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Have Manchester United spent their money wisely? No is the answer

You could train a chimpanzee to sit and write cheques all day. But to write them with a purpose, to ensure you get value for money, now that takes someone with half a brain. Not that chimps are stupid by any means.

The recent signings lifted our spirits. They gave us hope. But did anyone realistically expect such a lob sided team to function to the standards we’ve become used to?

To spend £200,000,000 on new players without addressing the underlying problem, is quite frankly negligent.

Now imagine for one minute that this money had been spent on a truly world class back-four, plus the midfield dynamo we’ve been seeking for years. I for one feel that we’d be right up at the top now. The Rooney / Van Persie combination would have been perfectly adequate with the right support behind them.

So who is to blame? Certainly not Van Gaal, or indeed David Moyes. Firstly we must look at our own supporters. And I’m not talking about the knowledgeable and faithful souls that pack the Strettford End each week. No, it’s the glory hunters, those that have never been to Old Trafford and can’t remember the bad times. It’s them that get on my nerves.

Take the Aston Villa match last season. The loyal fans in the ground knew the side had been in terminal decline for years. They knew that just winning by the odd goal every game was not a healthy situation. Moyes had the backing of these people. When the ‘others’ trailed the banner through the sky, the writing was on the wall. Worse still, the powers that be took notice.

If Moyes hadn’t been dismissed we could be in a much better position now. He wasn’t given a chance to rebuild. When the news filtered through I knew that another summer of transfer turmoil lay ahead.

The glory hunters had their way. And what’s happened? We have a derelict, damp ridden house with beautiful wall paper. Let’s hope we don’t end up paying the price for such an indulgence. Let’s hope our new vice chairman is the next to be dismissed.


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By Terry Martin

Terry Martin is a freelance copywriter, aspiring novelist and life long Manchester United fan. He is a former member of both the Burton on Trent and Lancaster supporters club branches.

7 replies on “Have Manchester United spent their money wisely? No is the answer”

I agree with you totally regarding the priorities of our requirements and most fans were left bewildered by our failure to even fetch in temporary support at the back but now we have Falcao and Di Maria I wouldn’t exchange them for the world. If waiting for the January transfer window to bring in that support effects this years targets then so be it. The quality these two have brought to the forward play has been outstanding and I look forward to the entertainment they will bring at the same time closing my mind to the shambolic defense we have. However I totally disagree with your assessment we would be better off with Moyes, he was a disaster from the moment he dismissed all the backroom staff so he could show everyone he could do it his way. He was 100 percent negative in thought and deed and I am sure Vidic would still be at the club if not for Moyes.

Should have spent big on Hummels. Also, keeping in mind they badly wanted to re-sign Kagawa, common sense would have suggested getting Hummels in as part of the deal.

‘it’s the glory hunters, those that have never been to Old Trafford and can’t remember the bad times.’ That is the stupidest price of writing I have read in a while.I have been a united supporter 20 years 5 of my entire life as I’m 25. I’m a glory hunter then seeing as I have never been to old Trafford? I may not remember the hard times before fergie either. But I know all about my teams history. My grandfather was from Bristol and a massive united supporter this is where I got my passion. But I guess it doesn’t matter in in Australia and I have never been to old Trafford. I get what you were trying to get to but maybe more specifics are required.

Seems like Terry Martin writes a lot of rubbish firstly regarding Moyes ( spare us please ! ) secondly Hummels, does he not think LVG would have signed him if he was available.
Also Terry the word is lop-sided not ‘lob-sided’ !

I think, to be honest, it has been well spent. The defensive problem is persisting since last year, maybe since the last few years.

But, I still believe, LVG is the man for Man United.

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