Man United’s Marouane Fellaini Transfer to Besiktas for £8M Pushes Through

Manchester United might be doing pretty well in the Premier League. But as composed and as solid as they may seem, it’s not really the case. Reports have it that the Red Devils forward Marouane Fellaini is going to transfer to a Turkish team in the upcoming transfer window.

The initial rumors rocked the football world, not only because it was surprising, but also because of the glimmering £8 million transfer offer. Knowing that Mourinho is always on the lookout for people who’ll exceed his ubiquitously high standards, it’s pretty likely for him to set Fellaini free.

This is despite the recent praise he gave the 29-year-old after their defeat against Chelsea. The £8 million transfer deal is a great value for the Belgian footballer especially that his contract with the Red Devils is nearing expiry.

Now that summer’s fast approaching, Fellaini needs to think of ways to ensure his career progress on the right path. And that would mean grabbing great opportunities on great teams. And now that it has been confirmed that the transfer is going to happen in the next months to come, this would surely pose a risk to Man United’s gameplay.

But will it? Well, the answer to that isn’t difficult to figure out, simply because Fellaini is a defensive type of player. This even caused him to be scrutinized by Red Devils fans because of him being too defensive-minded.

This might be one of the reasons why Fellaini wants to set him free in exchange for Shakhtar’s Fred Santos. Now that Fellaini’s on his way to another team, one can easily expect Man United’s defense to falter, but just a bit.

Anyway, this wouldn’t deal a negative blow to them as their offensive lineup will make up for it. The Brazilian Fred Santos is rumored to be Mourinho’s prospect for a Fellaini substitute. And if this is the case, then there’s no doubt that Man United can overtake Man City who’s currently on top of the Premier League standing ladder.

This will not only improve their chances for title contention, but this will also affect their betting odds on a positive note. As of now, the Red Devils has 16/1 odds, which is a long way compared to the City’s 1/9.

Sooner or later, Chelsea is going to go past them as they currently have a constantly improving 20/1 odds. Tottenham Hotspur even dethroned Man United thanks to their strong 14/1 odds.

This shows that Jose Mourinho’s team is in deep trouble and that this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. The solution? Set their overly defensive players free, and focus more on offense.

When this happens, then it would be easy for you to bet on Manchester United football at the team page, knowing that they’ll have a better roster that perfectly meets Mourinho’s needs.

This makes perfect sense knowing that Maraoune only scored 6 goals in his entire career, which is pretty low knowing that he’s a midfielder/forward. They also need to double their efforts as Liverpool and Arsenal who’s currently at 5th and 6th place are also improving greatly.

The two teams have betting odds of 50/1 and 100/1 odds respectively. So does this mean that this is the end of the line for Fellaini? Probably not.

He’s the kind of player who’s into aerial duels, making short passes, tackling, and fouling, which is just what Turkish team Besiktas need. Once the transfer is made, there’s no doubt that Marouane Fellaini is going to excel in his new-found team.

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