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Louis van Gaal plans to peak next season

In a press conference earlier today, Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has said that he will do whatever he can to bring success back to Manchester United fans. He also mentioned that his improvement scheme is a 3 year plan, which is why he signed on for 3 years.

Speaking to reporters, the Dutchman said:

“I usually use Dutch expressions, but you have one here: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’. Fantastic expression!

“I know that if I lose and lose then I will be finished, I know that. But I shall do everything for this club and these fans, who are unbelievable.

“Last year we had 13 points from 10 games and now these fans see that we have 20 points out of ten and that we were in the next round of the Capital One Cup [compared to last season] and we are in the Champions League.

“Last year it was not like this. Last year we had 15 injuries. Okay, after Wednesday’s game we have more injuries, but we had three at the most [before that].

“We are improving a lot, but it is a process, it takes three years, which is why I signed for three years.”

Louis van Gaal and his squad travel to Selhurst Park to play Crystal Palace tomorrow.

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One reply on “Louis van Gaal plans to peak next season”

Is it a done dea,will United become winning team in three years,anybodys guess.Do we have lots of postmatch should have beens,yes.When Louis is sitting on the bench clutching his notes even after making the usual three changes and it,s still not going according to blueprint,even if he would humble himself and get on his feet and try to change it again and get some inspiration going,would it make a difference?.One good game can change it we are told as well as we need goals.Well nothing to do but wait for the next thrilling installment.

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