Manchester United 2013 / 2014 home shirt leaked?

Is this the new Manchester United 2013 / 2014 home shirt?

Manchester United 2013 / 2014 home shirt leaked

The above photographs has been leaked around the internet as the brand new Manchester United kit for the 2013 / 2014 season.

At the start of December the heads of marketing, merchandise management and Sir Alex Ferguson were present at Old Trafford for the unveiling of the designs for next season which included a new home, away and third kit.

It is strongly rumoured that a plain black kit with black collar and sleeves will be Manchester United’s away kit for next season, with the current white away one replacing the current blue and black design as third kit.

With the home shirt, the club have gone for a more basic design for next term compared to the Gingham Style home kit of this season, which was introduced to honour Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25th year in charge of the club.

The 2013 / 2014 season will be the last one in which AoN will be Official sponsors of Manchester United’s kits, directly from the 2014 / 2015 season car manufacturer Chevrolet will be taking over in a £357million deal that will run until the summer of 2021.

What do you think of the rumoured new Manchester United home kit design? Comment below….

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Whilst this looks like it has been pulled out of your grandma’s closet on first look – I never like the look of our kits when they get leaked, but almost always grow to love them. In principle this is a very basic shirt which I think is good – not stupid gimics or anything to make it look ‘modern and trendy’. Can’t wait to spend £50 on this bad boy. I reckon it will look good on CR7 and the rest of the lads next year.

This kit was designed before we change our sponser to Chevrolet therefore it still has aon. Nike are wank and even though our current picnic home shirt crap, I thought it was a fank when not. I think This is 100percent yes and still wank

my bad, it looks ok but to be honest our kits are never that great, the current gingham has grew on me but it still could be better, the one above is nice and minimalist but Im not to keen on the collar, I did read somewhere that our nike kit deal runs out soon, maybe we should go with adidas if they offer a better deal, plus I believe the noisy blues are wearing nike next season.

Ha ha, if this is real then Nike just knows that we are blind and we will buy anything with the United crest on. And really not looking forward to the Chervelot logo, as a car it is a low shitty brand both local in North America and worldwide, we are a top club among the best in the world, we should have something like Mercedes or Audi or Porsche, American cars are just rubbish.

..I smell some tough times ahead… “the Chevvy years” at United (post Ferguson era..) eeeeeeeeeeeeek..!!!!

I like it – it’s simple. The finished product will probably be slightly better, last year the leaked photos were slightly different than the finished jersey so I imagine by the time this comes out it will have grown on us and probably will look allot better.

Man utd kits by nike has not been gud for sumtime though I like d current kits but nike have done a good job rubbish kits they doing for UTD. Imaging the nonsence kit they made again for next season. I can’t wait for them to fuckoff. Maybe we shuld try adiddas because they realy have good logo and nice designs. United for life

At this moment in time the shirt above is just rumoured to be the official leaked one, hopefully we will be able to confirm with you in time whether it is or not. Shirt designs are usually released early from asia where they manufacture most of the Nike designed shirts, keep checking back for more details

Nike home kit designs for Man Utd are just rubbish. Best design in my opinion was the 2007/08 home kit which won us the double during the time. Simple but brilliant.

I like it, but it’s a bit strange that the collar is buttoned down. I read a while back that it had been designed by Cantona….and we all know how he likes to have his collar.

To be honest i cant figure out what the collar is all about but the way you look does not matter when you come to the football pitch,how your game looks is what matters besides its not a fashion show

At least Nike is turning to United icons for inspiration. It’s no secret that Sir Alex has a say in the final kit design, hence the current Gingham disaster. However, as one poster already eluded too, King Eric did have some input on the kit design for 2013-14. For those of you wondering why the distinctive black collar? It’s to commemerate United’s first Double-winning season – 1993-94. Take a look at United’s home shirt from that campaign and it will make sense to you. I appreciate the history behind it.

Also, Man United have a well-established tradition of carrying over a kit from one year to serve as the third kit for the next, so expect the current white away strip to be the pick for that. Besides, the team needs colour variance for both domestic and European competitions.

Next, the away kit for 2013-14 will definately be black, with a rumoured (*ahem*) “touch of blue”. Although United only starting using black in kit design in 1992, courtesy of Umbro, Nike will make good on the in-house custom of introducing a black away kit every three years. However, don’t expect the same collar on the 2013-14 away kit. Nike has a new neck design in store for that.

Lastly, don’t ever count on seeing a green-and-gold kit anytime soon, if ever. Turns out many in the organization can’t stand the colour scheme. So much for history.

the gingham design is pretty nice.. it is very new age.. reflective bright red/burberry design etc.. the tartan burberry effect works well on tv camera with the proper kits that the players wear, which are MUCH better quality material and fit than the consumer kits we all stupidly buy in JD sports……. these pics of @leaked@ designs usually turn out to be close.. its funny!

Manchester United is a classic and professional team…therefore I love the fact that we don’t get caught up in all the dramatic kit schemes you see other teams doing. We win Championships with class, so our kits represent what we’ve been for a very long time. I like the clean classic look…and I’m looking forward to wearing it next season WITH the gold Premiership Champions Patch 😉

ManU 4 Life

Nike’s shirt in the last two seasons we had CR7 were brilliant in my opinion – clean, dynamic and fashionable

There is only one other Kit maker that can afford Manchester United, and thats Adidas.. I’d like to see Adidas return to making United’s kit ( the bad old days, I know….) Umbro would also be nice, however they belong to Nike and we will always have Nike, never Umbro.. I guess the future is BOTH Manchester clubs having Nike sponsorship, and BOTH Manchester clubs will RULE the top 2 league places for a few yrs………!!

Umbro isn’t owned by Nike anymore. Current Umbro sponored teams like Citeh and England will be branded with the Nike logo next year. I personally like Nike and their is only so many things you can do with a red shirt. Its all opinion some love classic simple designs and some love more modern looking designs.

..I smell some tough times ahead… “the Chevvy years” at United (post Ferguson era..) eeeeeeeeeeeeek..!!!! ..concerning..

Cantona had a say in the design, most probably the reason for the collar. I think this shirt looks decent compared to recent versions, i’ll be getting a longsleeve one!

I like both the rumoured shirts, while everyone takes the piss out of the gingham shirt i think it actually looks really good. This shirt is nice and simple, classy even. I have to say though i would much prefer to see adidas sponsor us as they seem to produce classier kits. I like it, but haven’t fallen in love with it. (yet!)

honestly the new jearsey is bad, it looks like a blanet, dont you think those buttons are a hazard? why dont we keep the ame one, jst remove the sripes on it.

i just buy this jersey yesterday Timmy.!! and looks good too, anyway do you have with Man U jersey with Chevrolet on it.?

when i go shopping in our local market here in Indonesia, i’ve seen MAN UNITED Jersey with Chevrolet sponsors on it, i think this a fake one..!! i nearly want to to buy, but im not sure if this Jersey is for the next competition, i like the design looks smart, i will take the picture of that Jersey and share in here when i go to our local market again..anyway GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED…

It will be better to have the new sponsors name Chevrolet on the shirts next season.
Manchester United forever

hell no i wont buy this shirt. it looks horrible. Its time we get some other company to make our shirts nike is taking us for fools with this new design.

Why can’t Manchester United have an all-red home kit,afterall,we ARE called the “Red Devils” so why do we have to wear a home kit with a red shirt,white shorts and black socks??? An all-red home kit would stand out more and make us look even stronger,aggresive,powerful and more dominent on the pitch.
Also,why we can’t we have a larger club badge printed on all shirts and shorts with the words Football Club re-written in the club badge like we used to before??

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