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Revealed: Mason Greenwood still being paid in FULL despite parting ways

Manchester United and forward Mason Greenwood have jointly decided that he will restart his professional journey outside the club.

Since 30th January 2022, the 21-year-old had been under suspension by the team following allegations tied to images and videos of a young woman shared online.

Charges against Greenwood, encompassing attempted rape and assault, were previously in place. However, about six months ago, the Crown Prosecution Service clarified that they had ceased pursuing the case.

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Throughout this duration, Greenwood’s suspension remained in effect with Manchester United. The club has recently affirmed that the forward will not be rejoining the Old Trafford team.

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After the statement, which can be found here, it has been confirmed by Simon Stone that Mason Greenwood will still be paid a full wage despite the announcement. Simon said: Mason Greenwood remains on full pay. All options remain open re future but he is not coming back to train at Man Utd and no expectation of him playing for club again post loan/sale.

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The club have confirmed that Greenwood will not be back at Carrington to train with the team, but it looks like a loan until the end of contract could be an option away from the club.

Do you think it is right that Mason Greenwood is still getting paid despite parting ways? Comment below.

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2 replies on “Revealed: Mason Greenwood still being paid in FULL despite parting ways”

Not found guilty / no charges means that he wasn’t in breach of his contract … they must pay him! Really interested in the writers thoughts on whether Ronaldo should have been allowed to return to United & whether Maguire should be suspended ?

He was never found guilty so he is innocent he should still be able to play for man utd and make a living. By law he has done nothing wrong. He is also still with the girl. The world has gone mad. Due to feminism. Why is it wrong to be male in 2023

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