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MATCH REPORT: Manchester United 0-1 Everton

Manchester United 0-1 Everton

The number of times we’ve dropped points at home to opponents who were simply better organised than us has already become a very worrying feature of the Reds’ season.  Everton, who’d not won at United since Giggsy was a virgin (well, probably not actually) walked away with all three points to spoil the same player’s return to the same ground as a forty-year old.  That it was also the United boss’s old club’s first chance to have a pop at his new one added significant spice to the victory for the travelling Everton fans.  That the visitors played throughout with a confidence that they could win an encounter they’ve so rarely got anything from spoke volumes for the current state of the former fortress of Old Trafford.

It was a tight game that might have gone either way before Oviedo snatched the winner in the 84th minute.  When he did, Everton had only just got back into the game following a period of concerted pressure from United.  Mirallas had just struck the post for the visitors, mirroring the fate of a Welbeck header that had followed Howard’s point-blank save from Evra.  Until the goal, both had represented the two sides’ best chances on goal.

It’s not that United hadn’t created opportunities before that, but they were few and far between and Howard was rarely troubled.  Rooney was a lively figure but he struggled to exert the influence around the box of late, finding Distin and Jagielka solid opponents in the Everton rearguard.   While Fellaini picked away efficiently alongside Giggs in midfield, there was once again a worrying lack of tenacity in the centre of the pitch, something apparent whenever Jones is absent at the moment.  That a makeshift central midfielder should be missed to this extent tells you all you need to know about the lack of options for United in this area.

As United’s best period of play wilted, we settled into pensive mode and mulled over the prospect another Premier League draw.  Everton and Oviedo had other ideas, though, and the left-back’s appearance at the far post to slide Lukaku’s pass beyond De Gea made sure an already disappointing night got even worse.   The gap between the Reds and the top teams widened further, the unbeaten won came to an end and the need for signings to strengthen the midfield in the January window shouted easily as loud as the Everton fans on the final whistle.

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9 replies on “MATCH REPORT: Manchester United 0-1 Everton”

What a terrible 2nd half from Utd. Some players a just lacking a desire for this team to win.
We were lucky and unlucky in this game but at the end no one was fighting for the win like Everton wanted the win.
Signings a drastically needed to improve this team but until the Utd must step up and dominate.

United looked so average and after this result confidence will be well down.

Feared the worst when Chelsea’s pet referee turned up.

Jones back for Saturday’s game but Rooney is suspended.

Where there’s a Wilf there’s a way?

Januzaj should be a lock in the first XI. I’d say further along than Ronaldo was at that age, and is often the only source of ingenuity and offensive spark in our side. Passes the first defender with ease, distributes the ball very well, extremely dangerous when running at defences, and a threat to score when given half a chance. His left-footed effort which challenged Howard was perhaps our best chance apart from the Evra header/Welbeck crossbar. I don’t see any reason not to play the kid week-in week-out.

Honestly moyes team selection is annoying as gell… Finally he plays Kagawa, but still hes out of position!!! Hes playing as a striker!!! Kagawa all about helping build up play, he needs to be amongst the midfield!!! Play him alongside fellaini!!!

fellaini hasn’t played outstanding, but he deserves more credit!! He actually tries, and will get better.

moyes making the amateurish mistake of not letting players having a fixed role!!! Welbeck and Kagawa swapping to cover left wing is suicidal!!!! A winger is a winger!!! Them two are not wingers!!!

i honestly believe the majority of Utd fans are being silly by believing this style of forcing players to regularly cover other positions is a good idea! Its a last resort tactic, not a starting line up idea on a regular basis!!

very few will agree, but 4-4-2 is the best style for Utd.

Kagawa is attacking minded, but watch highlights of his best and most influential matches, he helps start and initiate attacks when he begins in a deeper position!!! Hes a player that needs to move and play passes to others, not be passed to!! Recently playing as a striker he has no influence… Cus hes not a striker!!! And the idiot Rooney he keeps saying he doesn’t want to be a midfielder doesn’t play like a striker and be in positions were others can pass to him!!

best team for midfield and strike is
nani/valencia Kagawa fellaini janujaz/nani (but zaha really needs to be given chances!!)

and two from Rooney,v persie, Hernandez, wellbeck

and for those that say this is too attacking… Well obviously!!! We are Utd!!! Were supposed to be a team that attacks… After all offence is the best defence!!! You dnt see barca or Madrid lining up defensively, if were to prove were better than neither shud we!!

at the moment Utd are being lined up like a bunch of players scared to concede and not with the desire to demolish the opponent

we need wing play and central creativity. That’s what my line up provides!! Moyes is playing teams with huge areas of weakness!

i agree with this. Kagawa plays but he’s out of position. and we need Januzaj & Zaha in both wings. its okay 442 but 4231 its not bad idea too.

4231 > DDG

Rafael/Valencia/Fabio – Evans – Vidic – Evra/Buttner/Fabio

Fellaini/Cleverly/Jones/Carrick – Kagawa/Nani/Valencia/Anderson

Zaha/Nani – Rooney/Kagawa – Januzaj/Nani


suggestion if we have many injured players; recall some quality players such as Powell, Lingard, Keane, Henriquez. they are decent to be play in starting i think.


in addition >

no offense; so far, Welbeck and Smailing weren’t good enough. just had a bad feeling when they’re in starting XI. but let time decide.

Wellbeck and Kagawa kept falling down.Just too many passes building up attack just not quick enough.OK they did press in the second half and were a bit unlucky.Stop playing gigs for a start and get rid of Wellbeck and Young.Must be the managers tactical abilities at fault here.The penny must have dropped now that he has to start over.

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