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Manchester United hopes crushed by Neymar announcement

During the summer transfer window, Manchester Untied were offering big money to sign Barcelona’s superstar Neymar Jr.

The Red Devils failed to acquire him in the window but, an impending clause in Neymar’s contract gave fans hope of being able to sign the Brazilian.

The clause dictates that past January 2016, Barcelona negotiate a new contract with Neymar, meaning that, if not sold, he would become a free agent in 2018.

Unfortunately for United fans, he has stated that he will be entering into negotiations with Barcelona for a new contract.

Speaking to beIn Sports, Neymar told Barça to be patient as he will be resigning:

“The renewal is underway. I have many years of contract here and I’ll sign, calm. The fans have to be calm.”

To make matter worse, it is fashionable for the big La Liga teams to set absurd buy out clauses in players contracts so that other teams need to offer huge money just to be considered.

As it stands, Neymar’s current buy-out clause is said to be £135 million. Other examples of insane buy-out clauses are:
£41.4 million will be accepted by Atlético Madrid for Koke;
£104.5 million for Jordi Alba who is Barça’s right back;
£125 million for Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid;
£139.4 million for Andrés Iniesta;
£174.2 million for Barcelona’s main man, Lionel Messi and;
£697.6 million is set for Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

Neymar scored 4 goals at the weekend against Madrid based side Rayo Vallecano which doubled his goals tally for this season.

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