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Athletic Bilbao reject £26million bid for Herrera from Man United

Manchester United have had a £26million bid turned down by Athletic Bilbao for midfielder Ander Herrera.


Herrera has a release clause in his contract at Athletic Bilbao with a buy-out of around £30million, a price that Bilbao will not consider any lower.

Bilbao’s president, Jose Urrutia, said:

“There is an offer for Ander Herrera

“We received it yesterday and we have informed them that we will not negotiate for our players.

“Our club is different, based on sentiment. Our goal is not to make money.”

The latest bid from Manchester United was not the only bid that was placed yesterday, a £36million joint bid for Fellaini and Baines from Everton was also lodged and turned down. Everton manager Martinez is reportedly valuing both players at £25million EACH!!

Will Manchester United sign anyone before the window closes?

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10 replies on “Athletic Bilbao reject £26million bid for Herrera from Man United”

Why dont they stop messing about and sign a player instead of trying to knock off a few million, really starting to piss fans off, the way they are going about there business is like we’re a mid table team like liverpool.
Don’t buy baines for 25m of course he’s not worth it but this lad is.
We have let too many quality players slip through are fingers!!!
Bring back King Fergie NOW!!!!

I agree with you. We the only club that don’t want to pay over the odds for players.we should bought players in that we need . Baines is one we don’t need. Should off bought Modric , wasted so much time on Fabregas . ED not the man to do tranfers. United are goner suffer long term. ..

yes u guys have spoken well,i have vowed never to utter a word again on united issues but that has not bin easy..we waste time here cause they are not gonna read our comment so why write….?

totally agree you all, don’t understand why we try and knock a couple of millions off when we bid for a player! haven’t we just signed 2 more sponsorship deals?!

I think David Gill is a massive lose to Utd, Woodward seems a bit clueless!

I am highly disappointed in way man u re going about their transfer buz.they shuld keep their money if they cant afford any player.moye n co re disgrace to transfer buz.

“Our club is different, based on sentiment. Our goal is not to make money.” Is he taking the Mick? If that’s the case then why do all of your players have 30-40 million euro buy out clauses in their contract? Pillock

moyes is really starting to piss me off. I was prepared to accept any decision he makes but he is wasting too much time on players he knows are not going to join Manchester United. Am very impressed wid the signings that spurs have made

well as my opinion our manager david moyes is doin the wrong thing , wat I mean to say is if he wants to buy some new players like fellani this is not the right time, if he wants to buy players the right tim is at the beginning of the summa.

Martinez is going to feel some heat for knocking back that bid, Everton are not a club that can knock back 35m anyday of the week, none of the silly spending clubs are interested Martinez .so you will have to take a realistic offer or get nothing.everton just cannot afford to not sell these players on when a big club comes knocking.Moyes has a soft spot for these guys nobody else is interested.

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