Liverpool apologise over Manchester United Munich tweets

On Thursday, Liverpool football club showed their true colours once again as their official twitter account seemed to mock the Munich air disaster after asking for song requests.

Liverpool supporters were asked to tweet the official twitter account @LFC 3 songs to be played over at Anfield before Sunday’s clash with Manchester United.

One of the very first responses was from Liverpool supporter @JoshMitchy_ who requested

  • ‘Come Fly With Me’ by Frank Sinatra
  • ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ by Eric Idle
  • ‘I Like to Move It’ by Reel to Reel.

Songs that Liverpool supporters sign from the terraces each week to mock Manchester United and the Munich air disaster, such as ‘I like to Munich, Munich..’

@LFC responded to these song requests with:

“Have you been sneaking a look at the dressing room iPod?”


Liverpool has since deleted the tweets and an internal investigation launched.

Liverpool apologised today in a statement to the Manchester Evening News, stating:

“Liverpool Football Club responded quickly to correct the error of judgement that was made last night on it’s official Twitter account in responding to a distasteful and inappropriate Tweet. The Club took decisive action and the comment was deleted swiftly.

“We apologise, unreservedly, for any offence that was caused by this mistake.”

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6 replies on “Liverpool apologise over Manchester United Munich tweets”

You claim they ‘showed their true colours’ after one tweet and a reply, which was quickly deleted, an apology given and an internal investigation launched?

You’re in danger of losing readers if you try to sensationalise stories relating to Munich.

To be honest things like this happen all the time. Every year. If the press and Internet news sites stopped running the stories the mindless nob heads who think Munich hillsborough and heinzel are things to be mocked, would get shouted down in the terraces and shit up. It’s the press who give them a mouth piece now. Stop reporting it, and it will die a death and fade away.

Still waiting for your apology over the dozens of Man U fans at St Helens last year chanting about Hillsborough and specifically the one who ran on the pitch and punched a Liverpool player?

I don’t understand. the fans posted that or the club? Because if da fans are da one hoo posted dat den I don’t c y dey aplogize?

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