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David Moyes won't be forced to buy in the January window

Moyes wont be forced to buy

David Moyes has insisted that he won’t be forced into buying this transfer window, despite a growing injury list, as he expects most of the clubs business to be completed in the summer.

Amongst other key players, United’s talisman Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie were both injured for Sunday’s 2-1 loss to Swansea in the FA Cup third round. Despite there being continual paper talk of a mass exodus of incomings and outgoings at Old Trafford, Moyes has now cooled speculation that there could be a rampant pursuit of new signings.

Moyes said

“It won’t change how we go about things. January is not an easy month to purchase in.

“We have a good, big squad that is getting stretched at the moment because of the number of games. But everybody picks up injuries at this time of year. We are no different and will use the squad.”

“I think most of the business will be more towards the summer rather than January.”

With the club slipping to seventh in the league, fans were expecting to see a new arrival this window, with a creative midfielder seemingly the necessity.

Given the last transfer window, where it appeared Moyes lacked the backing for key targets, do we think this is a case of the club not panicking or the board not willing to spend?

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16 replies on “David Moyes won't be forced to buy in the January window”

After this game you can see the logic in moyes reluctance to delve into the transfer market. Nothing wrong with this Utd team, managed well, strong defence, an imaginative and creative midfield and a high powered strike force. Marquee players clambering to sign new contracts, fortress Old Trafford is impenetrable, confidence is oozing from this team. NOT!!

Moyes! That’s not an excuse, Ɣ☺ΰ failed to buy during summer and you gave the assurance to buy in January and now you have deviated from it all. Infact Manchester will loose much Fans cos of Ɣ☺ΰ.

“Infact Manchester will loose much Fans cos of Ɣ☺ΰ.”

iykebrian- If fans stop supporting club because of a few bad games or even a few bad seasons then its better that they stop supporting the club right and if you are one of these sorry assed glory hunters then please do leave coz nobody cares and nobody would miss you….:)
Its about blindly supporting the club not about being there when they win a trophy…its about facing the bad times the same way you enjoy the good times…….

January is not a good time to buy. Quality players are often involved in the Champions League and clubs are reluctant to sell important players mid-season.

From memory, United bought Vidic, Evra and Saha in January and none of them had an impact until the following season.

It’s important that United buy quality and not just a ‘name’ player who happens to be available.

David Moyes has failed in all ramifications. The exit door should be his first signing. It’s excusable not to win any league cup this season but to finish out off champions league qualification is a total fiasco!!! Pls my brothers from United cant do a peaceful demonstration to oust David Moyes and his shambolic back room greenhorns? It’ obvious that Fergie made a wrong choice. Players are no longer attracted to almighty united and i see sum of stars leaving to other clubs soon. No winning mentality again! No strength indepth. Players are no longer committed imagine the stupid tackle from Fabio? Could he have done that under Fergie? I feel nauseated and my limbs are wobbling. My head aches with hammer blowing migraine! Oh! My united!!

Moyes out please. Bring solskjaer to united. He is better than moyes. See first match start first win. And moyes lost his first as united manager. See logic solskjaer is better.

Solskjaer is newly have become manager. And moyes was manager when solskjaer was a united player. When solskjaer become manager see wat he achieved and moyes not.

I really want solskjaer as united manager and bring back m.phelan with giggs,scholes as their assistant coached. If possible bring ex carlos querose too

Fans should react moyes is not suitable for big team as manchester united. How many shocked and humiliation we have to face against smaller team.

Some say keep trust gave him time. Rubbished! See we will lose heavy score against liverpool and man city the way moyes is selecting and coaching united. And it will be a big shame

As for champion league forget it. We got average team that why we won. And some fans are happy. But me not. I always think forward the way moyes in going. I bet if lucky we beat olympiakos then in next round we face barcelona or real then its 6-0 defeat

Just becoz sir alex told us that we should stand with our manager united owner and fans wouldn’t wanted to sacked moyes after so many defeat. How can i stand with such manager bad selection sometime. He good manager but not that good to manager such big team

Moyes mistake played tired smalling,evans,cleversly. These player have done too much for united and have played all the match boxing day, christmas,new year. They are tired.

United really do need a couple more up front firing bullets and decent defenders and midfielder as soon as poss.WHY?VPersie although injured is,nt firing much this season and Rooney cant do it all.OK United are not sunk at nr 7, and form and injuries can change teams.They have a middle table side at moment just like Swansea who needed Mitchu,who is,nt firing.United have to beat Sunderland and Swansea and they will be back in it again.Fergie took gambles on cheap players,som of them have not developed som hardly ever get used.The truth is that quality costs Money but what happened to Fellaini? The end of the season maybe it would be worth spending on a new tactical manager who can make a silk purse out of a sows ear..Only time will tell.

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