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Ander Herrera – the football fanatic

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera has revealed himself to be obsessed with football.

Not only does he play professionally but, in his free time, he will sit in front of the TV and watch whatever game is on. The Spaniard claimed:

“I don’t care, I watch all games!”

In an interview with Inside United Herrera has spoke of his love of the beautiful game:

“I feel at home at Manchester United. 

“I am enjoying the best league in the world. I think it has the best organisation, the best stadiums, the best atmosphere. 

“I remember playing against Cambridge in the FA Cup and we waited 25 minutes because the Cambridge fans were coming on a bus and they were delayed. I was thinking that’s really, really good because they are thinking about the fans and football is about fans.

“I always say the same – if the footballing world doesn’t think of the fans, it’s going to lose the passion and the love. So I was impressed but I was very happy because the fans come first here.”

Inside United asked the fan favourite if he would join the away fans if unable to play. Herrera replied:

“Yes, of course, I would like to go to one away game with the fans one day because our away fans are unbelievable.

“They are always singing and very noisy and they help us a lot. That is why I celebrate my goals with them because I have to say ‘thank you’ to them for supporting us.

“They travel around the world, they spend the money, they spend the time so I think we have to be very, very thankful.

“[When they chant my name] I feel really, really proud. When you know United’s history and that our fans have seen big players – George Best, Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney – when they sing your name it’s a very proud moment.”

Manchester Unite fans were outraged when Ander Herrera wasn’t included in the starting line ups, at the start of the season. The Spanish midfield has since been able to secure his place in the team scoring 3 goals and setting 2 up in his 10  appearances.

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