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Premier League move is “very tempting” to Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller is one of the best forwards in world football. He dominates any attacking role on the field and is a constant goal threat. So far, for Bayern Munich, Müller has 130 goals and 106 assists in 315 appearances.

The 26 year old already has 65 caps for Germany, in which he has 30 goals, 4 of these came in the World Cup Qualifiers and an astounding 10 were scored over 2 World Cup Finals.

As he has at least 2 World Cups left in him, and Germany have such a great young team, he could easily break the current record for World Cup goals, set by fellow German Miroslav Klose, at 16 goals.

Müller not only has fantastic ability on the pitch but he also has a very intelligent football brain. Speaking to Welt am Sonntag he has admitted that the Premier League is very appealing and that the large sums of money being spent within the game can only mean good things for the sport.

Thomas has this to say:

“In the end, we should not forget that playing football is our job,”

“So people should accept that wages will always play a role in a player’s decision-making.”

“Of course, the wages that are being paid in the Premier League are very tempting. It would be hypocrisy to deny that.”

“You have to look at the complete package to determine whether something is right for you. What’s good for you one day will not necessarily still be good for you the day after.”

“I know that a lot of German clubs are unhappy with the Premier League clubs’ spending, but I think it is something good for all clubs in the end.”  

“It can only be a good thing for football when clubs invest so much money.”

He’s a fan favourite at Bayern Munich, and in Germany. With his club trying to regain more of its German identity, the Bavarian born attacker is said to be unsellable.

Bayern Munich’s chief executive, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, continues to reiterate that the club will not sell Müller at any price.

He claims to have rejected many offers from Manchester United but, after selling the Red Devils Bastian Schweinsteiger, he refuses to part ways with anymore of his players.

Rummenigge has reiterated:

“Muller is not for sale. Our English colleagues seem to be unable to spend all of their money.”

“It’s difficult. Everyone knows our old friend, Louis van Gaal. He is very stubborn in those things.”

Maybe he thinks that there is a price where Bayern will start to ruminate, but there is no price at all.”

“Because of our partners and our really good financial situation we are completely resistant.”

“There is no price, Thomas Muller has four years more on his contract.” 

“There is no one, not here or anywhere, who can explain to me why we should sell Thomas Muller.”

Germany need to defeat Georgia in Leipzig tonight to guarantee their place in the 2016 Euros. This is coming off of the back of an away loss to Ireland last week.

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