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Michael Carrick two-weeks away from a return for Manchester United

Some good news for Manchester United as we come towards the end of the year, Michael Carrick is around two-weeks away from a first team return for the club, but Moyes admits that the England midfielder cannot play every game.

It was back in November when Michael Carrick picked a Achilles injury that required surgery and to wear a protective boot for three-weeks, but he has been back at Carrington, taking part in light training away from the first team for the past two weeks.


Speaking with reporters on Friday at Carrington, David Moyes said:

“Michael Carrick is getting better and has started some light work back on the grass

“I would still expect it’ll be around another two weeks, give or take a few days either side of that.

“We’re trying to hope [for Christmas], but he’s not joined in any football yet

“I think with the injury he’s got, it’s something he’ll not be able to play game after game after game. It’s just something we have to take care of.”

The Manchester United midfield has shown how much we have missed Michael Carrick since he has been out of action, but David Moyes feels that the squad is big enough to cope if players, like Carrick get injured.

The reds boss added:

“Obviously Michael is a big influence as far as what we’ve got in central midfield, so to lose him was a big blow.

“However, there is a big enough squad to cope with it and, over the years, everybody here has played games

“One thing that I said when I came in was I’ll be giving everybody an opportunity to show what they can do. The players have got a new manager and can show me what they are capable of.

“They are winners, who are used to winning, so I can only tell you what I see. They are committed and trying to make it happen.”

Let’s just hope that Michael Carrick is not rushed back from injury, we very much need him from the start of 2014 until the end of the season to try and get in the top 4.

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8 replies on “Michael Carrick two-weeks away from a return for Manchester United”

Who gives a shit about Carrick? That’s how shite we have become that he actually is quite important…what a fucking joke of a team we are now

We simply have to get rid of that prick Moyes and his useless backroom staff…im a true red so dnt any of u lot say in nt a true red jus cos i wont give into mediocrity

Whenever he plays, Carrick’s playing style is to always pass the ball backward or sideways, until he sees any opportunity to do a long pass forward. He’s too afraid (or simply does not have the flare and creativity) to dribble the ball and create chances. Needless to say, this kind of play has been easily read and anticipated by opponents. Now, the fact that United is relying on his come back, really says that we really do not have hopes to improve.

People say that we became champion last year because Carrick had played very consistent games. They forgot that we signed Paul Scholes to return from retirement. Scholes was the one who opened up chances and created goals for us. Michael Carrick HAS TO GO. He destroyed Man Utd’s styles of playing attacking football. If you don’t believe me, just watch and take notes how many passes backward and sideways he made in a game (he may rate very high on passing completion, but most of them will be backward passes!) How do we expect to win games with a key midfield player passing backwards!

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