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Manchester United vs Bayer O4 Leverkusen: United's Starting XI?

Saturday’s match may not have been exactly what Moyes would have been hoping for but it was three points and that is very important with Manchester City and Chelsea also faltering. Attention now turns towards the return of the Champions League and David Moyes first match as Manchester United manager in Europe. The group consists of some tricky matches against Shaktar Donetsk, Real Sociedad and the opponents on Tuesday night, Bayer Leverkusen. The importance of taking the maximum haul of points from the home fixtures in the Champions League is one that cannot be overstated, but with a trip to cross town rivals Manchester City looming on Sunday this selection will be one of the toughest of Moyes’ reign so far.

In goal we can expect so see De Gea take his place between the stumps. The centre of the defence will likely consist of Ferdinand and Vidic, both have trained well and looked good in the run up to Tuesday nights fixture. Evra will be expected to start on the left but with Rafael returning to full training questions remain about who will take up the right of the defence.

Phil Jones also trained today, albeit away from the main group. While this puts him in contention for a start, I can’t see Moyes taking a risk ahead of Sunday’s match against Manchester City. Fabio has also made a claim on the position at the right of the defence after a strong showing in the game at the weekend against Crystal Palace. This to me would seem the best option available to Moyes, avoiding any risks of re-injuring the returning Rafael and Jones.

Fellaini Manchester UnitedThe centre of the midfield has all of a sudden become a hotly contested area, unfortunately for David Moyes this isn’t a result of great performances from his midfield options. The last appearance of Cleverley was a somewhat poor display against Liverpool. Anderson flopped when given the chance against Crystal Palace on Saturday as he put in a feeble effort and seemed to crumble under any pressure from the opposing midfield. This may mean that Fellaini get’s his first start for the club, the towering figure of the fuzzy haired Belgian was greeted with rapturous applause on Saturday. Fellaini then attempted to show why he was signed by Moyes and appeared to come through the game with one or two convinced.

I would expect that Michael Carrick will be the other name in the centre of the midfield, a good performance against Crystal Palace and a need to win the first match of the Champions League would seem to me enough reason for choosing one of United’s most consistent performers.

The suspension of Nani resulting from the red card received against Real Madrid last season will mean that the options available for Moyes are somewhat more limited than he would have hoped. After a good performance clouded by controversy at the weekend, I would expect that Ashley Young will be selected to start against Bayer Leverkusen. Ryan Giggs may make a start on Tuesday night, his experience on the pitch would be something that Moyes might be thankful of. The other options in this position Kagawa, Zaha and Valencia all seem unlikely. If Valencia is to feature then it will mean that there must stronger attacking strength on the right of the United midfield. My feeling is that Moyes will go with Giggs to add some composure to the centre of the park.

shinji kagawaAny expectations of Kagawa starting this game would seem somewhat misplaced in my view, coming back from a mild flu I would guess that an appearance as a second half substitute for Wayne Rooney will be the most likely option if the game allows. This means that it will be ‘as you were’ up front, Wayne Rooney impressed on Saturday with some great passing, a beautifully delivered through ball to Van

Persie, and finishing the game off with a goal from a free kick. Robin Van Persie will complete the starting eleven and will be hoping to get back on the score sheet after scoring at the weekend.

The Champions League poses a completely new challenge for David Moyes, one that his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson became quite consistent in. Hitting the ground running will be the name of the game on Tuesday night and to do that Moyes will need the players he chooses to give it their all against a dangerous Bayern Leverkusen side.

What would be your starting XI against Leverkusen? Comment in the section below.

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33 replies on “Manchester United vs Bayer O4 Leverkusen: United's Starting XI?”

If Giggs and Young both start then you really have to start wondering if Moyes is being handed the team sheet by Fergie.

Let us be clear, Ryan Giggs was an exceptional winger – truly. What Ryan Giggs NEVER was however, was a composed central midfielder.
I know that, anyone who knows football knows that. The opposition knows that.
Why the hell wont he play Kagawa and why the hell wont he start Janujaz
By patience will be worn thin if Ryan Giggs is starting.
I am paying(made to as a season ticket holder) a LOT of money to go to Old Trafford on a wet and windy Tuesday night so the very first thing they need to remember is that WE WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED FIRST AND FOREMOST.
I do not want another dull possession game with a goal that scrapes a victory. For me, its about playing like Manchester United USED TO – not just about being content with a “result”

i think i strongly agree with u r lineup,am seening as perfect one.if moyes is going to used it,we will get our maximum three points.cheers guys.

Honestly speaking this expirience talk of starting Giggs is going way overboard. We’ve got RVP, Rooney, Vidic, Ferdinand,Evra and Carrick all vastly expirienced in the CL. Lets face it Giggs is way past it and should be thinking about retirement. Our talented youngsters are not getting opportunities to develop on the big stage because of him plus there are way better players who can do the job like Kagawa. This is starting to look a little bit selfish on Giggs’ part…
And for the record, Young and Valencia are just utterly useless!

Excellent post……Giggs should not be allowed on the field or even on the bench except as a coach……otherwise it’s 10 vs 11 and we will be chasing shadows the whole night whilst RVP can just read a book.

Am really surprise ferguson said to be a sucessful manager you should be ready to build and he did it bringing giggs scholes nevilles beckam etc so y don’t moyes do same with januzaz lingard keane thorpe petrucci cole and zaha young and valencia shud be sold they are crap nad giggs if yo don’t wnt to retire then pls alllow the younger ones who are better than you nw to play and pls start kagawa he is by miles our best midfild player

my team vs leverkusen w/ formation > 4231:

* Fabio on the right side (if Rafael has’nt fit enough). Vidic & Evans. Evra
* Carrick & Fellaini.
* Rooney on the right wings & need Nani on the left (swap sides). i will choose Kagawa to support behind van Persie.
* Robin van Persie.


De Gea
Evra ; Vidic ; Rio ; Fabio (GIve it Rafael if he was fit enough)
Fellaini ; Carrick
Rooney ; Kagawa ; Nani
Van Persie

Subs (In)

My team: 4-2-3-1
de gea

Giggs,fellaini,chicharito coming as sub.

I rest player,ferdinand,valencia,carrick,van persie because of city big match we need to shut up the noisy rivals.

Moyes would go with the same sets of players just like he did against Crystal Palace. Only changes would be Kagawa coming in for Valencia or Giggs coming in for Valencia. Rooney will start from the right and swap position with Kagawa. Or unless Moyes choose to have protection on the right and then Valencia would be starting for the tracking back purpose. United right wing has been subdued so easily over the weekends. It’s strange that for the first time the right wing has been so ineffective. Generally, Moyes need to start tweaking the right formation to win games n produce goals. Zaha should also be given a start on the right wing as he could produce the same sparks and replicate the success that United enjoyed over the years from the right channel. Valencia no longer able to provide those crosses that we all yearn for. Even when he drills those hard low crosses into the box, it’s easily repel by defenders, it’s clearly shown over the weekends. We don’t really have much joy over the right channel. Zaha or Nani needed to spark the right channel back to live. Adnan Januzaj is a bright spark tat we all hoped for since 2003.

My starting XI:
De Gea.
fabio, vidic, evans, buttner.
Zaha, anderson, cleverly, giggs.
Chicharito, januzaj.
And rest the senior players for our rivals, coz w’ve got to teach them a lesson.

we need kagawa to start is mild midfielder that we have than any anther my starting 11 is Gk de gea LW evra CM vidic Mc Fernand cm fellain and carric kagawa behind rvp then rooney and nani 2 interchange in the wings

Did half of you not read the article? Kagawa (imo our best creative midfield by a long shot) has had flu, why would he start in front of Giggs or any other if he is out of form? 4231..L TO R..DDG.. EVRA.VIDIC.RIO.RAFAEL.CARRICK. FELLAINI.. FABIO/VALENCIA..WAZZA..ZAHA.. RVP

Chris – less of the WE please…….i certainly am not a fan with your views and wishes!
losing patience with the manager after 4 games of the season speaks volumes about you.

De Gea

Fabio , Vidic , Ferdi , Evra


Nani, Fellaini




SUBS – Januzaj
SUBS – Cleverly
SUBS – Zaha
SUBS – Evans
SUBS – gk – Lindengard

“IF” Moyes should pick thiss team we’ll see results and good football as always

De Gea;
Fabio, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra;
Valencia, Fellaini, Kagawa;
Rooney, RvP

Sub: Hernandez, Zaha, Anderson, Ferdinand, Lindergaad, Buttner, Cleverly

i am still wondering if david moyes is the choosing one, i dont expect him to start giggs, young and cleverly at allll, but if he does den dm u are not the choosing one and i can bet u will loose the match if u play out of context

i wander why moyes cnt play kagawa we have two defensive midfielders why cnt he try him.mst of youngs game is back-passes why cnt he try zaha n valencia in the wings.degea,john evans,fabio,evra,vidic carric,fellaini,kagawa,rooney,valencia and RVP.

I hope Moyes realize that th fans all over are asking questions of the 3 times budasligue player of the year. The prefer starting line up, is Dgea,vidic,evans evra,fabio carrick,fellani,kagawa,valencia (bcuz nani omission) rooney and RVP. When nani comes in we will see the best attacking line up in the league, thanks to fellani physicality.

It will be a great thing if united try to win there first game of the champions league tonight.Although I have faith in my players that they are going to do it once again tonight.

The stating XI should be:::::::::::::GK David de gea DF Fabio da silva,patrice Evra,Jonny Evans,Rio ferdinand,Phil Jones, MF ,Anderson,Micheal carrick,Tom Cleverly FW wayne Rooney, Robin vanpersie,

SUB Maroune fellaini, Anders Lindergard,Javier Hernandez ,Wilfried Zaha,Ryan Giggs.Shinji kagawa,Adnan Januzaj.

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