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MATCH REPORT: Manchester United 0-1 Newcastle United

The hour is darkest before dawn, they say.  Problem is, it also gets dark before a tropical storm and that summed up the mood of a lot of United fans leaving the game after this latest setback this afternoon.   While I still remain firmly in the ‘give Moyes time’ camp, there have to be concerns about whether the club’s hierarchy will see it the same way, particularly in the light of a fifth defeat and only two points from that last four games, all of which has created even more distance between the Reds and those once guaranteed Champions League places.

While it’s true that, as with the Everton game in midweek, United missed chances to seize the initiative in this game long before Newcastle’s second half winner, we aren’t creating nearly enough of them.  It was disappointing too that the visitors’ goal came just after United’s most concerted period of pressure and yet, following Cabaye’s finish after 61 minutes, we failed to mount anything like such sustained attacking play again.

Early in the second half, Chicharito had seen his shot saved by Krul’s legs and the keeper also saved from Januzaj before Evra’s header struck the Newcastle post.  That was about as good as it got, though.  During the rest of the game, United pressure was erratic and came in fits and starts.  Too often the play lacked fluency: on countless occasions a player in a Red shirt was forced to slow up play due to a ball played behind him or the failure of a colleague to move into a clear position.  Newcastle will no doubt feel this was down to their own positional play, but the truth is that this was yet another example this season of a fairly ordinary side finding themselves able to soak up what sporadic United pressure there was in order to win with the odd goal.   Newcastle, like West Brom and Everton, are nothing special, and that was enough.

Today, the lack of a creative impetus in the side was all too evident.  Rooney’s absence through suspension was inevitably the most noticeable, but the missing Kagawa and Carrick meant United possessed little spark through the middle of the team.  Januzaj was, not for the first time this season, United’s most threatening player.  While Jones and Cleverley, as usual, gave us substance and energy in midfield early in the game, ultimately passing it out wide to the young Belgian was frequently the only option available, which rendered most of United’s attacking play predictable and one-dimensional.

So Newcastle became the third team this season to leave Old Trafford  with all three points. United, meanwhile, remain stuck in mid-table and looking increasingly vulnerable on their own patch to teams with very little right to instill fear in any opposition, let alone the league champions.  The groans and boos from the stands don’t help, but unfortunately they go with the territory and it’s territory we really can’t afford to be in for much longer.

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5 replies on “MATCH REPORT: Manchester United 0-1 Newcastle United”

Hey, What game were you watching mate, ?. Manure were seccond best to everything today and you just can’t help believing you are as good as your wet dreams tell you you used to be. get over it pal, your luck ran out when Furgie ran out and about time too. Good riddance to a bunch of arrogant tossers.

I agree that Man Utd were second best for much of the afternoon, but forget the rest of the first reply which sounds like it was penned by a 13 year old brain-dead moron. Utd’s problem has been for the past 3 or so years and remains the lack of inspiring, talented midfielders prepared to put themselves on the line at all times. You can only blame SAF for this since he insisted on staying loyal to the geriatric brigade and/or his favourites irrespective of their talent. Take Cleverley for instance…a hard worker but NO inspiration going forward and can’t score goals….Or what about Welbeck? He is fast and tricky but can’t score if his life depended on it (not good for a striker), or… or Nani with so much talent but refuses to believe in it. I must also say that too many passes from just about everyone were aimless, went to the opposition or were totally predictable, just like the game plan…completely lacking in imagination and done at walking pace. Like many, I am not yet prepared to pull the plug on support for Moyes, but he needs to get his act in place pretty soon or he will be going the same way as those managers after Matt Busby retired (and coincidentally left a geriatric midfield that he refused to replace out of misplaced loyalty, for his successor)

It,s hard not to be negative.United are just so predictably !”#¤%&/()=?
average.It,s got to be the tactical training at fault .Moyes has tried them all now
as he stands in the technical box hands in pockets,makes one Wonder if he,s the man.

There’s no hiding place anymore.

It’s all about credibility. Moyes hasn’t got much and plenty of the players are losing theirs.

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