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Manchester City are favourites in the derby game claims Manchester United manager

This weekend, in the Barclays Premier League, Manchester City come to Old Trafford to face their local rivals, Manchester United.

Though Manchester United won the last Premier League match up between the two, but City won the 4 games prior to that, by a total of 10 goals to 3.

It’s been 5 years since United won back to back fixtures against the blues. 2010 was also the last time that the derby game ended in a stalemate.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal, has branded the blue side of Manchester as favourites coming into the fixture.

The Dutchman said:

“You have to ask the fans who are the favourites.

“It’s not so important who is the favourite.

“When you look at the facts, they are first and we are second or third. There is also the goal difference and theirs is better. They are first so they are the favourites I think. 

“For me it’s not any issue, I have to do my work. You have to do your work more rationally and not think that.

“I think for the fans, it’s very emotional. I live in a little village and there it is also the talk of the town. I think in Manchester it is more.

“Certainly winning last season was not my best moment because I think we started badly in that match.

“Of course, we won but it cost us a lot of energy I believe. We have played better matches last year and I have said already what they were.

“It’s dependent on the player, you cannot predict that. How he lives for his professional, how strong he is, how ambitious he is.

“It’s always dependent on a lot of factors. So we will have to see.”

Manchester United kick off against their old foes at 14:05 on Sunday.

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