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Manchester United Singing Section Proposal

Manchester United have once again put plans together to create a better atmosphere at Old Trafford by creating two new singing sections.

The club had originally proposed that moving away fans to North Stand Tier 3 and replacing the current away fans section with a home fans singing section, these plans were soon scrapped due to safety of having all away supporters in the third tier.

Below, you can read the email that has been sent out by the club to those that are currently situated in the proposed new sections, Blocks N2413, N1413 & Block N2401, N1401 will be affected if the plans go ahead.

Email from Manchester United regarding singing section:

Dear Supporter,

As you may have read over the last year or so, as a result of numerous approaches from fans, the Club has been investigating the possibility of establishing a singing section for those fans that want to gather together to sing and chant in support of the team.

The first idea was combined with our plan to move the away fans to the third tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.  This would have created a brand new space in the South East Quadrant for a home singing section.  However, for a variety of safety reasons, this is proving very difficult to implement at present.

Another suggestion was to move the Family Stand to create the space for a singing section but because of the numbers of seats involved and the logistical difficulties of recreating a block of seats for the use of families, that too has been rejected.

You may also have read that, again at the request of supporters (this time through the Fans’ Forum) we have been working with an acoustic engineer to improve sound transference in the stadium.

As part of this project, the Club has decided to conduct experimental singing sections in tier one of both the North East and North West Quadrants at a Capital One Cup home game next season.  This will involve moving your ticket for the match, unless you wish to be part of the experiment.

I don’t have precise details at the moment, but they will be worked through by the Fans’ Forum and the Club in the next few weeks and I will write to you again as soon as a decision about the trial has been made.

I hope you support the idea of a singing section.  The Club is convinced that it will help to improve the atmosphere at home games and will address one of the major issues that is raised regularly by fans.

Please be assured that, whatever the outcome of the trials, the Club will not impose a singing section immediately.  If it proves a good idea, it is something we would like to achieve through co-operation and over a period of a number of seasons.

Thank you for your loyal support.

Manchester United Singing Section

*Yellow sections above show both the proposed Singing sections*

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