A Hopeful Future with Ed Woodward on The Horizon?

It’s not been the best season for Manchester United so far, but there seems to be an optimism surrounding the club’s future; particularly if you ask its chairman Ed Woodward. A draw against Liverpool managed to break the scouser’s lucky streak of late, but bigger questions have surfaced over whether United need a change of management.

Ed Woodward still confident

The recent climb to 13th on the Premier League table could be evidence that Ed Woodward is capable of practicing what he preaches. Despite United’s shaky position in the league, a 1-1 draw against Liverpool United saw them climb all the way back up to 13th position; not ideal, but at least an improvement. Woodward has stated that it’s not just coming second in the premier league he’s interested in, but also in winning it completely. He made his bold statement before Sunday’s match against Liverpool, which provides some optimism; for his full statement head over to BBC Sport.

The start of a climb?

While Liverpool are still comfortably at the top of the league, 13th is an impressive feat when you consider that United were only just above relegation zone not too long ago – by one point to be exact. Those who are taking their bets to the bookies could be in for a surprise if their pessimism in United is not rewarded. Be sure to check out the latest scores and online sports betting results today.

A low-point for United

Manchester will be relying on a number of wins and losses, as well as their own success, to successfully climb up the table. This kind of anxiety is something that United fans have not been used to for quite some time. The likes of Norwich and Everton are usually more used to pinning their hopes on other team’s shortcomings. In fact, according to talkSPORT, United have not seen a slump like this since 1989.

Not all is lost

Despite the rough start to the season, Woodward’s claims are not completely unfounded. GiveMeSport reported that, as a result of Wolves and Southampton’s draw, United would not have fallen into the bottom three had Liverpool come out on top on Sunday. While relying on other team’s losses and draws to propel the Red Devils’ success forward is never a comfortable position to be in, it is a hopeful sign that not all is lost. Ed Woodward now has to deliver the goods and start pushing United past 13th position. Liverpool’s winning streak might come to an end soon, but Woodward has to reverse United’s losing streak, too.

Ed Woodward may be claiming that winning the Premier League is his ultimate aim for the club, however, the Devils have only just bailed themselves out of riding above the relegation zone. We will need to see a complete transformation for the rest of the season, with successes not just being drawn from others’ losses. This weekend’s draw against Liverpool was helpful for the Premier League position, but as yet, is not evidence of Woodward’s claims.

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