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"I never watch Manchester City" Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra insist that he does not watch Manchester City and feels that Manchester United concentrated too much time thinking about their title challenge last term.

Manchester City beat Arsenal 2-0 on Sunday after United’s 2-1 victory over Liverpool. Evra insisted after our earlier game that he would not be be watching the match between Arsenal and title rivals Manchester City.

Evra said:

“I never watch what Manchester City are going to do because it’s about us, last year I think we were too focused on City. There was too much focus on what they were going to do in their next game. But this year it’s about us and when we are like this, I think we can win the title.”

Patrice Evra has had a great first half of the Premier League season, scoring 4 goals and importantly assisted both United goals against Liverpool on Sunday. The second goal was close to being marked down as Evra’s goal but Nemanja Vidic had the final touch.

“He [Vidic] said it’s my goal but I don’t know, maybe if it was a striker, they would give the goal to Rooney or van Persie. But maybe because it’s Evra they will not give the goal to me!”

“Seven years I’ve played for United and to beat Liverpool has always been difficult. We never win easily. But what a great feeling when you get the win against them.”

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6 replies on “"I never watch Manchester City" Patrice Evra”

Perhaps. Doesn’t come close to the paranoid obsession of Citeh supporters drooling all over a Man Utd blog, though, does it?

Ain’t that the truth. Don’t think there’s a week goes by without one of ‘them’ telling us they’re sooooo not bothered about us! Wonderful.

JuSt like the rest of the imbeciles, giggs, scholes, Rooney, fergie, not bothered about us at all! We believe you you muppets!

I don’t think he’s being disrespectful at all, he’s not saying you’re shit, just that he doesn’t and we shouldn’t be focusing on your games..

Fair point if you ask me considering if we were to win all our remaining games (unlikely i know) the title would be ours.

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