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United legend admits that Moyes needs to offload players in January

Peter Schmeichel has claimed that Manchester United have about “five or six players that don’t care” about the club and that David Moyes needs to offload those, who he blames for United’s current league position of 9th.

Schmeichel, who to his name has a Champions League medal, 5 Premier League medals and 3 FA Cup medals is enraged by the attitude of some of the Manchester United players this season.

Speaking with Adam Crafton of the Daily Mail, Schmeichel said:

“To be a Manchester United player, it requires a certain level of performance, mentality and you have got to be proud to be a Manchester United player

“I just see with five or six players that they don’t care and we [United] have never ever had players that don’t care. You should care.

“This is what you have to understand when you are a Manchester United player – this is the kind of responsibility you have to take on the pitch. Certain players look like they don’t care and they should not be at Manchester United.”

Peter Schmeichel went on to say that David Moyes deserves time at Manchester United as they go through this transitional period and should remove the dead-wood in the January transfer window.

He added:

“I think David Moyes will already have identified that, and the statement that he will make by letting players go will be more powerful than the statement he will make by bringing players in.”

“I would rather give David Moyes the opportunity to build a powerful team and accept that we are ninth for now, than panic to be in the top four by bringing in more players that over time will be shown to be there for the money.”

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4 replies on “United legend admits that Moyes needs to offload players in January”

I’m not sure it’s that players don’t care but more that some don’t believe in themselves enough, therefore aren’t brave enough to be United players. This has applied to many players over the years. Many have failed. We know who they are. One player Schmeichel might be referring to is Nani. He doesn’t play for United, he plays for Nani. But in the summer they gave him a brew five year contract!

Fergie knew time was nt on his side to rebuild another team we do have some dead wood in the sqaud but moyes needs time to get it right

So what The Great Dane means is that we’ll dump our crap during the january window?! \o/

Nani, Young, Anderson, Valencia and whatever rubble we have in our daft midfield will be gone?!?!
Welbeck looked promising at one point and then he just stopped wanting to improve. I guess his weekly paycheck reached the “I can be lazy” point.

The big question tho… will Moyes manage to actually fill the spots we need players in?!

Ohh well… atleast we have Januzaj and Zaha as future prospects, even Powell has more confidence and hunger than most of the first team players.. sadly.

If he’s got the nerve Moyes should bring in the good youngsters who are out on loan and give them a chance, and play them together.

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