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David Moyes - I have seen more than enough

Isn’t it amazing how things can change in just twelve months? Back then we glowed with pride at a team that came back in true Manchester United fashion to avenge the final day disappointment at the hands of City the previous season with an 11 (eleven) point lead in the Premier League. Our manager was about to retire but, as he assured us, he was leaving us with a strong squad with a good mix of experience and young talent. Our midfield needed replacements but, in general, the squad was strong and well appointed as a basis for the future. The mood in the club was one of strength, unity and the spirit of United ready for the next challenge.

In contrast, twelve months later with a stronger squad albeit a different manager the situation could not be more different. It’s difficult to even fathom just how far things have unraveled under David Moyes. Had you asked me a year ago to predict what would be required for United to plummet to this position I would have postulated that even had the Glazers appointed a Liverpool-supporting deaf-blind gibbon as the next United manager that at worst we might see a drop to 3rd place in the league, a period of slight instability and some unprofessional appearances in front of the world’s media. Fast forward to the present day and that gibbon would seem to be a vast improvement in all areas over a manager who has taken under-performing to a whole new level.


The problems at the club have been well-documented. It’s possible to field a title-challenging 1st XI purely from players that Moyes has fallen out with during the season. Coming in as an outsider you would have thought that the very least he needed to do was keep the players on side. Instead he has undermined the senior players at every step of the way. All of them aside from a certain Scouse striker who appears – in his new contract – to have negotiated immunity from being played out of position or even being dropped when injured. Also I can only assume that it is a contractual obligation for him to be played in preference to more accomplished number 10s such as Mata and Kagawa despite his consistent loss of possession under pressure.

My feelings on Rooney are well known; he is talented for sure but not talented enough to destroy a team in order to accommodate his demands. He is not professional in his approach to his fitness and has already lost the explosive pace that he had when he was younger without substituting it for an alternative string to his bow. His ability to shed the additional stone of weight that he acquires every summer has also diminished and he is unlikely to be unable to play at the highest level much past his 30th birthday. Ryan Giggs he is not. A Manchester United captain he is not.

It is now largely irrelevant whether or not David Moyes is capable of making this United squad successful. The situation is febrile at Old Trafford and will remain that way until either enough time has passed and Moyes manages to slowly turn this ship around or he has gone and is replaced by… hell at this point I would vote for the aforementioned gibbon. This is no longer about his talent as a manager, his footballing philosophy or his ability to man-manage at the highest level. We are where we are. The situation is so bad that he has to be replaced if things are to improve for next season.


I am sure that many of you are ready to jump in and tell me that the United way is to appoint managers for the long-term and stick with them through thick and thin until they are successful. I would argue differently. That WAS the United way in a bygone era without the riches of the game, the wages of modern players and the intense scrutiny of the world. That was the United way in an environment in which that tactic could work. Unfortunately things have changed drastically since those days with the formation of the Premier League, the Champion’s League and the emergence of football as a product for boardroom battles instead of a simple game played for the pride of the supporters.

If we stick with Moyes for the long-term then, yes, he might turn the ship around but I doubt the same sailors will be standing on the deck by the time that happens. Eventually, as it has at Liverpool, a new day may dawn following years in the wilderness but before that we should be prepared to twiddle our thumbs for a while as quality players leave and mediocre players are all that we can attract.

Ask yourselves why Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Man City haven’t accepted transitional periods and seasons of adjustment. When Guardiola arrived at Bayern Munich, did everyone expect them to drop to 3rd in the league as he adjusted to life at the Allianz? Of Europe’s biggest clubs only at United was it deemed acceptable to countenance a transitional period. I accept that Sir Alex’s quarter century tenure had a lot to do with this which is why it beggars belief that Moyes was able to come in and clear out the entire spine of the club and replace it with his own. If Sir Alex was such a tough act to follow, surely they should have offered Moyes the job on the basis that he changed nothing for at least a season to ensure continuity. If he refused that then we could all assume that he didn’t want the job badly enough.


So here we are; standing at a key moment in the Club’s history. Keep Moyes and watch him painfully attempt to rebuild it around his, as yet non-existent footballing philosophy. Or grasp the nettle and move him out in the summer. The mood in the club will instantly change for the better, players who were dead-set on leaving are likely to want to stay and play for the new manager, even if it is my sensory-deprived gibbon.

It’s possible that if United appoint a new manager in the summer that they will make a full recovery and be challenging for the title next season with the squad that Sir Alex built still largely in tact. If they stick with Moyes then we had all better get used to spending February onwards looking forward to the next season.

What do you think about David Moyes? Comment in the section below.

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59 replies on “David Moyes - I have seen more than enough”

Whilst I wont put it so bluntly – he MUST go.
He doesn’t have a clue. Everything he has said, touched and done has gone dreadfully wrong – from buying Fellaini for 3m more than the asking price to getting rid of the back room staff to tactically being inept to persistently playing Cleverley and Young.
The scary thing is give him the money that is being banded around and he will destroy the club. Fergie you got this one totally wrong.


I actually have only two things against him……everything he is and everything he does………..He is useless and will NEVER do anything

He, absolutely, has to go. His one dimensional (at best) tactics, his inane team selections and even worse substitutions, his insistence on playing his squad out of position (Valencia is not even an emergency full back, Mata and Kagawa are not wingers, Fellaini is not a defensive midfielder) and his attempts at defending the indefensible (we did not match Liverpool in that first half no matter what the posession stats might suggest) have all shown that he has been promoted beyond his capabilities. Not even Evertonians would want him back now that they have experienced life under Martinez. We know he has a long and expensive contract. He won’t, therefore, walk. However, to not change manager will prove to be a lot more expensive in the long run.

On a separate note, I’m not convinced that Woodward has shown he is up to the task of replacing Gill. That situation also needs to be monitored.

And another thing!

Andrew Atherley says Everton are better than Manchester United on almost every measure and the Toffees are the team to back in Sunday’s clash
The evidence is clear-cut: Everton have gone forward under Roberto Martinez, while Manchester United have gone backwards since David Moyes switched from Goodison Park to Old Trafford. In a sentence, that may well amount to the most damning verdict on United’s disastrous season under Moyes.
Having won 1-0 at Old Trafford in December, Everton have a good chance to do the double in Sunday’s return match at Goodison. The dilemma is the best way to back them – take the win odds of 2.54, shorten up for something like the draw no bet at 1.77 or go longer on a bet like the Half Time/Full Time at 3.65.
The fact that there are so many viable options is indicative of the respective seasons Everton and United have had under new management and the table doesn’t lie, with Martinez’s side currently nine points ahead (a remarkable 35-point turnaround on last season’s standings).

In terms of Sunday’s clash, Everton have also shown the better form against high-class opposition. In matches between the top seven, the Toffees are unbeaten at Goodison (two wins, two draws) and the 3-3 against free-scoring Liverpool is the only time their defence has been breached in those games. United, meanwhile, have won only one out of 11 against the top seven and lost seven (including three out of five on the road).
Looking a little further down the table, the scale of United’s problems against opponents with any quality becomes even clearer. They rank only 11th in all games against top-half teams, with just three wins out of 16, while Everton are fourth (W7 D4 L4). United are also 11th on away games against top-half teams (W1 D2 L4), while Everton are again fourth at home in that category (W5 D2 L0).



Isn’t Martinez’ team built on Moyes signings and the addition of a few loan players? It would seem to be a team built on the short term but what happens if Lukaku, Delofeu and Barry all go back to their clubs? then we will see how good Martinez is. I remember playing good football with Wigan and they went down

This is a complete idiot who seems to be bringing down everything Fergi built . Its very rare a manager can come into a successful club and decimate everything, his negative approach is spreading to the youth setup.As a avid fan i think if we stick with this poor excuse of a manager we will go the same way as liverpool. shame on you fergie for choosing this idiot.He still thinks he is at Everton only now he has left, there doing great that speaks for itself .

The prospect of Moyes being given money is scary. TV pundits who try to justify our situation by banging on about Moyes inheriting “an ageing squad” – HERNANDEZ is a natural Manchester United Player, he’s young, he has the right attitude and I fear he is being frozen out. Everton are doing so much better without Moyes/Fellali. I expect Moyes will buy some more of Everton’s dead wood. I wish Rooney was going. If we had RVP, MATA& HERNANDEZ working with a manager who is not woefully inadequate… SO DEPRESSED!

Everything you said about Rooney is 100% true. Mata and kagawa play much better in the no 10 position. Rooney is just not good enough. Can you honestly compare him to Messi and Ronaldo?

Until we let our voices heard at Old Trafford nothing will be done. If we are to get rid we have to speak up now and loudly!

Wowww….what a way to spend my easter holiday. ..moyes is shit and only you guys that are Close to the club had the right to say it…God bless you the writer

His tactics are way too negative. Since when did United play defensive minded? For as long as I remember we had an attacking mentality but Moyes seems hellbent on destroying the club. Get him out now.

Moyes should have been sacked even before now to give the new manager the opportunity to know his squad better before next season.
Like I said before, football is no longer the same as before(1986), when teams didn’t have the level scrutiny teams have now because of the off-pitch marketing importance. Even at that time, SAF joined Utd as a winner, so the players respected him and believed in the direction he was taking the club(tactics, training methods etc). Fast forward to now, we have players in the squad who are by far more astute in the game than David Moyes(Ryan Giggs, Rio,Vidic,Rooney,Carrick,Evra etc). After all these years of success on the pitch that has culminated to monetary success worldwide, how could Utd appoint a little known Moyes to stir the affairs of a strong brand name like Man Utd. Utd need a coach who has won trophies if not everything in the game. A coach who just by the mention of his name will attract big name players to the team. Van Persie chose Utd over City due to the name Ferguson. Utd will continue to pay ridiculous amount for players as long as we have Moyes as manager….

I could not agree more with this comment. It is nothing short of gross negligence for a board of a large company and worldwide brand name like Manchester United, to appoint someone with absolutely no track record as a winner. It just would not happen in any industry, let alone Football, which is notoriously result driven.

I’ve never read so much B**ls*it in my life.. Saying moyes needs to go after 10 months!! Your no fans!! Far from it! It took fergie 5 years! You all need to support us when it’s rough or not at all! Go follow city or Chelsea!!! Fergie knew he was leaving a team of players some not good enough for Leeds let alone united!! Fergie had the fear factor he got the best from players! Moyes as signed mata kept hold of Rooney and brung in felleni who in time will come good! Oh and Rooney is worth EVERY penny! Find me a striker on this planet with the work rate of Rooney!!! If falcoa can pick up £350thousand a week Rooney certainly deserves 300k!! Like I said all those saying moyes to go need a word with them selfs! Give him 1 season and transfer widows then judge him!!!

Your knowledge of football is a good as your grammar…………………….appalling. He’s had 2 transfer windows, paid over the odds for a player he never actually wanted (if he’d wanted Fellaini, he could have got him a month earlier for a lot less), and paid a fortune for a terrific player and plays him out of position. Moyes clearly thinks that the No 10 position is denoted by the number on the shirt rather than an awareness of player’s strengths or any sort of tactical nous.

As for your comment on footballing history, SAF did not inherit the league champions, Moyes did. There was, and is, plenty of talent at the club. Moyes doesn’t appreciate talent; it was Moyes who bailed on the Thiago signing because HE didn’t know enough about the player. What happened there? Oh yes, his ex manager, Guardiola, took the opportunity to sign him for that little club, Bayern Munich. Moyes would rather persist with the constant failure that is Cleverley (because, apparently, he works so hard in training) rather than bring back Powell (someone with genuine ability). He played Januzaj up until the time he signed his contract and then rarely played the one bright spark of the season, apart from the odd cameo appearance or when desperate at the end of losing games.

Club support is nothing to do with individual loyalty. You need to learn that. United supporters are UNITED supporters, not the supporters of any individual and certainly not blind allegiance for the sake of it. Players, coaches and managers come and go. The CLUB always remains. You are either the supporter of some other club, or should be. United does not need your kind of support; support that is so ill thought through that the club would be in complete disarray before any penny ever dropped in your sad little world.

The differences between the situation when Fergie took over in 1986 and David Moyes taking over in 2013 are many. Firstly, United had not won the league since 1967. United have won more leagues under Fergie than they had before him. He left United as champions, whilst he inherited a complete mess. It is certainly true that the team was performing above its capabilities and that Fergie did not leave things the way you might have expected him to, but as the article points out, you have have expected 3rd or 4th not 7th. Secondly, Fergie took over from Atkinson, who had only won two FA cups. Moyes takes over from a living legend. That required the board to be thoughtful in its selection and, in my opinion, required an experienced winner. Quite frankly, there were only a handful of people who could have done the job: Mourinio, Pep, Ancellotti. Not Moyes!

Fergie needs to own up to his colossal mistake. He needs to demonstrate his philosophy of the club is bigger than any individual and give Moyes the boot (like Becks). The club’s in a bleeding emergency, act now!!

agree rooneys shite, but if the numpty who wrote this and is questioning why others arent experiencing “transition” when comparing bayern’s real’s barca’s an citeh’s players to ours then hes an idiot in my opinion!
yes, we are in transition as 3 parts of our back 4 are past it, and our main cf has been injured for most season…..not a recipe for success that!
add to that mix a midfiled thats been average for some time and thats why we are average atm!
as fergie would say….yous are all idiots lol

the record speaks for itself. He had the champions and he destroyed them. First the backroom staff. Rarely plays ” chico ” players playing out of position. Defend at all costs . Since when do united sit back and play for draws. Moyes has no tactics worth speaking off. Keep him and we’ll spend the life of his contract mid table or even worse find ourselves relegated. Get him out and get a real manager who knows how to win.

Hernandez isn’t good enough for this Utd side. Utd need strikers who can play with their back to goal. If people on here critique Rooney for a poor touch then they must have a full on melt down over Hernadez

He got d job without working for it.he lacks d quality of a top manager.he will do more harm if he stays.using transition as an excuse for failure is unacceptable.what would U say about man city,Chelsea,Everton under new coaches.they are all doing well.sir Alex should b blamed too for choosing moyes to succeed him.a man who took man utd to its lowest low and created unwanted records.he has shown that tactically,technically&spending wise,he has shown that he has a mission to turn man utd in a club that battles for Europa league & mid table team.moyes should b sacked or fired.#moyesout

Out of interest, are you people the ‘keyboard warriors’ I keep hearing about or do any of you actually go to the games? Let me explain something, instead of slinging shit at the manager why don’t you go and get behind the team? The word ‘supporter’ means you support, not be clever arses on some journo’s blog. I am totally disappointed with the season too but sometimes perspective is needed. What happens if Guadiola comes and we don’t win anything, do you start demanding his head! Give the man a chance, we do not have a divine right to win anything understand that. Fergie didn’t always do things right, he also played players out of position and he also made some bum signings. I looked at the league table after 24 games and looked up the league table from the previous title winning season and we had actually conceded 7 more goals the previous season but had scored a lot less. That is an important stat. Also City were top but not on as many points as we had at the same point the year before. Bad luck and injuries cannot be ignored. Imagine City without 2 main strikers and Kompany for half the season?? Fergie had become a 26 year institution at Man United and it was going to be a monumental task for ANY new manager. The great mix of a squad he reckoned he’d left was nothing of the sort, it was a mediocre squad that he had the unique way of getting 200% out of. Give Moyes another year. If we end up potless and out of the top 4 after spending a reported 200 million then it will be time to smell blood…

I firmly believe moyes will get it right. If moyes had at everton what hell have here they would’ve broke top 4 at least every season. Yes hes made mistakes! Still has that everton mentality. Hes had it for 10 years it going to go over night. He need to adapt but i firmly believe he will based solely on his work at everton. If chelsea, city and liverpool played anywhere near how they’re playing this season, we would not have won the league if rvp had missed as many games last season and city and chelsea played well we would be not far off were we are now. Add to that aging
defenc.e luckily last season fergie got what he got out of them. Its know shown. Felaini was a player fergie was looking at and wouldve been happy to sign him. How he could be expected to play like hes played when the team
rightly so has been slaughtered all season. Teams were always going fancy there chances against utd now fergie gone its knocked us for six. Our away record shows we can get results. Do people honestly believe it will carry on at ot. Dont be redicules. As for defencive tactics. Fergies done it in big european games. Fact is you find away to beat the team you play, if that team is possibly the best club team on the planet and theres noway you can go toe to toe attack for attack. You find another way unfortunitly bayerns class shown. But the players needed to step up and they didnt. Moyes shouldnt have to motivate them to play well. They play for manchester utd that should be enough. Its down to the players. Moyes will come good. He just needs to adapt. Hes a good enough manager to do so.

The last 2 seasons Utd finished with 89 points, that’s with and without RvP. 89 points would win the league this year. In order for Moyes to come good he (and his backroom staff) will have to learn how to manage a top club. That’s means adapt to tactics of winning instead of not losing, getting the best out of the players, learn how to demand more instead of saying things like “we’ll try to make it difficult for the opposition”. At the moment we have a plucky loser.

Moyes gross incompetence is obvious. He is clueless and he lacks charisma. He can only attract mediocre players because the top class players will not want to play under a manager who is devoid of courage (a coward). He has to go. Sir Alex is a troll and Moyes is a scumbag.

B4 this moyes sell chicharito he should b sack why will a coach sell a goal poacher, d talent is very hard to find, moyes has no knowledge about football if he can put javier on sells he man u best forward forget RVP

I agree about Rooney. He slows the team down, and though he has the pure footballing brain to get himself in good positions to score, or provide an assist, his body lets him down. He knows he can’t beat people so he takes the easy option of coming deep, but that messes with our shape and slows our play down. He’s also unstable emotionally, demanding to play every match, refusing to pass to van Persie, wanting to leave one minute, staying the next. I hoped maybe Mata was brought in to ultimately replace Rooney, but I fear that might not be the case. The size of the contract they bowed to shows they are going to continue to play him no matter what. He reminds me a bit of Beckham, who was kind of a one trick pony, also slow on the ball, but would win games. Rooney can win you a game, but you have to watch a bunch of dysfunctional slow football before you get the pay-off.

Moyes has made consistently poor decisions. He obviously doesn’t know his players, doesn’t have a vision about tactics, or have the ability to stand up to the personalities around him. But that’s not to say he can’t improve, but it will take some doing. I thought the last few games have shown an improvement, but he shouldn’t have picked Rooney against Bayern, and not subbing him was bonkers. I want to see the last few matches of the season and see if his decision making improves.

If he’s not sacked by the end of the season we will spend at least another two years potless given the time it will take so out this debarcle. #moyesout

Also anyone that says well look at everton now hes left. So they only were they are because of tge work he done over 10 years. Would martinez have done the same job he done if he took them over when they were a relegation threatened team. If you believe that then ask yourself where are wigan now?

I wonder why Moyes is still @ utd after saying that he has run out of tactics & he doesn’t. Knw what to do to win games,what are we waiting for? a miracle or may be prayers

what on earth is wrong with all you guys?
When will you learn that your only role in this situation is to pay at the turnstile. Your complaints are childish and pathetic, not to mention grammatically incorrect! If you don’ t like what is happening, stay away from the games or go watch City or Oldham or some other team. Only when the revenue stream and season ticket sales plummet will anyone take any notice!

And as for the megalomaniac who actually wrote this above diatribe, nobody cares about your personal opinion and the fact that Newsnow treats it as journalism is a travesty.

you are none of you true Man U fans. Fans are loyal Seems nobody understands the meaning of loyalty anymore

Even so a true United fan should be critical of whats happening during a game and have a right to have a moan and a say.OK if they dont like it they can go elsewhre.This is hard when you are a fan of United.Anyway it,s BIZZ and the owners must have their reasons for choosing Moyes.The results wll tell if Moyes stays.

It’s about loyalty to Manchester United and not any one individual. If you agree, as I do, that David Moyes will be a catastrophe for United, you have the duty to speak out. That is loyalty.

I am 35 years a United fan and you are not going to get an argument from me. Moyes is the most unexciting, unimaginative, and un everything anyone can say other than loser. Not only is he a terrible manager on the pitch, he has the motivational ability to make someone want to slit their wrists in my opinion. And I have not even touched upon his remarkable ability to never say the right thing in front of a microphone or. to the media. On my last day on this earth I am not sure if it will be the Grim Reaper or David Moyes who collects my remains, because honestly I cannot tell them apart. If he is as good behind the scenes as some have said, and he really has worked magic; then I say make him Director of Football helping Woodward out, and without any on pitch responsibilities or decision making powers. Then I would bring in v Gaal, for his short sprint until JK is ready to leave Dortmund. But if he stays we are doomed regardless of who he manages to bring in because he is a total and absolute screw up and great players will not come to play for him because he is a nobody to them. That is with the exception of the quick money guys and the ones who are already out of CL play next year.

I couldn’t agree more with Arty’s opinion. Hoping the club sack an unsuccessful manager that has shown no signs of improving doesn’t make us glory hunters. The fact that we are still concerned about the future of our club shows the support. So you can stick your head in the sand and make excuses for why a successful team has bottomed out within a year, but I’ll be hoping the board swallows their pride and makes the appropriate change, aka: Moyes.

An excellent article, by that I mean I agree with it all.

The following teams have all had new managers this season but there is only one in a mess:

Bayern Munich,
Real Madrid,
Man City,

Moyes is out of his depth and must go before he does more damage that will take years to fix.

It’s not about ‘transition’ which is a vague term at best anyway. I’m sure Moyes can clear out the older brigade, spend 100mill and ‘transition’ us into Everton 2003-2013. The fact that you would be hard pressed to find an Everton fan on the planet who wants him back says it all.

He is not, and has shown absolutely no sign that he will become, good enough to manage an elite club like Manchester United.

Rooney’s best position is midfield. The role paul scholes once played. Fergie saw that. As for moyes, he should have been sacked yesterday.

we are a weaker squad than Liverpool, just compare our starting XI



johnson, skrtel, Agger, flanagan,
henderson, gerrard, coutinho/Allen,
sterling, sturridge, suarez

Mignolet vs DDG=DDG wins
Johnson vs Smalling/Jones=Johnson wins
Skrtel-Agger vs Rio-Vidic= Skretel-Agger more comfortable playing a highline and facing speedy players
Flanagan vs Evra = Evra can’t defend
Gerrard-Henderson vs Carrick-Giggs = Gerrard-Henderson have more energy and pace
Sturridge-Suarez vs RVP-Rooney=SAS partnership is lethal, while RnR are not a partnership
Coutinho-Sterling vs Valencia-Young= Coutinho-Sterling have more creativity and deadlier in attack

regarding formation, we will always be overrun in the middle against Liverpool, because we have 2 vs 3.worst case in 2 vs 4

because Liverpool use the diamond formation

WHAT,you criticising ,David Moyes the choosen one by Alex the Great,statued and written in the United hall of fame.Lets get one thing straight last season under Fergie, the team was not good enough in Champions leage or Europe and did under all circumstances need a new manager,Fergie was stubbborn like Moyes.This season top teams are better in premier leage.United have good players one,for example Nani,allthough not a goal scorer would allways be handy.You are right about Roon,could get three better players for his wages.Roon is a bit worn and VP crocked.What do I think of Moyes,well firstly I think he has had long enough to show us his talents.It,s all the crap explanations and PR that man utters after losing and some of it sounds a bit like Fergie,we kept the ball well,we got a bit unlucky.SACK,FIRE,BOOT OUT,LET HIM GO,PUT HIM OUT OF HIS MISERY.TELL HIM IT.S NOT WORKING,ANYTHING.SOON AS POSS.WITH LOVE FROM THE GLAZERS,HA.What has Moyes got that Laudrup and Houghton have not?UNITED BACK UP.

When it comess to players moyes spots talent proven at everton. Baines, jagielka, felaini, stones, coleman. The targets he was after in summer are top class. He gave the board a wishlist they never got them that was not his fault. Woodward messed the summer up. Moyes has a vast knowledge of finding unknown talents and does a lot of groundwork himself.
As for chika. He doesnt do enough for the team canonly play one way cant lead the line the reason why under fergie he couldnt get a game either. He is one of most natural finishers n in an ideal world strikers should just need to score but they need to do more
tnowadays. The fact is the board arent going to sack him until at least after start of next season so get ehind the team and the manager.

I thought spotting unpolished diamonds might be why he was brought in but he now only wants to spend 30M+ on players who are playing for Dortmund, Bayern, Barca & Madrid. That’s not clever management. Utd is turning into City for transfers and Everton on the pitch. If Utd wanted a manager to do that they could have hired Mourinho. I assumed that was why they didn’t.

Honestly Guys, you just don’t get it. Moyes is fundamentally sound.Yes he has made mistakes this season the biggest being naievity . The sad truth is, in business, and this is a business, you cannot always tell the truth or all of the truth all the time because when you do there are negative consequences.
Moyes’s biggest mistake was to tell the world, including the players, that the squad wasn’t good enough anymore. Guess what? They believed him and just look at the consequences. He should have kept quiet and quietly gone about his business of the required change QUIETLY over the course of thseason
The second thing you guys don’t get is that the newspaper press have a vested interest in trumpeting their perceived negative opinions about what is wrong with our team . Why? Cuz it sells papers, that’s why. No other reason. What they sometimes is true, sometimes not but they print anyway including the PuffedUp Parrott who wrote the one we are all reacting towards………and our own negative reaction only makes the situation on the pitch even worse because don’t think for a minute that the players don’t read what is written! They do.They do. imagine how Tom Cleverly feels after all the negative crap written about him and the so called petition to ban him from the England team is utterly utterly piss poor. It might be going all wrong for him but, you must realize he’s trying hard, How/Why? Because who in his right mind wants to lose the terrific job with unbelievable pay he gets? Nobody.
We as fans reacting negatively and, in some cases with little or no thought simply piles the pressure on the team we love to follow. It’s a vicious downward spiral.
Shout out positive thoughts, keep the negative ones inside and let Man U figure this out. They will, there is simply too much money at stake. Enjoy what’s left of the season……….

Under Moyes Utd have managed to tie Rooney to the club which is a major plus despite what other believe on here. Had Moyes allowed Rooney to join Chelsea in the summer the same people criticising Rooney now would have been enraged at letting him go. Januzaj has been encouraged at the club and has been tied down with a new contract. Welbeck is scoring more goals, Utd got further in Europe this year than last and Utd have the best away form in the league. Obviously there have been major problems but generally the squad is flawed and need rebalanced. I am willing to swallow this season and give Moyes into the start of next season to prove he has got a plan

Please please get rid of Moyes got no idea . and for Rooney what a waste of
money , i was hoping that he was going to be out and then silly Moyes can see how good the team goes with Mata and Kagawa directing the traffic

MU made a big mistake in getting a mid-table mentality manager to manage the team. This is the reason why MU is now a mid-table club. Moyes has to go if MU is going to win the premiership and to play in the Champions League again.

MoyesOut!!!!! Manchester united is too big to wait for some moron to figure out how who are his best 11, what actually is attacking and possession football ,. Why should the club do such good deed to a manager who has so far shown nothing to justify his position, let alone the 6 years contract that he got. I say get him out right now. MoyesOut!!!

Hes targeting the 30mil plus players because right now thats what needed. I dont believe its as bad as press make out. Nana, anderson, maybe young obv carrick is showing his age but next season could quite easily be vital to the team. Giggs going, evra maybe vidic going they need to be replaced…. Not with uncut diamonds but proven talent. But cleverly was good will be again has potentiwl to be better but is probably terrified to take a risk defence splitting pass because atm he can do no right. A left back ideally shaw. A centre id go for garay. Couple centre mids carvaliho n lalana well be sound but to a degree
are proven which is whats needed he wont be given time like wenger to develop unproven, unknown talent which is why hes going for them players. In time he has the ability to find great unknown talents just needs immediateish success.

How exactly does wanting Moyes out equate with a lack of loyalty? Its like accusing someone of having no loyalty because they don’t want Ashley young or Tom Cleverly in the team. People have a right to an opinion. And as one contributor correctly pointed out, loyalty is to the club not to anyone individual.

“I am sure that many of you are ready to jump in and tell me that the United way is to appoint managers for the long-term and stick with them through thick and thin until they are successful. I would argue differently. That WAS the United way in a bygone era without the riches of the game, the wages of modern players and the intense scrutiny of the world. That was the United way in an environment in which that tactic could work. Unfortunately things have changed drastically since those days with the formation of the Premier League, the Champion’s League and the emergence of football as a product for boardroom battles instead of a simple game played for the pride of the supporters.”

Completely agree with this statement. The game has change so do us.
If we can successfully adapt to new environment we will be crushed.
UNITED MUST appointed new manager this summer!!! I hope the board hear our voice.

My only problem with Moyes is his tactical inability and sticking with players who are not even on a good run. The game of football has changed and it’s always changing but Moyes thinks sticking with the old fashioned 4-4-2 will get him results. United have been poor all season in the midfield due to their lack of command there and the first thing Moyes should have done is to make the team difficult to beat. Secondly Ronney has never been and will never be a number 10, the best season Rooney had scoring wise for United was when he played as a number 9. With Mata and Kagawa at United there is no point playing Rooney as a number 10. Mata and Shinji can see a pass and attempt it, Rooney is always looking to play the long pass wide which hardly harms the opposition. IMO Chicharito with the way he runs the channels and off defenders is a 20 plus goals a season machine with Shinji or Mata playing at the number 10 position. If Moyes wants to stick witn4-4-2 he should play the diamond formation with Mata at the top, this formation has propelled Liverpool this season

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