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Anthony Martial - Family Man

The 19 year old Frenchman has become the world record transfer for a teenager, at £36 million. This fee could rise to £58 million with bonuses.

Despite this epic fee, for a relatively unproven teenager, he doesn’t have the lifestyle of other youngsters who have transferred for big money. Players like Mario Balotelli, who would shoot fireworks off in his bathroom, or buy the most expensive car in the world and give it a camouflage paint job.

Anthony Martial is far more modest and professional off of the field. He loves his Mum’s home cooking, is addicted to gaming and TV shows and, prefers to stay in with the family.

He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Samantha, and one child, with another on the way.

Speaking to France Football, Martial said:

“After training, I like to come home and find my wife. I am very homely”

He is also a devout Catholic, and will pray as part of his pre-match ritual.

In his spare time, he’ll play FIFA and other video games, as any teenager would, and watches Dexter and other TV shows.

Anthony Martial grew up supporting Lyon. His favourite player was the Brazilian Sonny Anderson, who, in 110 appearances for Lyon, scored 71 goals.

Speaking of his idol, Anthony said:

“My first jersey was that of Sonny Anderson,”

“When I was little, I was a fan of Lyon.”

“I liked Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.”

The French wunderkind has the talent, and the lifestyle, to give him all the making of a superstar.

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