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Man Utd staff 'ashamed' & consider leaving over Greenwood return

There is growing speculation that several Manchester United staff members may contemplate resigning should the club opt to reinstate Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood’s association with United was suspended in January 2022 following his arrest. Subsequently, in October 2022, the striker faced charges of attempted rape, coercive behavior, and assault causing actual bodily harm. Greenwood emphatically refuted these allegations.

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In February, the Crown Prosecution Service made the decision to dismiss all charges against him. This determination was predicated on a convergence of factors, including the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of new evidence, rendering a conviction improbable.

Since February, Manchester United has undertaken an internal inquiry into Greenwood’s situation. Despite this, the club has refrained from publicizing their verdict on his future.

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Yet, The Athletic reported that Richard Arnold, the chief executive, informed staff early in August of the club’s intention to reintegrate Greenwood into the squad. This disclosure, however, was postponed.

United responded to this report by releasing an official statement, asserting that a definitive resolution regarding Greenwood’s prospects has not yet been reached.

The most recent account from The Athletic offered insights into the contours of United’s inquiry. Notably, it disclosed that several staff members are experiencing feelings of ‘shame’ in anticipation of Greenwood’s potential reinstatement into the first-team fold. A subset of these employees has even contemplated the prospect of resigning as a form of protest or, alternatively, going on strike.

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The report also outlined United’s strategy for managing Greenwood’s reintegration, encompassing stipulations concerning the nature of photographs taken during his training sessions. Moreover, the club sought to brief manager Erik ten Hag on how to navigate inquiries on this matter. Notably, the internal investigation did not involve consultation with any domestic or sexual abuse charities.

An additional facet of the plan pertained to evaluating the anticipated reactions of external figures, encompassing football pundits, journalists, and politicians. These responses were categorized as ‘supportive’, ‘open-minded’, or ‘hostile’.

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Greenwood had never committed an Unpardonable crime. He’s just a boy who went out of his ways, he needs love than these relentless compaign.
We Love him

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