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Januzaj Injured

Manchester United’s Belgium youngster, Adnan Januzaj, will miss the away trip to Swansea this Sunday with an injury. Januzaj is the only Red Devil on the Premier League scorers list so far this season, thanks to his goal against Aston Villa.

Januzaj injured means that the manager needs to run through his options for the trip to Wales. Luckily for United, they have immense depth and versatility amongst their midfield players. Any of the following are possible line up changes for Louis van Gaal, without changing the current formation.


  • Marouane Fellaini fills in for Adnan. Fellaini has finished his 3 match suspension and is available for the journey down to Wales. Van Gaal has spoken of using the big Belgian in a forward role and so could be used as a support to Rooney.


  • Rooney could move back into Januzaj’s position, and Fellaini, Wilson, Hernández or Depay could play as the striker. If Depay was to move up top then this would allow Young to reclaim his spot on the left wing.


  • Just move Memphis into the centre, where he played all pre-season, and bring Ashley Young back on the left wing.


  • Go the opposite way to the above and move Mata into the central position, and give Jesse Lingard a chance, or play Young on the right.


  • Bring in either Ander Herrera or Andreas Pereira to play behind Rooney.


The most likely of the above options is that Ander Herrera would move into the vacant position, if van Gaal keeps with the same system.

In an interview, the Dutch manager showed that he recognised Herrera’s good performance, but that it was also against much weaker opposition. Van Gaal said:

 “I started my campaign this year with Herrera on the bench so I had a theoretical scheme in my head that he could play as a 10, and he did well against Club Brugge”

 “But in the second half it was easier for us to play.” 

 United fans are hoping that United can break their current goal scoring rut this weekend but they’re up against a team that they lost to twice last season.

Which option would you prefer Van Gaal played? Do you want Herrera to get a chance in the Prem? Or would you prefer a formation change? Please comment below with what you think would be Louis’ best move.

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One reply on “Januzaj Injured”

I don’t know why van gaal is so arrogant, the reason why he is not buying a striker is wat I don’t know, if he can’t get muller there are some oda strikers that are hungry for goal and are ready to play, players like lacazet of leyon Austin of QPR, these are better options for him, we don’t to take any risk or even chance premiership is becoming had, difficult and competitive and manu need to be great again so pls don’t risk fellaini, thou he is a good player but den not a good finisher as a striker, and why he van gaal is not give chicharito chances is wat I don’t know he is a sharp striker for manu pls van gaal be calp and tale to odas plans aswell if not once u don’t lift any major trophy u shall be fired

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