U18s: Manchester United 3-4 Burnley

Manchester United went out of the FA Youth Cup on Friday night in front of a strong crowd at Old Trafford to Burnley in a game that had everything.

Burnley confirmed that their name was in the hat for the next round as they surprised Manchester United, beating them 4-3 after extra time.

Jason Gilchrist scored a hat-trick for Burnley in front of a crowd of 3,146 at Old Trafford, completing his hat-trick in the 112th minute of the game to make it 3-4.

Our good friends over at BeautifullyRed have taken a fantastic interest in the reserves and youth of Manchester United this season and have compilled the following GIF’s from the game.

James Weir goal for Manchester United

James Weir scores for Manchester United in the 45th minute to make it 1-1 at Old Trafford.

Nicholas Ioannou goal for Manchester United

Nicholas Ioannou makes it 2-1 to Manchester United in the 64th minute.

Donald Love goal for Manchester United

Donald Love makes it 3-2 to Manchester United with a great hit from outside the box in the 71st minute.

Some fantastic play from the Reds but Burnley’s 112th minute winner from Jason Gilchrist secured the 4-3 win for the visitors.

Manchester United Squad vs Burnley

Ioannou (Dalley 77)
Barmby (Rudge 55)
Pearson (Byrne 114)

Subs not used: Sutherland, Gorre

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5 replies on “U18s: Manchester United 3-4 Burnley”

This is a disgraceful result and i really think that McGuinness should take the full blame here. He has under delivered in every year he has been in charge – ok we won 1 FA Youth cup under his charge but i would have won it with that team! We are meant to have the ‘best’ young players from different corners of Europe but those players did not look all that good to me. This is really disappointing and along with the loss to Carlisle a couple of years ago – again under the stewardship of McGuinness, then surely this is a cause for concern.
In my opinion with the money Utd invest in its youth setup we should be getting to the final and winning this every second year.

I agree with Fred. I thought the defernding was atrocious. And the attacking the team spent more time on both wings passing to each
other than getting the ball into the centre. You dont score goals playing on the wings Burnley played better football and deserves their win.
The success they have had over the years have been down to the quality of the players and not their football and the same goes to the reserves. Joyce always makes a substitute seconds before the end of injury time

Bit harsh to have a go at McGuinness in my opinion.

Yes this group was expected to progress further, but last years group was expected to get no where as they were young and very nearly made it to the final.

The goals came from ridiculous mistakes made by players rather than poor coaching.

If you watch the under 18 in March against Barnsley (away) you will see how good the under 18 team were when they were outplayed and outclassed with pure football and after that game I thought Fergie would be certain to employ their coach but no luck.

We are BURNLEY SUPER BURNLEY !!!!!!!!!! We can fit our whole town in Old Trafford ! A stuuning result !!!!!!!!!!! PS Remeber Robbie Blake !!!!!!!!

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