Red Latest: 100million to win the league, Vlaar linked, RVP upset

If you believe everything in the media then we have gone from being ‘back’ after the win against QPR to being worse than ever after the Leicester debacle this week.

‘£100m needed to win the title’ – Phil Neville has been in the news a lot after his comments that the club need to spend £100m over the next two transfer windows in order to win the title. Neville says that the club need to spend the money on centre backs and a defensive holding midfielder. It’s almost impossible to argue that these positions don’t need to be strengthened but surely this story shows how fickle stories are regarding United. Just 3 weeks ago at the end of the transfer window people were saying that the Manchester United identity had been lost with the influx of signings and the sales of homegrown players. It was even other members of the Class of 92 – Paul Scholes and Gary Neville who were among the most vocal about this. So which is it? Should the club invest in youth and continue to give Tyler Blackett and Jonny Evans a chance, or should they go out and spend £100m on two centre backs and a defensive midfielder? Seems like the club are caught between a rock and a hard place in whatever they do.

Ron Vlaar has been linked with a bargain move to United in January though there will apparently be competition from Arsenal for his signature. Vlaar is out of contract with Aston Villa in the summer and would be available for a relatively small amount. It’s difficult to see whether this is a legitimate link or a case of the newspapers linking Louis Van Gall with yet another Dutch World Cup player. LVG obviously knows all about Vlaar given the fact he was his national team manager and if he really wanted to sign him he could have done this summer. However, Vlaar would bring experience and nous and could fill some of those boots left by Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. It’ll be interesting to see if this happens though. If it’s value for money the least that Vlaar would be is an experienced stopgap. That could be useful.

Fergie exit hit RVP hardest – in an MUTV interview Rio Ferdinand has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson’s exit took the ‘wind out of the sails’ of everyone, but the person that took it the hardest was Robin Van Persie. It’s perhaps not as surprising to fans as it seems to have been in the media. RVP repeatedly said during his first season how much he was enjoying working with Fergie and he did an interview at the end of that season saying how disappointed with the retirement he was. It was pretty clear for most to see that he simply wasn’t the same player last year and he didn’t look anywhere near as hungry or motivated. However, he genuinely looked like that happy striker that we had seen during his first season when he was playing at the World Cup in Brazil. Hopefully now he has another manager who he clearly idolises and enjoys playing for will inspire him and Sunday’s goal will be the first of a glut this season.

There are never any shortages of transfer rumours or analysis of United’s defence in the newspapers each week. It’ll be interesting to see whether we’re back again or back to being worse than ever after the next couple of games anyway.

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Jon is a 25-year-old working for a solicitors in Wilmslow. He lives in Manchester and have a season ticket in the J Stand this season. Jon has supported United since he was 5.


  1. Y spent huge amount on just 2 centre back… We need just only 1 centre back, only experience is needed @ d backm we get d best defenders even in 1 of the called lower team. Spend wisely United

  2. Y spent huge amount on just 2 centre back… We need just only 1 centre back, only experience is needed @ d back we get d best defenders even in 1 of the so called lower team. Spend wisely United

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