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Danny Welbeck impresses new boss David Moyes

Danny Welbeck has made a fantastic impression on new manager David Moyes in the first couple of weeks pre-season training as the reds plan to take on Singha All Stars tomorrow in Bangkok.

With Wayne Rooney leave camp on Thursday, Danny Welbeck is the only out-and-out striker left in the squad until Robin van Persie joins up in Sydney, Australia.

danny welbeck

At his pre-match press conference, Moyes said:

“I’ve only seen him for a short time but I’ve been impressed, he looks a very good player.

“A lot of the things he’s done have been excellent. If we can add some goals to his tally from last year, it will make a big difference. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s an exciting player and someone I’m looking forward to working with.”

Manchester United face Singha All Stars on Saturday, youngsters Jesse Lingard, Michael Keane and Adnan Januzaj will all be handed a chance to impress during the tour.

Moyes added:

“Tomorrow is my first opportunity to manage the team, and it will take a little bit of time to get used to each other but that’s what the games are for. We’ll try and give as many people as we can an opportunity to play. We’ll see some young players as well. Obviously, we will use all the games to prepare for the start of the season.”


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7 replies on “Danny Welbeck impresses new boss David Moyes”

sadly this exactly what i was worried about………moyes is there to carry on fergies and the glazers mantra…wellbeck isnt good enough…its simply because he came thru the youth system and it saves on buying genuine world class talent……it saddens me that wellbeck wears a united shirt.

What Danny lacks is technical ability. But he makes it up by being hardworking, tacktically aware and quite a runner.

It saddens you!? What a shit house comment. He’s not necessarily first choice RVP is. RVP he’s world class. We only play one up front so what’s your problem?

i understand yo disappointment wth welbek bt however the holistic assesment ov danny iz that he has a ver gud touch of the ball 4 abig man driblling skills natural at that and ovkos ver strong bt hz undoing iz a lack ov ruthlessness infront ov goal! its psycological 4 most players tht kamz wth tym and personal attitude change!he just nids to aquire amental bully killer attitude and youll c what a striker he kan b.he completly outfoxed alonso,ramos in tht game,he also did that when at sunderland chelsea tuk some of hiz wrath,the moment he sorts hiz head hil b ver unplayable thts wat gud afrikan strikers r!and hiz stikl growing big nids to use tht size to hz A NUT SHELL WELBZ NIDS TO BULLY DEFENDERS impose his presence in that box with both skil & power of which he posseses he nids to kno his an afrikan & wth tht kams certain natural vibrationz ov kos moyes has wakt wth thoz types in anichebe,yakubu 2 gret effect

Welbeck’s the only out and out striker? What happened to Hernandez? And Welbeck is just a young Emile Heskey with more pace, thats all Welbeck can do, hold the ball up, he never makes incisive passes, he’s constantly hesitant to shoot, he’s not clinical in any way, not quick enough to raise eyebrows, doesn’t have a striker’s positioning and as a result of this he barely scores any goals, he only gets media time because he has a habit of scoring in the reeeally big games (vs Real and for England vs Sweden) but neither of those goals showcased any particular talent. I have no problem in us relying on youth, but only if they’re good enough and show promise, Adnan Januzzaj looks good, in a couple seasons i hope he’ll be starting, Welbeck needs to be shipped off to someone like Fulham.

Welbeck is a very good player, has everything but goals at this point. His touch and his passing are vastly improved from the 11/12 season, which is ironic because when both were sketchy at times, he scored more goals. If he can score 10-15 goals for us next season, and I know he can but won’t bet that he actually will, it would be the perfect contribution from him.

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