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Luke Shaw could return a lot sooner following “unbelievable recovery”

Luke Shaw suffered two fractures in his right leg, one in his tibia and the other in his fibula, as a result of a horror tackle from PSV Eindhoven’s Héctor Moreno in the Champions League group stage match.

Following the injury, United’s left back had to stay in Eindhoven to undergo two surgeries, which were both successful. Shaw is now in England commencing his rehabilitation.

Louis van Gaal has said that Shaw’s current rate of recovery is unbelievable.

The Dutchman stated:

“Luke is already here, he is already walking with a brace, it is unbelievable.” 

“He is every day here, he has started his rehabilitation already but he has a long way to go.”

“Now his progress is going quickly but at the end we know it will level off and at that point it is difficult to maintain your mentality.”

“But for now he is fantastic although we cannot say whether he will be fit for England next summer.”

“Like Roy Hodgson says maybe it is 50-50 because it is possible, but it is dependable on the rehabilitation and you can not say it now that he is going.”

“Maybe there will be complications later, you never know. That happens a lot so we have to wait and see.”

Currently filling at left back in place of the injured Luke Shaw is Marcos Rojo, who managed an assist against Everton at the weekend.

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