Pick 6 Football Betting Game

There is a new free betting game on the market for football fans, it is a Pick 6 style game but you don’t need to pick the exact match scores, only the result to win the prize money.

Each week FanBet will list six football matches made up from Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga games. To enter you simply pick the results for each and if you guess all six correctly, you could win the jackpot prize, directly into your PayPal account.

There are no costs to play the game so football fans worldwide can participate 100% legally, regardless of gambling restrictions in your country .

FanBet is launching a basic demo version of the game first to gauge interest. If the game is well supported not only will they increase the size of the jackpot, but they will build a full-featured version with multiple sports, leaderboards, player tracking, hot picks and status levels.

To play the game click here and make your picks. The first person to correctly guess the outcomes, wins the prize. If there are no winners in a given round, the jackpot prize money will carry forward to the next round, this works much the same as a progressive slot machine jackpot.


In addition to the Pick 6 betting game, FanBet offers popular daily bets, bookmaker and casino reviews as well as new player welcome bonuses.

After you have made your Pick 6 bets, share the game with your friends on social media to help increase the player numbers and potential for a larger jackpot prize.

The FanBet Pick 6 game has been built with mobile users in mind, so you can can open the site and make your picks wherever you have Internet connection. For more information on game rules, payouts and rules see the info section below the game matchups on the FanBet site.

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By RedManc

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