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Match Report: Manchester United 4-1 Aston Villa

The first sunny spring afternoon of the season at Old Trafford has become traditionally associated with squeaky bum time and the serious matter of a title push. That our opponents were the team against whom we clinched our 20th title last season only made the contrast with this limp campaign more apparent. Instead of victory flags waving out of parked cars across Trafford and Salford, we got the idiotic gesture of a plane trailing an anti-Moyes banner flying over the stadium. It was rightly booed by the bulk of the home support and its sentiments over-ridden by one of the more convincing home displays of the season.

Not that it wasn’t without its twitches. Villa took the lead from Westwood’s free kick, gained after sloppy midfield play from United had led to a foul just outside the area and the second half stroll might have been less comfortable had Benteke not miskicked in the six-yard box just after half-time. These weren’t the only nervy moments defensively, but the Reds, once they’d levelled the scores when Rooney deftly nodded home Kagawa’s cross, looked composed and often stylish going forward and were unusually clinical in their finishing.

Rooney doubled United’s lead from the penalty spot after Mata had been brought down by Bacuna, who’d been wrong-footed by the Spaniard’s drag-back. Mata, playing in his preferred role behind the main striker, had an excellent game, he and Rooney interchanging in a manner that was at times reminiscent of the brief but brilliant Cantona-Hughes partnership of old. He added the third himself after being set up by Fellaini in the box and his every touch screamed that he has to be deployed in this position in the future, whatever implications that might have for Van Persie’s long-term position.

The fourth goal was gorgeous in its simplicity. Januzaj, having come on as a late substitute, caused no end of problems for the Villa defence and it was his cross that his fellow substitute Chicharito got on the end of to make it four in stoppage time.

It wasn’t a performance that will remove all question marks against David Moyes’ credentials – Villa created chances of their own against a make-shift United defence, Carrick having been forced into central defensive duties following Rafael’s departure at half-time – but it was great to see a United side playing with this kind of confidence and fluency at home again this season, unlikely though it is that we’ll find ourselves with anything like this kind of freedom to do so on Tuesday night.

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Aston Villa unlucky. They could have added more than 1 goal.
ManU lucky, maybe our luck has changed.

ManU definitely needs a defense upgrade. Buttner performed like Evra, out of position, no man marking and loves to attack. Benteke nearly scored twice because of his poor man marking. The only advantage is he has speed which helps him in tracking back to his defensive duties. Unlike Evra who needs a bicycle to get back on defense.

Rafael has got to play with his head and not too much of his emotions. He must look for the balance between mind and emotion. Perhaps he should do some yoga with Giggs and Rio. Maybe he is collecting yellow cards to trade with his brother. When he finds the balance, he’ll be the starting right back everytime.

I’m glad to see Carrick paired with Vidic. Vidic-Jones are good defenders but don’t complement each other. Vidic-Ferdinand worked because they complemented each other. Jones needs someone to complement him. Jones-Carrick or Jones-Smalling. Moyes might as well put Vidic on the substitutes bench.

Fellaini and Fletcher are a better pairing than Fellaini and Carrick in center midfield. I think Carrick is better used in the center back role.

Rooney-Mata-Kagawa should play together more.

Januzaj took on defenders and made a good cross which resulted in a trademark Chicharito goal. Can’t wait when he is plus 20 years old. Super bright future. I hope he will stay with ManU till he retires just like Giggs.
Maybe likes to play basketball, always handling the ball. Maybe wants to be a goal keeper. Young should learn from him except for the ball handling.

De Gea did a fine job except for the 1st goal. He should have organized the wall better. Is he afraid to yell at the older players lining up to make the wall?

Against Bayern?

Team 1

CF – Rooney
AM – Kagawa
RM – Valencia
LM – Januzaj
DM – Fellaini, Fletcher
CB – Jones, Carrick
RB – Rafael
LB – Buttner
GK – De Gea

Team 2

CF – Rooney
AM – Kagawa
LM – Buttner
RM – Valencia
DM – Fellaini, Fletcher
CB – Vidic, Carrick
RB – Jones
LB – Rafael
GK – De Gea

I don’t mind if ManU gets eliminated in the champion’s league. They just need to win all home games starting now.

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