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The Changing face of Man Utd – How to solve a problem like David Moyes?

With news a plane will be flying over Old Trafford with a banner reportedly set to read: ‘Wrong One – Moyes Out’ in response to the ‘Chosen One’ banner that is draped inside Old Trafford. Support is fading for the under pressure man at the helm. Something surely has to give.

What needs to change?

Currently it seems like everything needs to change and pundits and fans alike expecting big changes. The fact of the matter is making huge changes will be a gamble not only on those players being good enough, but whether the man in charge will be able to compile a group of players and turn them into challengers guiding them to eventual winners. I think the gamble lies with giving the wrong man the funds, give a man £50 to buy electric and he will come back and heat a house, give a child £50 and you will have a bag of twirly whirly’s, a few chomps and maybe a snickers. Sitting in the dark wondering why you didn’t send someone else to get the electric.


Does a club that just won the league need a Spurs type spending spree, did we lose our prize asset? Have I missed something? Ultimately every season you need 2-3 fresh faces to shuffle the pack you need incoming’s but you need outgoings. Whether it’s sports science or a motivational manager you have to squeeze that extra percentage out of average players. Currently we seem to be a team awash with average players, are they really that average or are they being guided by an average manager.

Football Identity

Do we have one under Moyes has it been lost? Either way we need to establish one and fast. Pace is a key component in any successful team whether that be moving the ball quickly or moving with the ball quickly. Currently we’re not doing either with enough consistency to reflect in our results.

Our lack of mobility in midfield areas has been exposed on every occasion it’s been questioned this season, surely Mata would be better deployed in a more central role even if that role is a deeper one.


So can David Moyes recover from this? I think he lost the players a while ago, but I think now the faithful United fans are being lost and this could spell the end.

At the moment David Moyes stands in the dugout, resembling someone standing in a supermarket car park unable to remember what car they arrived in, looking vacant and lost. Ultimately he needs to go back from where he came but how and when.

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14 replies on “The Changing face of Man Utd – How to solve a problem like David Moyes?”

When fergie came in 1986 can anyone remember how long it took him to get it right and yeah maybe the fa cup in 1990 saved him but it took him 6 years to start”getting it right ” give moyes a break.He needs to near enough build a new team that doesn’t happen over night

Mr Idiot how many times we have to state it to you?
Sir Alex turned a team full of unfit drunks into what Man Utd is well was until 2013 and Mr Moyes turned us into mid table club. Have you seen Everton fighting for fourth spot?
Is there any indication or any proof that he will get it right. In 2014 he has gone from average to worse. Give him a break? What happens if he fails next season too and players start leaving for other clubs?
Following someone without questioning his action and berating and abusing the one’s who do is just like a religious idiot who believes there is an invisible guy in the sky looking at him constantly just because some guy said so without any fucking evidence. The difference is even the fans who have had it and know Moyes=midtable are scared to protest because we are abused inside OT by these drunk idiots who are blindly supporting him and in religion its the swindler who claims you will burn in an imaginary place if you don’t follow his scam and don’t pay him money which apparently the invisible guy in the sky wants in spite of having magical powers. LOL think for yourself for once

Also look at other clubs where the new managers have come in and made the difference instantly. Its not our fault Mr Moyes decided to fail completely in the transfer market.
Example: Diego Simeone 64.39 winning rate

Simeone led Atlético to their second Europa League win in the three years since its creation, as they beat Athletic Bilbao 3–0 in the final on 9 May 2012 in Bucharest with Radamel Falcao — recording a brace — and Diego the scorers.[53][54] Again, by winning the Europa League, they qualified for the 2012 UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea, winner of the 2011–12 UEFA Champions League, which was played in Monaco on 31 August 2012. Atlético won 4–1, including a hat-trick by Falcao in the first half. On 16 May 2013, Atlético beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the Copa del Rey Final, in a tense match where both teams finished with 10 men. This ended a 14-year and 25-match winless streak in the Madrid derby. The 2012-13 season saw the club finish with 3 trophies in a little over a year. And now they are fighting the mighty Barca and Madrid for the title.

Red Woody, why do ppl like u keep harping on about giving this waste of space even more time to damage us further. Fergie took over drunks languishing in the relegation zone. David pathetic Moyes took over the champions and has turned us into a laughing stock..its fans like u that we can do without, as long as idiots like u are behind him then were fucked and will b for yes to come.

Yes putting that way your right I had a season ticket at ot for 15 years but due to price rises had to give it up.I can honestly say i have not seen a team this lost in all my time following united

Please Red Woody, list Moyes attributes, skills,qualities, experience etc. which makes him the man for one of the biggest job on the footballing planet.

Take all the time you need.

Remember fergies last words at OT “your job now is to stand by our new manager” for god sake show done respect people.

The man is way out of his depth….one question proves he was the wrong choice. …if we were managed by morhinio would we be sat in 7th ?????

Mautd fault is not from David Moye is from players.example fellani isn’t good player, and their some need to change especially those called defenders. if this team has good defender they will loose any match.

Lets not keep beating about the bush,flogging a dead horse(Moyes).Man United are backing Moyes on Fergies say so nothing else.Fergie is a statue woven in to the museum institution hall of fame,Charlton ,bless him backs him too,What year are we living in 1966.Football has changed,it requires tactical training and skills.A good manager can get the best out of players within reason(age,skill,experience).Take Mancini,he lost the dressing room,and he got the boot,look at ManC now with new manager and couple new players.Just WHO is going to make that decision at ManU and does MANU want to be a non English player Club?Has Roy Hodgeson ever been on any tactical training courses?Is he just a respectable old fart in the FA institution.There are lots of Young English blokes out there who know their football but will they ever get a look in.Maybe it,s not what you know but who you know and lets not forget prestige.

There are no two people on the face of the planet who know what is takes to make Manchester United successful than Sir Alex and Sir Bobby. If they both say David Moyes is the right man for the job and that, given time, he will be a success then that’s good enough for me. If anyone thinks they are better able to make the decision as to who is the manager than those two then more fool you.

Fergie did not inherit defending champions Moyes did and doesn’t know how to make them perform nor could he bring the right players in 2 transfer windows.sorry I am afraid he can’t do any better wrong choice you will see if you already haven’t

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