a bit more pressure to deliver whoever it is.

Am happy morethan any days in this season.moyes sucked what a brave decision.soon we are gonna be champion next season just believe.

I congratulates all the man utd fans, David Moyes is an evil agent asigned to run down the glorious aspiration of man utd. Thank God for his exit exactly a year after the title celebration, by this time next year, man utd will be celebrating another title in Jesus name.

Am more than happy 2 hear a news like this and 2 c a good day like this…@last our reign shal began nxt season…in giggs i trust in jurggen kloop i bliv…
Kloop or diego simeon ar d right ppl 2 manage man u..
Am a man u fans til messi receives ÁFRÍĆÁ BÉŚT FÓÓTBÁĹĹÉŔ ÓF THÉ ÝÉÁŔ

sacking Moyes w’ld be done some time back before him sinking da club into a deep pit.However,congs and prayers to Giggs.

Too much changed at once!
When sir Alex left the club it should have been him and him alone, I understand a new manager wanting his own staff along side him, but if it was not broken don’t fix it!
Mike phelan renne meulenstane and the rest of the staff should have stayed in place and should be brought back with immediate affect, the hunt can then continue for a manager but there alone is Phelan, Renne, and giggs the ideal set up???

actually we are all happy to hear the news of DM sacking. this was what I have been anticipating a long time ago….. but my anticipation wasn’t all gloomy and despondent….. it actually came to pass…. DM go in peace…….

I think the real David in Moyes was never seen.
He was a stoney cross on our sholders
Goodos Gigs may the spirit of winnin be in you…..!

Oh, for goodness sake! Stop your whining, your poor spelling and insane BS about David Moyes being the devil and that Jesus is on your side!! Really? Have you heard yourselves?

Fact is that DM at LEAST had a go at the job and did what he could. For ANYONE taking over from a legend, of sorts, is going to take a while….big shoes to fill and all…

Fact is that Alex was a very strong character….and fact is that all the ‘glory days’ talk and ‘class of ’92’ leaves a high mountain to conquer…

Fact is also that players have intelligence and skill and, for the money they are payed, a little bit of inspirational play – at least – should be seen…..or do all these ‘divas’ need spoon feeding just HOW to play football?

7th in the league failure? Really? Any new system is going to take time to ‘bed in’

Trust me, as a Forest fan and living with the ‘past’ of the ’79, ’80 glory days and all those times at Wembley throughout the 80’s and early 90’s with a legend like Brian Clough, it’s hard to get used to the fact that things will be different….

I think the players of Utd really haven’t deserved to wear their shirt; never shown pride or passion…..just played for their paycheck…

Could any of YOU really do a better job? I think not!!

Good luck to the new boys, however, and I wish them well….

….and all the best to David Moyes…

Wat wrong another talent young player ready to leave. William keane doesn’t deserve to be sold. He is great talent like progba. Let macheda leave

Glazer forget van gaal and bring L.blanc as united coach. Just imagine the ex united legend with giggs,scholes,n.butt and p.neville will bring united to success

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