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Is Luis Nani heading for an Arsenal move?

With only a few weeks until the January transfer window opens, the rumours have already started on players coming in and going out of Manchester United.

This morning the Daily Mail claim that our very own Luis Nani could be heading down south with a move to Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal.

According to media sources over the past few months, Luis Nani has been in a contract money row with Sir Alex Ferguson and the club, not only that but a training ground fight with U21 player Davide Petrucci did not help his case at United.

Currently Nani is being paid £90,000 a-week at Manchester United but Luis and his agent are aiming to get £130,000 per week under a new contract.

At this morning in time Nani has 18-months left on his current contract but with all the recent goings, on and off the pitch, we could see the back of the Portuguese winger sooner than expected in January.

Currently sidelined due to a hamstring injury and due back at the start of January, many United fans feel that we may have seen the last of Nani at our club.

Arsène Wenger is set to offer a figure in the region of £20million for Nani according to The Sun newspaper, but with Arsenal unwilling to offer more than £80,000 a week to Theo Walcott we expect talks to be on going with both club, player and agent if reports are true.

Theo Walcott, Robin van Persie’s best friend, will not be signing a renewed contract at Arsenal in the summer meaning that a transfer away from the club will be free, Manchester United have also been rumoured to be interested in the Englishman’s movements.

Not long till the transfer window opens, have we seen the last of Nani at Manchester United?

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7 replies on “Is Luis Nani heading for an Arsenal move?”

I would hate to see Nani go, but for those figures and potentially Walcott for free (as long as he doesn’t throw a hissy fit about playing central) could be a decent deal.

I’d rather that £20million windfall be invested in the next big thing. I’d trust SAF’s scouting network is already hard at work on finding that.

NANI is amazing if he got played more then we would score more goals he sets up a lot of goals when he is on and sometimes scores himself he could become a world class player maybe better than Ronaldo if he just got plate more so maybe moving to arsenal is the best thing for him he would get played more and arsenal would improve hell of a lot!….just my opinion !:)

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