Rooney, Manchester, and its casinos

Maybe if you live in Manchester you don’t understand the power of the football club in terms of marketing around the world, but the Red Devils are indeed a global phenomenon and they are the reason people outside of England know that city even exists.

But we know that there is more to it, Manchester is a great city to have fun in, with lots of great attractions for locals and tourists alike. One of our favorites are the casinos, and even Wayne Rooney gave them a bit of free publicity back in May.

Rooney was still with the club back then (he returned to Everton in the summer) but he clearly had his days numbered by the boss Jose Mourinho. Rooney’s form was plummeting and the striker decided to bet his worries away in a local casino.

The word is that Rooney lost five hundred thousand pounds in a Manchester casino playing roulette and blackjack, according to reports from the British newspaper The Sun. It may seem like a lot of money for mere mortals like us, but we are sure that for Rooney it was just pocket change.

The good news that we don’t have to travel to Manchester ourselves to play some roulette like Rooney, because has online roulette for real money and you can enjoy this elegant game from your own living room, hopefully you’ll win and not make the headlines of the newspaper for the same reasons as Wayne.

If you are a Manchester United fan (you wouldn’t be reading this article otherwise) you must be pleased with the idea that Rooney lost his money betting on red, the club’s colors, at least he had some sense allegiance left at the end, before he went back to his original blue at Everton.

But if you are ever in Manchester then you could go visit the casino where Rooney spent an amount worth more than half of his month’s salary, the name of the place is Manchester 235 and it is one of the best spots in town to throw some dice around, and even feel like James Bond in a table.

At the end its just tabloid gossip about one of England’s best players in this millennium, because there is no harm in a boys night out, especially if you want to party at one of many of Manchester’s top-tier casinos, it is totally worth it.

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