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No punishment from The FA for Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson will not face any punishment from the Football Association for confronting referee Mike Dean at Old Trafford on Wednesday in the thrilling match against Newcastle United.

The boss was furious after Dean overruled assistant Jake Collin and awarded a goal to Newcastle which made it 2-1 to the visitors at the time.

The FA confirmed on Thursday afternoon that no action would be taken against Sir Alex Ferguson as referee Mike Dean made no reference to Ferguson confronting him in his report. Ferguson approached Dean as he made his way out for the second half, before rounding on the fourth official Neil Swarbrick and Collin. The game was slightly delayed in getting started in the second half due to Newcastle United not coming out.

Ferguson was furious that Mike Dean allowed a Jonny Evans own goal to stand after Collin had flagged for offside against Newcastle United striker Papiss Cisse.

Ferguson said:

“The referee changed the linesman’s mind. He said it was an own goal. But if you see it again, and the referee can’t, the guy is in an offside position, then he pulls Evans’ arm.

“If that is not interfering, what is? I think it was a bad decision.”

The Premier League issued a clarification, backing Dean’s decision, confirming that

“as Cisse did not play the ball, then he was not interfering with play”.

“It is also the case that Cisse didn’t interfere with the opponent.”

Source: PA

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2 replies on “No punishment from The FA for Sir Alex Ferguson”

Lets face it there is no surprise there, any other manager doing that would have been pulled over the coals and given a min 3 game touchline ban.
Just a weak FA not really man utd’s fault but they hardly ever punish SAF for his rants

The referee said Fergie did not use foul or abusive language. Therefore there is no case to answer. The media have blown this out of proportion. Mancini does this in every match as do many others. Lineker tied to stick the boot in on MOTD and everyone who isn’t a united fan as jumped on the bandwagon!

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