Manchester United await a Fab response from Barcelona

Manchester United are awaiting a response from FC Barcelona after they submitted an improved £30million plus add-ons bid for Cesc Fabregas.

As of Sunday night, Barcelona have yet to review the offer and are expected to respond to club CEO Ed Woodward at the start of the week.

It has been reported in Sunday’s media that Manchester United are to offer Cesc Fabregas a massive weekly wage boost if both clubs and player can come to a conclusion to bring him back to the Premier League.

Fabregas’ Barcelona contract runs until the summer of 2016 and includes a £25million buy-back clause for his former club Arsenal.

David Moyes and Ed Woodward have targeted Fabregas right from the start of the summer and after Thiago Alcantara chose Bayern Munich rather than the Premier League, all efforts have been stepped up.

A Spanish source said:

“Manchester United are deadly serious about signing Fabregas and have made a second bid.

“There is a lot of uncertainty at Barcelona at the moment and it is hard to predict what will happen.

“But one thing is for sure and that is that Fabregas could earn a lot more money by joining United.

“That will not be his top priority, but United hope it will help them to clinch a deal.

“Cesc had been planning to stay in Barcelona for at least one more year, but if the club accept a bid for him, then, of course, he will have to think about his future.”

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13 replies on “Manchester United await a Fab response from Barcelona”

To b honest i don’t c it happening and i fear we gonna spend most of the transfer window wasting r time trying to get players that the top teams don’t wanna let go. i would seriously consider if theres no signing of a big player by the time rio’s testimonial has been played the i wouldn’t bother. we keep talking about needing the big players this and the best players that? we won the league last season and i believe in r 2 reserve players lindgard and januzej those 2 could b ad affective as a cesc or modric yes those players have experience but as we have seen with Scholes giggs Beckham and Rooney and Ronaldo youth can prevail and youth if given the chance ain’t scared to play and r hungry and besides they both r during to play for united and that’s all i want a player that wants the shirt not the cash

Hopefully the money will sway him our way, Inited need to make a big signing soon because City and Chelsea certainly aren’t hanging around!

On the other hand our rivals really needed to improve as we trounced them last season and we already have a great squad and I see Kagawa and Clev having a great season this time round, it’s going to be interesting seeing how Moyes handles this because its going to be a lot closer, especially if Rooney leaves.

thnk its a situation anaslysis kind ov thing! the next manager has lots to do wth this situation! fabz impression ov the situation at barca not wthstanding thezz a deeper nid for fab to stay at barca but what he anticipated z not what hiz found and wth tht situation it tends to drift yo mind away abit!!.barca may nid the cash too!!!

Real have spent big this summer,why not go for it and make it public we have bid for Ronaldo at the same time as fabregas,Ronaldo for 85million,cesc for 40,let Rooney Anderson,nani leave to free up some wages and balance up a bit,why don’t we go for it and show messrs mourinho wenger guardiola ancelotti that we mean business, degea,jones,vidic,Ferdinand,rafael,zaha,carrick,fabregas,ronaldo,kagawa,van persie.BELIEVE

Fab, come to a teem where you will win trophies, good pay, fun, and regular playing time. I cant wait seeing you at OT…….!

Inclusion of Fabtrgas into our team is the much needed plug we’ve all been clamouring for but it seems Fabregas is reluctant. If we finally force our way through will he be the Fabregas we used to know?

If United had got their finger out and got Thiagas signature on the paper before the transfer window opened he would have been a United player now. But Woodwards and Moyes holidays were more important.
You would think joining a club like United Moyes might have cut his holiday a week short like other managers who did business before the transfer window opened, now United are scrambling.

That was the exact impression I got. Moyes needed to get off his arse earlier & get the paperwork sorted before the transfer window opened.

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