Bebe speaks out about Manchester United & Sir Alex Ferguson

Bebe, who is currently on loan from Manchester United to Rio Ave has spoken about the club and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Bebe has claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson forced him to cut his long dreadlocks in an image change.

In an interview with Maisfutebol, Bebe answered the following questions regarding his Manchester United career.


Do you know what led to Sir Alex Ferguson to pay nine million for you back in 2010?


The two months that I did in Guimarães were perfect.

I do not know if the value was fair or not, but I know that Sir Alex Ferguson entrusted much of the information that he passed on me.

I can make a difference.

In English football, especially here, this is critical. Maybe Mr Ferguson felt the same. “

Some say that he is a coach that intimidates players?

“No, nothing. Maybe sometimes when he feels that this player can give more.

For example, with Nani this happened often.

Sir Alex Ferguson always found a fault in everything that Nani did.

Probably because he thought he could reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“One day I passed the ball through Ryan Giggs’ legs. And he [SAF] told me: ‘Go on, go tell your mother you did this to Ryan Giggs’.”

Is it’s true that Alex Ferguson forced you to cut your hair?

“He advised me that, yes. I went into his room and saw that he was concentrating and looking at me,  Hmmm, that hair.

Of course that was cut on the same day. In the next workout he did not recognize me (laughs).

I passed him several times and did not realize who I was.

For more on Bebe then you can read the full interview over three-pages, here, here and here.


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