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Van Gaal Reacts to Neymar Rumours  


In the post-match press conference today, following the Newcastle United home draw, Louis van Gaal was questioned about the recently arisen story that Manchester United have been in secret talks with Barcelona about acquiring Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr.

He responded with the generic answer that he’s been forced to use many times this season. He told the media:

“I don’t enter in this discussion. You can ask about all the players in the world and you are doing it every press conference and every press conference I have to say the same.”

 Van Gaal displayed his sympathy towards the media’s plight to discover the goings on of United’s transfer embargos but had to reiterate that, once again, he couldn’t comment upon any transfer rumours. He stated:

I have to protect the interests of Manchester United, I have to protect the players in my selection, I have to protect the people in my organisation, and you can say anything, you can mention every player but I cannot answer these questions. So that’s the difficulty. I know your problem because the media wants to know that but I cannot say that.”

 Neymar, who is currently suffering with the mumps, is one of the current La Liga, and Champions League Champions’ best players.

Barcelona initially paid £58.45 million to bring him to Catalonia. Now at the age of just 23, he has vastly improved his game and, one could expect, a nearly record breaking fee would be required to get Barcelona to agree to sell him.

Even then it’s very unlikely that he would be willing to leave his post as a first team regular at the Spanish giants.

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