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CONFIRMED SQUAD: Manchester United vs Olympiacos

Manchester United vs Olympiacos

(UEFA Champions League)



Manchester United vs Olympiacos streaming links if you’re interested in watching the match live online.


The Manchester United team news for the game against Olympiacos at Old Trafford in the UEFA Champions League has just been released:

shakhtar donetsk vs manchester united squads

Starting XI:

de Gea

Rafael, Jones, Ferdinand, Evra

Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Welbeck


van Persie

Subs: Lindegaard, Fellaini, Hernandez, Fletcher, Januzaj, Kagawa, Young


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By Jack Holt

Once got told off by Steve Bruce.

6 replies on “CONFIRMED SQUAD: Manchester United vs Olympiacos”

what a piss take… how the hell can kagawa STILL be on the bench… but giggs… who hasnt played in MONTHS STARTS!!!!!!!!????????

and just watch… carrick will be as useless as ever!!!!

this team hes fielding is one that might be able to pull it off this one match… but its not a squad that can win regular

that was weak…. soooo happy we won… but wow that was weak… pure luck based on their terrible defending and wastefulness in front of goal with sheer brilliance by de gea!!!

midfield was as horrific as ever!!! carrick… please if the majority actually believe he is doing anything productive then i need to book myself into an assylum because i must be crazy!!! giggs was ok, but not upto par.

we have played a decent team…. we should have completely dominated them, not have produced such an end to end game. you have to look at the long term picture, moyes tactics are tooo tentative. he defends 3-0 by removing attacking players. this is the perfect situation for kagawa. he holds up play and can let us hold possession in less dangerous areas and maybe even get a 4th!

if moyes is not careful he will loose kagwa…. if bayern madrid or barca sign him this would be dangerous!

but if moyes has the guts… we can be just as potentially dangerous!!!

that fab five – mata kagawa janujaz rooney RVP

carrick has to be dropped!!!! hes lazy, slow and not productive!!

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