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All we need is Louis Van Gaal

Manchester United Football Club is crying out for change, pure and simple. Sir Alex Ferguson retired one year ago today, and how things have plummeted since that groundbreaking day. The reds have had a season that can only be compared with a nightmare, and this summer a lot of United’s dead wood will be well and truly laid out to rest. David Moyes continually spoke about change, but that’s all it was, words. A certain Dutchman however, named Louis Van Gaal, will demand change.

If reports are to be believed, Louis Van Gaal will be marching into the Old Trafford changing room at the start of next season. The first thing the fiery 62 year old will do is command the respect of every individual in his presence, and if he doesn’t get it, then he will happily nudge them out the exit door. In contrast to his predecessor, he has won near enough everything there is to be won in the game and the players will be fully aware of that. His CV alone commands respect; and on occasions where certain players may question his decisions and mentalities, they will then remember that these systems are tried, tested and proven. Quite simply if a member of the playing staff hadn’t had faith in a David Moyes training drill they would have left Carrington muttering to themselves, “What has that fool ever won?”.

Van Gaal has four Dutch Eredivisie titles to his name, one KNVB Cup, two La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey Cup, one German Bundesliga title, one German Cup, one European Cup, one UEFA Cup, two Uefa Super Cup’s and the rest all to his name. He is a born winner, plain and simple. It is no secret that Manchester United Football Club need’s one hell of a shake up this summer, and the man nicknamed ‘The Iron Tulip’ will certainly not hesitate or be agitated to make the decisions needed. The fact that he has had the balls to return to previous clubs for a second time round in the likes of Ajax and Barcelona, as well has having two stints in charge of the Dutch national team evoke his audacious, bold attitude. It also speaks volumes in terms of his stature if all these mammoth European sides were willing to have him back in control for a second time.

When speaking to the BBC the other day, Van Gaal instantly grabbed Manchester United fans attentions. Responding to a rather ridiculous question to be quite franks he replied, “Manchester United are the biggest club in the world”. Let’s rewind now to his predecessor’s comments after United’s 3-0 home defeat to Manchester City, “We aspire to play football like Manchester City”. the two comments are light years apart, and without giving any clues, only one of them is fit to come out the mouth of a Manchester United manager. The Dutchman has a reputation of being bullish with the press in a very similar manner to Sir Alex Ferguson. Expect plenty of controversy and several quarrels with opposition managers next season, we won’t mention any names, Jose Mourinho.

The most fearful aspect to the appointment of the 62 year old is the increased rumours of him bringing in his own coaching team. We have seen this before haven’t we, two months down the line and the dugout is full of set piece picture books! In all honesty though, maybe it is about time the club moved on. United cannot rely on the lads making up the Class of 92 forever, they need to go out and build their own coaching careers, not always being in the shadow of Manchester United. Despite all his failings it was conspicuously clear that David Moyes was continually undermined during his tenure and if this were to happen again then there definitely would be trouble on the cards. Indeed the appointment of Louis Van Gaal would be a risk, but as risks go it’s a sheltered one. Let the man do it his own way, after all, he has done it all before.

United fans can be excited by rumoured transfers this summer again, judging by previous history we can expect more than just Marouane Fellaini trying to squeeze his head under the door. This man gave players such as Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller their debuts. His Ajax side that achieved  a remarkable unbeaten season in both the league and Champions League in the 1994-95 season made up the basis of the Dutch national side than included the following Ajax players;  Patrick Kluivert, Dennis Bergkamp, Marc Overmars, Edwin Van Der Sar, Edgar Davids, Ronald de Boer and Clarence Seedorf. This guy knows how to spot a footballer.

Louis van Gaal will be with the Netherlands as boss during the summer, with latest free bets stating that they are 33/1 to win the World Cup. Edwin Van Der Sar, a Champions League winner under Sir Alex Ferguson and one of the most well respected goalkeepers ever to grace the game labelled Van Gaal the best manager he has ever played under. If that doesn’t underpin the pure aura and ability of the man then what does? The fairytale of course is for the likes of Giggs, Butt, Scholes and Neville to stay on under his control, but if this doesn’t happen then heads needn’t drop. Manchester United needs change, it needs new players, it needs to get back to playing a style of football we all love. Louis Van Gaal has the arrogance, confidence and most of all track record to deliver just that.

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9 replies on “All we need is Louis Van Gaal”

i agree 100%

van gaal is a respective manager he is a high profile couch with big cv and thats what man united needs not david moyes ,i know he will not stay for a long time but dont misunderstand me! if we gonna give some manager a long term contract and want him to stay for a very long time he must earn that and work for it not giving a long time contract just coz we want that like what we did with moyes!

for now we need someone like van gaal who know what to do also his age is near to sir alexs age and we need that so the players dont feel the gape between them and its very important that he has the personality and he know what to do inside and ouyside the feild

he knows how to rebuild big teams and get them on the right track again and make it easier to the manager who come after he leaves like what he did with barca and bayern also he always like to take control of every detail in the club like sir alex did

he can handle the presures of big clubs like united and know what to say in the media ,he have the ampition to manage us he have the ambitions to win the titles with us and he will not eccept not winning the games and titles from his players and he will not be afraid of super stars instead of that he can throw them out of the team if they didnt play will or if they did something wrong also he can bring players i didnt think that moyes can coz in football the name of the manager effects alot of deals

for now we need van gaal and i cant see any other manager better than him for our sitution

all am saying is that time has come when manchester united wil employ radical and arrogant coach who can bully opponents with words like ferguson who labelled arsenal team ”this are my boys i know how to handle them”not like david moyes who publicly fooled himself by provoking united fans that he aspire to play like manchester city.what an idiot!

What can a old guy, who had its best along time ago do. Hope he failures big time, fucking moron Van Ghaal. #vanghaalout

Hope van gaal do well next season and most important gave chance to young player like wilson,jesse lingard,n.powell,m.keane,w.keane etc…

Am sure with class 92 van gaal will do well with united. Not like the fool moyes who sack united main keys and appointed his own rules as if he is a champion

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