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Why do other fans hate Manchester United?

There are plenty of clubs who are ‘hated’ in English football, although it is fair to say that Manchester United probably sit at the top of the pile.

Whether the dislike is actually fair is another matter, with football fans rarely employing rational thinking when it comes to their contempt for other clubs.

While common sense tells you that the most hated club is actually Liverpool, read on as we look at why other fans despise United.

Success breeds hatred

The theory that everyone loves to hate a winner holds particular resonance where United are concerned.

The first English team to win the European Cup, 20 league titles and a huge global fanbase are amongst the reasons fans look at United with envy.

According to Betway, United are the equivalent of the New England Patriots – a team hated in NFL circles because of their dominance.

Sport is littered with examples of success breeding hatred – Tiger Woods for instance – meaning United are in really good company.

The Fergie factor

As an extension of the ‘hated because of success’ theory, another big reason for fans despising United is Sir Alex Ferguson.

For starters, the legendary manager was knighted for his achievements at Old Trafford – that won’t sit well with the naysayers.

Berating of officials, ‘Fergie Time’ and his fall-out with the BBC are amongst the reasons fans will put forward, but none of them really have much merit.

If truth be told it was Sir Alex’s ability to win trophies that left fans of other clubs casting envious glances towards United – nothing more, nothing less.



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