Top 5 Manchester United Players of All Time

Manchester United has always been one of the pillars of British and European football in general, due to numerous features. Starting from the victories, throughout the long-lasting history and tradition of the club itself, to the individuals that have made the club what it is known for nowadays. These and other aspects factor in their fair share to the overall impression, but there is no denying that the players’ contribution has always been one of greatest essence.

Considering that every Manchester United player ever has achieved some level of professionalism by simply taking part in the football’s lines, the matter of greatness is rather debatable. Still, in order to distinguish five names out of the pool of football prodigies that wore The Red Devils’ garments, one must focus on extraordinary talent, dedication, consideration to the team’s name, and any other feature that has caused a player to stand out, and get a spot in this top 5 selection.

Sir Bobby Charlton

Despite the fact that he was on the Manchester United frontlines nearly half a century ago, Sir Bobby Charlton is one undeniable legend of the football club. He entered the club shortly before the horrid Munich air tragedy which saw him lose 8 of his teammates at a time when they were at the peaks of their careers. Nonetheless, this player has managed to lead the team to the ’68 European Cup triumph among many others, and remains an affirmed icon up until today.

Ryan Giggs

With a record number of 34 trophies won for the team where he spent about a quarter of a century, placing a bet on Ryan Giggs’ scoring capabilities was bound to be safer than crossing the street. Back when Giggs first took part in Machester United, he took the position of winger, moving to a more leader-like role only later in his career.

Duncan Edwards

The defensive midfielder that was injured in the Munich air tragedy mentioned above, and succumbed to his injuries two weeks later, has been considered “the biggest single tragedy ever to happen to Manchester United”, by no other than Charlton. While others would match his skill set later on, the unused potential and mystery behind what he could have become contribute to the legendary footballer he is known to have been

Paul Scholes

While some may argue that other more talented players could have filled Scholes’ spot, there is hardly anyone that matches his discipline and reverence for the game. With a line of successful moves in all aspects of the gameplay, Zinedine Zidan’s hardest opponent, as it was known, is a symbol of Manchester United in its contemporary phase.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney has been considered permanent inventory at Manchester United lines up until recently, as this player has been recognized for his loyalty to the club he came to captain. With an astonishing feat that allowed Rooney to surpass Charlton’s record in club goals, he has secured his spot in Manchester United history books.

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