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Sunderland vs Manchester United: United's Starting XI?

Another tough week under the new regime culminates in a trip to the North East for an away day at Sunderland. United’s record against Sunderland has been strong in previous years but with the “Red Devils” going through a tough adjustment this may be more of a challenge than it looks. The departure of Di Canio seems to rejuvenated the Sunderland squad as they looked a much improved team against Liverpool last week while United on the other hand struggled against a very good performance from West Brom. The midweek performance was an improvement and a good result, albeit less entertaining your standard League One tie.

patrice-evra-vs-cityThe formation midweek was important for how United played too, the extra man in the midfield allowed United to not get over-run. I have been more than a little surprised that the formation of 4-5-1 has not been adopted by Moyes in more games, especially games where we are struggling to keep possession of the ball. With that said I expect that Moyes will return to his preferred formation of 4-4-1-1 against Sunderland at the weekend. David De Gea should start behind Vidic, Smalling, Evra and Rafael. Last weekend Moyes seemed to throw caution to the wind and attempt to rotate his squad by giving Buttner, Evans and Jones starts in the back four. This was probably a little overambitious in my view, I am a huge fan of Jones and Evans and I don’t think anyone would argue these two will not be good enough for the United starting eleven in the coming years but making such a sweeping change with Ferdinand returning to the team after a poor run of games was always playing with fire. This weekends game against Sunderland is a match where Moyes really needs three points to quell the growing waves of displeasure with his team selections and team performances, that would make me think that it is one where he will play the strongest back four he can.

The midfield is an area of the pitch that United require a massive improvement in, too many times we have been bullied in the centre of the park even with the new arrival Fellaini adding to the strength of the midfield two. This week seems likely that Fellaini will start alongside Michael Carrick in a midfield that will be expected to control the game and retain the ball a lot more than it has in recent games.

kagawa-pointingThe wingers have between rather debatable so far this season with players being cycled through the positions without anyone really making a solid claim to the positions. Danny Welbeck looked strong during the week as he played on the left, he drifted in field at times but also worked hard to offer defensive cover. Kagawa seemed to get a pretty raw deal last weekend against West Brom, he worked hard but seemed to exist on the fringes of the game. Moyes may choose to give him another chance this week. The right of the midfield was played by Antonio Valencia during the week, his performance was what we have come to expect as he worked hard but didn’t seem to produce much going forward. I am maybe being overly critical but yet again he lost his man when he chased Taison back to the edge of the box on Wednesday and seemed to run into a bring wall as he stopped dead allowing the Brazilian to continue charging and smash Shakhtar back on even terms with Manchester United. I am guessing that Moyes will elect to give Nani a chance on Saturday with Sunderland being anything but a strong defence it would seem a good occasion to get strong win and raise fan morale.

Wayne Rooney missed the game in Donetsk because of a swollen shin after a tackle from Danny Welbeck in training, if he is fit to play this weekend then he should return to the team to partner Robin Van Persie up front.

sunderland vs manchester united

The team should be expecting a win going into this game and everyone will be hopeful of a much improved league performance as Moyes looks to put a less than impressive start to the league behind him.

Who do you think David Moyes will start against Sunderland? Comment in the section below.

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42 replies on “Sunderland vs Manchester United: United's Starting XI?”

That looks about right who you have selected, hope Nani plays and I hope they change tactics and stress them right away and get some goals in.Not just one goal and then go in back gear.Think the fans deserve an all out effort.Must have sunk in by now David Moyes that attack is best defence.OK easier said than done in todays football,so best of luck United.

Why not a 4-3-3 formation. I stil go with the defence. But play carrick, kagawa and fellaini then the attack should be rooney on the left up front van persie up on the box then nani on the right up front. Carrick should remain the standing defensive midfielder and fellaini be allowed to roam tru and fro. Kagawa be given the form of no10/automatic role where he can be allowed to be more creative. I dont see sunderland survive with this kind of formation. March on you REDS****

that selection would be nice mate……but mr cautious wont let the fact that wellbeck scored a tap in go unnoticed……..that lads in for the rest of the season……..fergie had the excuse of old age for a more cautious approach in his latter years after 20 years of heart attack football……….moyes seems to be copying uniteds last few seasons not the 20 that made the club the AMERICA of football (ie hated but the entertainment capitol) no glazer reference…we are becoming GERMANIC……efficient but boring………….and under moyes not even efficient………….mr moyes…united fans would accept a few trophy few seasons if the much heralded but never seen youngsters get a chance before juve takes em and free flowing football with bold selections away from home and against top sides…………..welbeck..yawn…… many words can we describe this lad before we realise talent skill control and vision havent been mentioned?????

the starting eleven is ok, but d sus should be zaha in second half so we can see is performance may is goin tu be loan or should stay?

i would love to see manu play 4-3-1-2 formation
kagawa behind rooney and rvp
and probably cleverly over fellaini
carrick being the CM

I agree with the formation, however, Cleverly has a lot more to offer in the central midfield position, considering Fellaini plays better behind the striker.

If moyes play 4 4 2 i knw we will succeed like dis degea rafeal jones vidic evera and nani carick feleini kagawa and rooney vanpersey

For me united got powerful attack moyes used them correctly and don’t forget to use the famous hairdryer if they seem sleep on attack. We fan want goal not watching them defending.

My predict line-up: 4-3-3.

in defence
carrick,fellaini – as defensive midfielder.
Kagawa as attacking creative midfielder.

Valencia (right),van persie,rooney(left).

With this statistgies kagawa will play in central and will giving wonderful assist to van persie to score and valencia,rooney also cross for van persie to score. That seem the way for goal david moyes try this in sunderland match.

As for sub coming
anderson or cleversly (fellaini)
chicharito(van persie if he doesn’t score or seem lost in the game because of injuries recover he will take time to score)
januzaj(rafael) then valencia went in rafael place. Wow it will be great powerful attack.

Yes 4-3-3 is better to used with carrick,fellaini is defensive position and kagawa in central attacking midfielder. In central kagawa will raise the attack forward with his passes.
And in attack nani or valencia(right) van persie centre, roneey (left).

Then defence will secure will carrick,fellaini. And kagawa will be responsible for united attack in central with rooney,valencia or nani cross. Van persie just have to score who knows kagawa also will score

leave fellaini out not only for this game but forever. play anderson. carrick and cleverley have similarities in their play but anderson is different and would add variety to the midfield.

Watching our recent games and seeing us loose control of the game at times I have wondered about this 4-3-3 formation
De Gea, Rafael, small ing, vidic, evra – solid defensive unit with Rafael & evra getting forward when we dominate (they know no other way) midfield of carrick, jones & Fellaini, if those 3 can’t boss and control the midfield (with jones and Fellaini supporting the attack if needed) and carrick using his passing prowess to feed the forwards, then no one can. Then the best 3 creative players we have up front Kagawa playing his best position in behind the forwards feeding them perfect little setup passes to finish off and the best 2 finishers we have van Persie & Rooney to score the goals!!! Please tell me if you do not agree this is a solid team, with power, and creativity? I’d love to see this tried…

Agreed with the formation, United will look very extra in this game by not to include Ferdinand,Giggs,Young,and Anderson they should be rested automatically.

I love Carrick: such a great personality & a gud player: but I think our midfield problem is from him. He has assumed d role of a defensive midfielder in man-u but he is naturally an attacking midfielder. He was given d DM role simply cos united culdnt keep Pogba. I’ll prefer Felaini as a DM & Carrick as an attaking midfielder. Dats his natural position. Let mr moyes give younger players a chance; Rio & Young shuld not play again till we’re top of d league. Our most effective DM is Jones: he has no business with right full back position. I wish mr Moyes will listen 2 me

D formation is good, but I suggest Cleverly shld pair wt Carrick instead of Fellani, while Kagawa play d role of creative midfielder.

moyes ; should stop using ferdinand nd vidic .bcoz day are the once coursing united loss i think using evans nd smalling or jones is best thing nd we ll win alot of match wit out losing

Rooney and RVP is doubtful for match,,but formation need to change, 4-3-3.. Rooney on left ,rvp front and kagwa at right front attack.

Lineup de gea.rafael.vidic.evra.jones.carrick.kagawa.nani.fellaini or ceverley.rooney.van u wins 4.0

plz allow Kagawa 2 play, 4 hw long shld united be using Young $ Valencia bcuz dy r gud in defending. Wat r d defence doing den, if dia bst position x defence den let dem b played in defence nt “attacking defend” ending up nt attacking nor defending. N also gv d young talent a chance “Januza” cuz 2me he x beta of d two. Plz moyes stoP playing Mechanical football using 2 ANALOG players @same tym young n valencia.

the best X1 i expect moyes to is, Rooney& RVP up front, wings should be Zaha & Nani, Kagawa best position is midfield for that Kagawa & Carrick should play 4 &10 respectively while back 4 should be Rapheal, Vidic, Evans & Evra therefore, De gea as a goalkeeper. I think this should be the best X1 that will guarantee 3 points.

i dont wanna 2 see young ,fernd,gigg,and anderson bcs of we must win z game so we not need them i storngely agree kagawa toplay full game and show as what creativity he posses kagawa will assisist one and score 1 before he subs at 70min. untd to win 4-0

Moyes must listen to me.the best XI Ddg rafeal Evans vidic evra Carrick felliani nani Rooney kagawa and van persie. Young should never play again,Ferdinand is too old ,Anderson is out of form giggys should focus on is managerial job.

United fans react i will also comment everywhere of united site,twitter etc… 4-2-1-3 is best for kagawa to shine as creative attacking midfielder.

Will love to have DDG, Rafael, Jones, Vidic, Evra, mildfield trio of Carrick fellaini and kagawa and attackimg trio of Rooney Vanpersie Januzag or Nani. Goodluck to man united. Lets get the maximum point here

Bad first half match and the 4-4-2 don’t work. Their is still a chance in second half moyes should used 4-2-1-3. The two player carrick,cleversly as defensive position and 1 kagawa as creative attacking midfielder. Then rooney (left) van persie centre nani or januzaj (right). If moyes doesn’t change tactics then another loss again for united.

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