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David Moyes "Wayne Rooney didn't deserve to be on the losing team"

Manchester United put in a disappointing performance in their 4-1 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday, but David Moyes admitted that Wayne Rooney didn’t deserve to be on the losing side after working hard for the club.

Manchester City dominated in what was a very lackluster performance from Manchester United, Wayne Rooney getting United’s only goal with a fantastic free-kick towards the end of the game.

Speaking after the game, David Moyes said:

“Wayne was outstanding and didn’t deserve to be in the losing team today.”

Man-of-the-match Yaya Toure dominated the midfield through out the match, an area in which the reds boss admits they were let down by on Sunday.

He added:

“We never got to grips with their midfield and it gave them the domination. Credit to the lads, they kept going today.

“I am disappointed we didn’t perform. We seemed to be a yard behind today, even though we had a good result in mid-week.

“Our squad is really strong. RVP was a huge miss but he would be a huge miss for anybody.

Quotes: BBC

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14 replies on “David Moyes "Wayne Rooney didn't deserve to be on the losing team"”

The main difference between the 2 teams is midfield. As everyone already knows, City has a much better midfield players than United. However, players like Ashley Young shouldn’t be picked to play. Young is one of the MOST OVERRATED players in EPL. He has no skills to beat any defender. His pace is not quick enough to beat defender as well. Everytime he pick the ball, he just turn his back to the opposite side and wait for Evra to come up and help him. Otherwise, he will produce a backpass or try to cross which most come out as a waste.

Today most of our players are not performing. But Moyes should start with Nani or Zaha. Nani and Zaha, with their dribbling skills, can beat defenders and it will create space for the others. These 2 skillful wingers can penetrate City’s tight defence. Moyes will now realize that he need to bring in real TOP CLASS midfielder.

Team selection……..since when did Ferdinand/Vidic play so many consecutive games in the last 2 years?
Is Evans not good enough?….Does Moyes not rate him?
Does Smalling install confidence?
Is Valencia United Standard…..Must be better than Saha….according to Moyes!
Will Giggs be playing in the next 3 matches,replacing the LAMENTABLE Young?
So Janusej is not up to Yong’s standard?
So Cleverley is a first teamer?
Good to see Nani got a new contract….he’s a great consistent performer….good decision to keep him?
Why was only one sub used?…….
We did not sign anyone of note,because we would not pay over the odds???
Excuse me but ,’Do we not bring in more money than anyone else in the World?’
Well reality is about to hit HARD………The fans will not be treated as ‘Mushrooms’ anymore…..keep us in the dark ,then cover us with manure……AND SO FAR THIS YEAR WE HAVE RECEIVED ‘UNADULTERATED SHIT’

the board should make enquiries into signing some fresh stock in the NEW supporters dept we need fresh plastics or we will trade shituations with city

Think the best United can hope for this season is to start using the younger players.Moyes is using players who are just never going to improve.

By his own admission Moyes has started these games with players he knew, and were. on paper, United’s most experienced players. He needs time to know strengths and weaknesses, he will know a lot more after today!
As usual when United play highly committed teams , like Liverpool at Anfield and City today, far too many United players are left second best in their personal tussles all over the pitch. Pelligrini was correct, mentally City are tougher. As a team United are ‘beaten’ between the ‘ears’ in matches against teams motivated like City. Kompany interviewed said simply he thought City ‘wanted it more’. They did by a country mile.
Some of United’s players are not at the same standard as some players in the very top sides, but often this difference is overcome by application and drive. Over the last 2/3 years this ‘Fergie factor’ has been in decline.
Moyes is in a difficult position. He will now have enormous pressure to get quick results, but he also needs to address these glaring deficiencies in the team. He needs to start playing his ‘own players’ and style even if this means discarding some regulars.
Of course after the next 6 games ( including Arsenal at OT) , United could very well have 18 points more, 25 from 11 matches and probably be at or near the top again. All these things are relative.

moyes this is’nt about names pick players that can play,its clear that ashley young can not do anything with the ball rather than pass it to the opposition,valencia has been discovered by most defenders,welbeck lacks maturity and style,so why not play nani,kagawa chicharito or fabio right back smalling was to weak zaha c’mon moyes you can do better than that.

No matter what, moyes”/’s courting of rooney is quite ridiculous, it cud seriously affect da squad mentality, ‘he didnt deserve to be on da loosng team, so dat means da rest are all loosers!

United’s midfield is pathetic against City. City’s swift flowing style was a joy to watch last night although I’m not their fan, obviously. Bring back Kagawa, Nani, Zaha, Jesse and Adnan as well. The current group is just not good enough. Give these youngsters a try and you may be surprised, Moyes!

right, i agree with most of you at how pathetic our performance was yesterday, it was shocking yes. but results like that have happened when we had fergie in charge too. its so easy to slate every player you don’t thinks good enough at the moment but show some fucking pride. nearly all of you commenting before me today are an embarrassment to the club. be proud of united and everything the club stand for, in moyesey we trust, lets give him more than 5 games until we want him sacked, we’re not chelski are we, fergie said give him time and thats what he deserves, so we’re right to want more from the players but just stop being so overly-critical when we lose just a couple of games

Alright, enough with Rooney already. I have nothing against Rooney and am a great fan of him. He has been great from the start of the season, things were blue during summer, now he is focused and playing well. Lets focus on the team and their collective performance. “Rooney didn’t deserve to be in losing side”, this statement irks me. Agreed, other players didn’t play as well but this shows no respect for the other players who were involved. Disappointed!

As for the loss, I believe Moyes will need time and he will get it. We have to stop panicking and prepare ourselves for some shocks. Moyes will eventually build a grow with United! GGMU.

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