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Anthony Martial may be the fastest player in the Premier League

French 19 year old, Anthony Martial, has taken Manchester United and the Premier League by storm. On his debut he scored an emphatic solo effort against United’s arch rivals, Liverpool, and has added 5 goals and 3 assists since.

Against CSKA Moscow, last week, he bounced back from conceding a penalty to scoring the equalising goal that secured a point for the Red devils. His performance in Russia highlighted how professional he is, despite his tender age.

This has not escaped the attentions of club captain Wayne Rooney. Speaking to United Review, The English golden boot owner has highlighted how impressive Anthony Martial is:

“I think he has been incredible, how he has come over to Manchester and started the way he has.

“Let’s not forget he is still a very young lad as well. To come over with his young family and start the way he has, he deserves a lot of credit. 

Rooney went on to say that they youngster may be the quickest in the Premier League. He has a great point of comparison in FIFA’s fastest recorded footballer in the world, Antonio Valencia, who was recorded to have ran 35.1 km/h.

“You can see what a good player he is and he’ll be an important player for us from now until the end of the season. He is probably the quickest player in our team, if not the quickest in the league.”

Martial will probably play against Middlesbrough in midweek and will be the odds on favourite to score in the Old Trafford match up.

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